Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, it's 2008 DownUnder and it's great! Janis & Ron arrived armed with cheesecake (the best I have EVER tasted!) and the lobster mornay....our prawn cocktail, potato bake and salads etc were yummy and we watched dvd's and shared much laughter reminiscing the long span of our friendship. We watched the fireworks in the distance from our deck as the wind and rain blew steadily all around us.
The fireworks were televised over Sydney Harbour and they were spectactular (as always) - even though a lot of money went up in smoke, for once I didn't let my mind go there whilst we watched them and enjoyed them! The 4 of us counted our blessings and yelled out Happy New Year across the neighbourhood and did a little New Year's Eve dance. It made me think of all the parties we had attended over the years, dancing all night as the clocked ticked down and I hope someone gets my message over Times Square tonight (thanks for the link Rosemary!). I am trying not to think of today as just another day and reflecting on what 2007 meant to me and what potential 2008 holds for so many people....come what may, a good attitude always helps!
We are expecting another mosaic artist, her hubby and little boy today so I am off to rid the rooms of the remains of last night's paaartaaay.
Have a wonderful New Year Everyone.
Sandy Robertson

New Year - suddenly it's at our place! Talk about rush..... I have been cleaning and tidying all day...and it looks good. Nice feeling....I have set the table beautifully----- but love my new place mats! Gigantic brown floor tiles! The coasters are very elegent Italian floor tiles, curvy weird things I was given once for mosaics and the table setting looksfantastic! Then final trim....spinkled Orsoni gold smalti all over the tableand it looks lovely awating candlelight. I managed to get the deck looking great too, candles everywhere and big drum roll, cleaned the inside of the oven door (you have to be here....)! Janis is bringing lobster and I am making old fashioned prawn and avocado cocktails. We will watch the fireworks on our big wall thing and chatter; watch some dvd's and perhaps play something. Last year we had a great deck dancing party, but this year most of our friends are taking it low key. The "tile" coasters look great with the black and gold dinner set - sort of modern simplistic! Dave rolled his eyes at first (nothing unusual).....I polished up the crystal goblets and I am rather looking forward to the evening, which wasn't planned till this morning....also Janis is a world class cook! Say no more! LOL. I always send Dave on a mission in the garden to find SOMETHING for the table decor and I love what he comes up with....LOL.....I have lovely twisted black candles and it's fun to set the table up with a twist. So it is a simple night and it made me clean the floors, spruce the place up, so it will be a good start to New Year. Wed is back to work on the big seating mosaic project and I am relishing the thought. Hope you all have a wonderful evening, whether partying or just being with someone special and or course you know you are all special here in this group. So blow the whistles or bang some saucepans (that's what dad always did at midnight and yelled yabba dabba doo....memories.......memories....).So let's bring in the New Year with hope and good will and lots of mosaic fun.cheers Mosaic Diva!

Sunday, December 30, 2007

2008 is going to be great!

Send a message for New Year in the NY Times Square confetti and message on New Year's Eve!

Hi Everyone,
I have not posted here for a little while as I have been so BUSY! I can't seem to remember a month flying by so fast as December 2007!

It's been happy and sad with friends coping with sick family members; a relative passing on and so many other upsetting moments but on the bright side there has been so much friendship, caring and understanding from the mates in the mosaic addicts forum and the clubDIVA forum that it's made everything so much more bearable.

Poor little Shaq - our cat - developed a blocked bowel on Sunday before Christmas and wow, the vet hospital and our vet were wonderful in their response to Shaq's misery....and Shaq bounced back to a full recovery - thank goodness.

We are getting up to full speed on the mosaic at the Karalee School - seating project and will work on it non-stop after New Year.

I have been working hard behind the scenes in the web site development and finally the shop is getting entries listed in it and should be in full swing in a week or so. The DVD is having last minute updates and it's fun and informative and will be available soon. (finally!)....

We are excited about some huge mosaic projects which may come out way in 2008 as well as the ones we are getting stuck into - the Steve Irwin Memorial Mosaic Tribute - incredible how mosaics keep arriving....and they are fantastic.

The workshop and classes at OzMosaics are being fine tuned and start again in Feb 2008 and we plan some big events with workshops in holiday times in 2008. OzMosaics will be going out west to do a centenary mosaic - which is very exciting...more on this later but the grant has been approved!

It's going to be full on busy and yet I feel recharged to get the job done! I appreciate the support of my family and friends and fellow mosaic addicts - life is so full with wonderful people to share the ride. I would hate to be an artist stuck in a room somewhere without contact with other mosaic addicts. I would be as happy mosaicking with my friends as running a mosaic business and who knows where the mosaic yellow brick road may end....It's good not to get stuck in a rut.

So to all those who have supported OzMosaics - a huge THANK YOU and I hope to chat with you soon! Enjoy New Year - my slogan is 2008 is going to be great!

New Year Resolution - Make it happen. (lose weight, get out in the caravan more). Throw away the saying "who cares?" and replace it with "Just CARE!".

Thank you for your patience with my website in progress; it's hard sometimes wearing all the hats, so to speak, but Kat my web guru will be by my side and guide me.....She has been great getting me going and I have learnt so much and I am still under a huge learning curve but hopefully 2008 will see it all come together. I have almost gone totally grey with frustration but in the end learning what make something happen is as important as the final empowers you to do more. Shirley and Maureen (Popette and Polly), Jan, Brenda, Sam, thanks for your amazing support on the phone - you do so much for me and I appreciate it so much. The gals in USA are just the most wonderful and Vicki you are such a generous soul.

The gang on clubDIVA are amazing and such all make my mosaic life so enjoyable! The mosaic addicts on Mosaic Addict Group are so interesting and thanks for taking time in your busy lives to share your mosaic journey and more! To the grouches and grumpybums, I wish you happiness and lots of smiles wherever you are in the world. Eat tim tams and iced vo-vos - a great sweetener any time.

Mum, Mark and Brad, Dave (my hero) thanks for being there through the craziness. I love you more than my Leps!

So if you are sitting there - get up and break something in the name of mosaic art and be happy.

Let your 'art guide you through 2008 - be brave, be daring, follow your own mosaic dreams, share the excitement of others and be pleased for them....for therein lies a secret to your own pleased for others and their achievements for in the end, we all grow together.

hugs, cheers and Happy New Year
Sandy - Mosaic Addict Diva
book in for a mosaic workshop, class or come help with a mosaic project! 2008 will see the Steve Irwin Mural start up and it's going to be incredible.

Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Chair progress report

Well, the mosaic chair is on the go! We started on Monday and installed the snake head and about 8 metres of body! It looks great and a new method seems to be working that allows me to make the mosaic in the studio, grout it and install it and easily cut and shape it on site...

After the next installation day (I and fine tuning a part of this idea in the next 20 metres) I will put up a bit if a snippet in clubDIVA towers...for the members to check it out.

Of course, we brought on the rain but luckily it held off enough to do the installation. I think I actually gave birth to this mosaic, wait till you see the position and antics to get the mosaic panels into place with a steel fence just in front of the wall substrate!!!!!!

On another note, my "mosaic art sucks you in" received a highy commended award in the MAANZ 30 x30 Insect Exhibition and congrats to Liz who won first prize! Yeah!!!!!

We are slowly getting the oneline web shop up and fussing with get some things some of the entries have been put up 3 times to get the ordering how I want it!!'s such a learning curve but soon I will know all! I never wanted to get this deep into it all, but now it's coming together...just never enough time. The wall is taking over my life at the moment but I am really enjoying the seat mosaic.

Saturday, November 24, 2007

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd encourages the nation to take a break with a cuppa and iced Vo Vo's!

Playing a hand in the health, wealth and happiness of the nation! Sandy supports the Iced Vo Vo's been part of Sandy's mosaic regime for a long time and now our new PM has come out and shown his true colours...he is a Vo Vo fan! Amazing! OzMosaics puts Iced Vo Vo gifts on the pillows for guests in the Diva Towers!

The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd eats Iced Vo Vos too! Sandy calls to the Nation to get behind the National Iced Vo Vo Mosaic Marathon!
Click the following link to see a real Iced Vo Vo mosaic platter and biscuit wrapper! A collector's item now for sure!

National Iced Vo-Vo Day Down Under! Project for the nation!
Iced Vo-Vo mosaic key ring or paper-weight
© 2007 OzMosaics all rights reserved

Kevin Rudd PM recommends Iced Vo Vos & a Cuppa as a great work ethic!
(refer PM Victory Speech).
Is Mr Rudd really a mosaic addict?
Has he walked past Sandy's mosaic studio and seen the secret through the mosaic fence?

Sandy wishes to soothe the excited and the shredded. The PM says he is hitting the ground running - his staff are to partake of iced Vo Vos and a cuppa to keep up their energy! For over 7 years, Sandy has shared The Secret of the power of the iced Vo Vo (Arnotts started in Oz and now is made in the USA).

A delicacy shared around the world. OzMosaics has had a tea ceremony ritual in mosaic workshops, based on iced Vo Vo's and a cuppa. Of course we smash the cups for white coconut decor.OzMosaics studio has a staff member, Polly from the Trolley. Polly ministers soothing brews to mosaic addicts and Prime Minister she is happy to run a tea lady course for you in the fine art of the jiggle. The new PM has put the vovo secret out to the universe - I know what will happen! The PM obviously knows about Zone 4 - the energy boost the combo of iced vo vos and Bushell’s Tea has on the mind and soul.

People are able to concentrate 24-7 and are much happier and productive. This must have been his game plan with all the promises he has made to every Australian. Forget weapons of mass destruction – the Vo Vo is a peace maker. In earlier years ,PM John Howard mentioned the powers of the Vo Vo. You can’t fight it – it has such power. The Vo Vo also reduces unemployment (new souvenir program can be launched) and how can you be unhappy with the lovely pink bikki. Mosaic art is so good for you, there will be more room in hospital wards but you may have to build more recreational centres to house the masses who will come out and mosaic. People will be less lonely and very caring and sharing. The Vo Vo inspired paper weight and key ring could become a national icon, - easy to transport -- every woman will want a mosaic VoVo pendant- just hang the key chain on your neck! It will be a symbol of creativity and harmony.

I am happy to share a mosaic VoVo fact sheet with the nation and support happiness and well being in the workforce. A mosaic VoVo (we could adorn a Volvo too) workshop can be part of a skilled workforce must! I am sure Arnotts will be thrilled as the original recipe started in Oz.

I contacted Arnotts years ago - they told me the history of the V o-Vo. They researched - it was hard to find the original records and they suggested the name came from “grandmother” but I won’t say any more – it’s fun to research – email me your findings and I will publish them. I am sure parents would support a project for kids on school holidays!
Holiday Project:
Write the story on the history of Vo Vos and send to me to pass on to the Prime Minister - an Iced vovo National poster competition. The elderly can make a vovo memento too – I have fabulous methods to teach babes to grey nomads. It’s safe and simple.

Sandy will release commemorative merchandise, inspired by her own iced Vo Vo addiction and the Prime Ministers encouragement.Visit and register in clubDIVA (it’s free). You will be notified in the mosaicMAG via email, when the t-shirts, tote-bag, coffee mugs, mouse pad, calendar, stickers, grouting shirts, aprons, stationery etc will be released in the online shop. Fun and fabulous. We will donate some of the money raised to Breast Cancer Research.The perfect present for someone who has everything (hint PM!)…great Christmas stocking stuffer. Imagine a mug for issue in Parliament house – overseas Heads of State will adore their VoVo gifts and we can make to order the famous Diva Tower Server, which rotates

Please email for information. This will become an international incident as all the world wants one- world peace will become a reality as everyone is so addicted to making mosaics that they forget what time it is – they will be busy looking for china and tiles and swapping ideas. Prime Minister - may I suggest we put up posters in bus-stops and transport depots? A beginner mosaic kit will be released soon and the wonderful grid system will allow all school children to make mosaic iced vovo replicas over the school holidays. The Prime Minister, is really committed to education so I am helping to promote the arts with the young. The new Health Minister can issue sensible eating standards for iced vovos – we all need a treat.

Warning: mosaic art is as addictive as iced vo-vos. I am contacting Arnotts to submit a new biscuit wrapper design based on my original Diva mosaic biscuit stand – I will release the copyright on this platter design, if a token amount is donated to charity. It’s time for a change. I am sure Kevin will listen to my plea for pink wheelie bins in his electorate (I live in Coorparoo!) - perhaps I can offer him a cuppa on his early jogging rounds (?) to enable the reuse and recycling of wine bottles, china and more for school mosaic projects around Australia.

We would like a bus to mosaic please PM to promote the project - people could jiggle tea bags on the way to work – the new Transport Minister please take note – install video players on buses and the buses will be packed. We could run educational mosaic videos – no more bored passengers and full transport! For the busy Poli and Polly - mosaics are a wonderful way to relax.

Dear PM, please consider Government hosted mosaic workshops around the nation to help relax and bring harmony to all Australians. We have huge mosaic addicts group on hand to help this project grow into an international educational showcase.

I would like to speak to John Travolta and ask him to pilot an “in the air” fundraiser telethon….we could make iced vovo mosaics in major and country towns and get the community together for a cuppa. The telethon could be run from his wonderful jet! What fun. We could fund-raise for the kids. – viewers on the ground could sponsor tile cutting competitions in the air. Any takers...?

Suggestions for iced vo vo mosaic gifts for Christmas. A gift voucher from OzMosaics – to get them tooled up or for the really keen an Iced VoVo workshop in 2008 with Sandy at OzMosaics Studio, Coorparoo, Brisbane Queensland.

Australian Hand made Souvenir Ideas by Sandy Robertsonvovo inspired-key ring & Paper weight.-The glass dome! Mounted on a vovo mosaic biscuit as the base, with Skippy and a pouch of iced vovos - coconut shards instead of snow!) – limitless options in place of Skippy! Email to discuss options available with Sandy.Sandy Choice Tile Picks for Iced Vo Vo inspired mosaics:
-available at OzMosaics studio by appointment or phone order.

-Orsoni Italian glass Smalti for the base - for those with astute taste in the finer things in life....
-Pink mosaic tiles for the coconut and jam (one tile is actually called ICED VOVO & JAMMY
-White fMOSAIC TILE OR CHINA for marshmallow and/or coconut
-Red for the jam
- smalti, vit tile or china
Dave will be on hand to take your call. Be prepared for a long wait or leave a message as already we have been inundated with enquiries…we will get to you…that’s a promise.

Sandy and her mosaic addicts group plan to adorn these items with Vo Vo mosaic:
-Mobile phone- decorated as a vovo this would keep tea break chats in the zone.
-business card - no-one would throw it away!-house

a teapot – a given!
-hanging mobile great for Queenslander decks – dangling mosaic teabags and biscuits.
-teapot stand
-pet rock
-Car number plates VOVO 001 ETC AND A LOGO.
-Mosaic Dunnies -Garden Pavers
Mosaic Shoes - wowFrypansbed head
-Feature Walls
-The whole car
The “Polly” rotating diva Tower – the silent servant – the ultimate (contact Sandy for info)
Have a smashingly good time
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Addict & Artist
07 3847 4873
all rights reserved. Errors and omissions accepted (LOL)

Friday, November 23, 2007

Very funny Oz comedian...Polly I like the joke about Bevan, I mean Kevin....Judd or Fudd......LOL!

Latest in headgear - Lizards Alive!

This photo and text courtesy of Vicki USA!
Hey Sandy,

just thought I would share an addition to the reptile folder with Polly's snakes if you'd like LOL

This is last weekend in our kitchen. Flash in on daughter #1's head. I've got a great photo of him tangled in daughter #2's hair, but the Mac computer is holding it hostage at the moment.
Dear Vickie, I love lizards and have lots of geckos who are really into iced vovos and "stuff". I love them. WE have bluetongues (love them as long as they don't run over my feet) and bearded dragons are in the front garden wilderness. I am going to put a Frilled Neck Lizard in the school mural and a gigantic Dreamtime Serpent.
Polly, I dont' think I will ever have one of your big boys wrapped around me....eeek!!!!!!
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Pollys pets!

Hello….Polly here, (Polly from the Trolley!)

Just a little wildlife report. The pythons and blue tongues have returned to the front bedroom temporarily, as downstairs was recently fumigated. Our own Dr. Harry Cooper hosted a segment on “Better Homes and Gardens” recently, recommending reptiles as pets. The bearded dragon will bond with his or her human parent and is easy to care for, so it’s especially recommended.

Sassafras, the little Darwin python, has been returned to Christophero’s care for a while….he was refusing to eat. He’s the one who’s feisty and probably will remain so. He was given to a lady who fosters injured wildlife and will be returned to her when he is enjoying his dinners again. This may happen quite soon because last night he tucked in. I think he’s now too big for a trip to church in her handbag.

Our gorgeous Pudding, the Coastal python, visited his herpetologist recently and C had to treat a sore mouth. He’s never cranky and accepted being held just below his head and having his ointment applied after being bathed. Recently, I noticed C leaning over his tank and heard a light crackling noise. C was holding on to Pudding as he slithered out of his skin. It came off in one very long piece. It’s an amazing process, and I wish I had the cleverness to slip out of mine to reveal a beeeeeutiful me underneath. Pudding looked amazing. Annie’s shed too.

Still on the subject of Pudding, Christophero summoned me last night to peer into the enclosure saying it was “hilarious”. Pudding, in his smaller days, used to sleep in an empty Banrock Station carton…there’s always a supply on hand here. Pudding now sleeps in a much larger box, but C placed a Banrock box in the enclosure to stabilize the water bowl. At first I couldn't see the darling and thought he’d somehow escaped, but C was laughing and I knew P was still in there. Have a look at the picture. Not only is Pudding rather large, but he’d just eaten a thawed chicken which made him bulge. What a contortionist. His mouth has healed and he must have really appreciated his dinner.

I checked on him this morning and the box was beginning to split. I’ve just had another look and his head and about one foot of his body are on top of the box. Remember to keep up your supply of Banrock because you’ll be donating to save wildlife. Have a red tipple-time each evening and think of Pudding.

The other pythons are well, as are the blueys. They love strawberries and mealworms. Their meals are always well presented (C did spend time in the hospitality industry). An offering this week comprised a helping of cat food topped with green peas. It would have made a great glossy in one of Margaret Fulton’s recipe books.

I hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. It seems appropriate that our python kids just ate and are probably saying “thank you” too.

That’s all for now…..Polly out.

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Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Almost there!

Working very hard on the galleries at the moment and the new shop. I am a bit behind but so much else to do. Keep checking on the galleries as they get updated and bought a new movie program to update some very "interesting" goings on at the studio and elsewhere. Soon you will be able to get the jaffas out and relax and look and hundreds of mosaics!
Won't be long.....and the newsletter is shaping up well too. Join clubDIVA on the home page to be in the list!

also join in the forum, clubDIVA!

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

over 300 photos of mosaics for the zoo mural- honey jumble!

to be uploaded....

Thursday - Steve Irwin Day

I tried to get a blog done and more for the special day but computer is taking a long time to upload over 350 pictures to the blog and site so I will leave it updating during Thursday and publish the stories on Thursday night - you may view on Friday afternoon.....coming soon, sorry about delay....

Cheers and take care


Maddie is caught in my stash room!!!!!!!!

Maddie had strange note pads! LOL!

Marcia and me! Two Divas.


Australia Zoo - Tribute to Steve Irwin Mural Mosaic 2006-2008
Some photos of mosaics to date!
Details coming Friday16/11/07 - would have been sooner but Something Came Up and Sandy needs to sleep before "school" tomorrow...

Karalee Chair continues

Dave, the Popette and I went to the school today after meeting with some wonderful ladies who brought us the latest contributions for the Steve Irwin Tribute Mural. Thanks ladies! Lorraine you are fantastic to organise this with your students at the U3A!

Look at these photos we took of the chair at Karalee today!!!!! It's huge, it's beautiful and it could double up as an amazing mini pool and spa! LOL. Pics show Cheryl, the DP too. She is a fantastic lady and is trusting me with this incredible project, which will be done over Dec/January so I can start on the STeve Irwin mural tribute mural Feb 2008.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

Hang in there! re this site!

So much is going on behind the scenes..won't be long now...till the day!


off to school !

Dave, Popette and I are going to Karalee State Primary School today to collect a trailer load of mosaic art, made a couple of years ago for the BiG mosaic Chair project. Yeah!!!!!

It will be a work of art transporting them back to the studio and then we can spread them out and sort into groups. I can't wait to see the chair - the concrete has been poured! AWESOME! It's big!

Big is better, they say. I am uploading Steve Irwin project data on the site for tomorrow, work in progress as it's Steve Irwin day sad.

Anyway, I am off shower and shampoo and hit the road!
Have a great day everyone.
Mosaic Diva!

Wednesday, November 7, 2007

So much to do!

I can't believe it's the 8 November! Melbourne Cup has been and gone with pink champagne, chocolate, red shoes and more! A few mosaic addicts joined me for a bit of a bet and fun.

Mark is here and giving me a hand to work on the new online shop and we are slowly getting there. Lots of mosaics arriving for Steve Irwin mural from overseas and doorbell just rang! A mosaic from Helen B - Renmark SA! Wow!

Will get camera out to photograph the unwrapping etc. So wonderful.

Anyway, once we have things running on the site, we will get down to mosaics again!
...going to Karalee School on Wed next week to collect a TRAILER LOAD of mosaics to sort for the huge chair!

So much happening. Join clubDIVA to receive the MosaicMAG newsletters coming soon. Thousands of mosaic pictures being uploaded very soon...and lots of fun.

Lots of vegemite being eaten. We named all the vitreous tiles and Orsoni Italian Smalti last night and one of the black tiles is called...drum roll, Vegemitis! VoVo of course and well we had fun there too.

The tiles called floater, dunny and dump are not what you think! LOL.

Keep checking in for some interesting info over the next week.

The forum in ClubDIVA is up and running well and also the clubDIVA Chat room is open.
Mosaic addicts yahoo group is running strong much info.
Lots of new competitions coming up in clubDIVA...If you have joined clubDIVA you will get notification via newsletters.

Have a happy mosaic day!
Mosaic Diva.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Art Show - Weller's Hill State School - Brisbane

Jumped out of bed at 5am and packed the car and trailer (with himself helping of course); collected mosaicking mum and headed off for the school art show.

We took the mosaic dunny and so many people tossed money in the dunny to raise money this time for the Qld Life Savers Assn. Thank you everyone at the school today! We had so much fun! We had a mural being made on fibreglass mesh for the Steve Irwin mural tribute and we completed "Dundee" - a big croc in record time.......named by the kids.

There was some beautiful art on display and I was so pleased to see the young children working on art projects all day and their parents so involved. Well done to the organising committee!

So many people loved Steve and it was so evident from the enthusiasm and the pride going into this mural. People tell me stories all the time and I am always so emotional at these times.

I bought lots of fudge in the name of OxFam and I hope the students raised enough to buy a goat for a community! They certainly deserved it with their zest for this wonderful campaign today!

I took some incredible mosaic art made by Grace from USA and people were gobsmacked by the quality of these beautiful, muted mosaics....polar bear, lemurs, skunks, penguins and more! Lizards and modern mosaics and particularly the Mosaic Bug mosaic.

Many were excited to see the moZcatcha and many tips and tricks and want the DVD, which is ready soon, for beginners and enthusiasts who have a sense of humour. I think I swallowed a tile shard today so please make sure you use the mozCova when working. I had the most fabulous flat white coffee and a bit of tile fell in and I didn't mean to drink it all but did and well, I seem ok and I ate lots of pasta tonight....told Polly from the Trolley on the phone and she kept's a bit weird knowing you may have swallowed some tile...It's dangerous and I am only telling you, no matter how desperate you are for a DECENT fabulous cup of coffee go and buy another one if you drop a tile in it. I am not sure now, but it's a good lesson.....cover your drinks and food!!!! I teach this all the time, but first time I was slack!

Also to all Steve Irwin knockers, get a life! Steve lived his to the full and kids certainly are a good judge of character and they loved him......I enjoy listening to their stories of visits to Australia Zoo and how much they loved Steve and his family and the creatures.

We took wonderful mosaics made in USA by Nancy - polar bear, lemurs, fairy penguins, skunks and more. If you would like to take part in the mural making please email Sandy.

It was a gorgeous day today. Thanks mum for your wonderful assistance and of course your mosaicking skills. Much appreciated.

Tomorrow I am writing about the Steve Irwin Mural to date on the website and I hope everyone will enjoy the story and the photo galleries. Please let me know your comments when it's uploaded by Monday, all being well this no interruptions.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Karalee State Primary School! Mosaic Marathon

Wow - today I visited Karalee Primary School, Ipswich and we had a mosaic marathon. 150 students (prep, grade 1 and grade 2) worked all day with me, my mother (mosaicking mum aka Shirley), art teachers and parents to make mosaics on plastic film for the amazing mosaic chair project, at the school.

After two years, waiting for the completion of the Community Hall on the school grounds, the mosaic seating area is under construction. Waiting in the wings are layer upon layer of mosaics on mesh, made by the school students two years ago.

The students today, are now part of the mosaic story and when the chair is completed, all students from the start of the mammoth project have taken part in the mosaic making.

What fun! I took out mosaic trays and the students worked their magic, random placement of 1cm x 1cm and 2cm x 2cm vitreous glass mosaic tile. We used mosaic plastic to lift the sections and also made indirect butterflies, hearts, suns etc.

We worked from 9 to 3pm and I am so proud of all involved. The chair under construction: 24 metres long! Set in the slope -the whole cement chair, top to bottom and behind will be covered in mosaic from smooth to 3-D! Inspiration, Gaudi of course and Australian Indigenous art, the flora and fauna of the Karalee area.

The Mosaic Bug sucks you in!

Coming soon, the truth about modern mosaics and the discovery of the mosaic bug DownUnder.

read all about it on Sandy's website soon. Keep checking the blog...

Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finished the kitchen

Talk about a mosaic marathon! Dave and I tiled my sons' kitchen over the weekend, I reckon 31 hours of full on tiling! So difficult! Had to render the old walls, sand everything, level and work in awkward areas and not ruin new appliances and new floor and I am such a messer!

Sneaked in a bit of mosaics - a simple black and white diamond border...hope the kids like it.
The black and white kitchen looks great. Will put some pics soon.
Hope to work on website for 3 days, then to Karalee and then Son No1 is coming home for a week! Yipeeeee! I really miss him.

No to remove a ton of white thinset from my body. I sure haven't got tuck-shop arms! I think I stretched my arms this weekend. I am going to have some great aches and pains tomorrow I am sure!
It's raining in Brisbane! Wow...YabaaDabbadoo! I love the rain on our metal roof.

Whilst I did the mosaics today, I started planning the Steve Irwin mural in my head. I can't wait to start it - once we have visited Oz Zoo in the next month and work out final plans we are on a roll, from Feb 2008. If you would like to take part and make a piece of mosaic on mesh for the mural contact OzMosaics please. Pieces are being accepted until end Jan 2008.

Kettles just boiled, a quick cuppa, and off to bed.

ps We had a studio visit yesterday by a lovely lady and her husband. She brought along a mosaic she was nervous to grout - I sorted her out - she left with Leps, mesh, thinset, weldbond, my class CD notes (my gift to her) and her grouting woes sorted out! I so enjoyed meeting these people and having a cuppa before we left to do the mosaic marathon. Her husband was so proud of her mosaic art and very supportive. He gave me some hints on Project Management! The joy of mosaics is the people you meet whilst you are making them....

Mosaic Diva
OzMosaics studio and workshops...

Saturday, October 27, 2007

another day in Paradise

Had a good cuppa tea and 2 slices of vegemite toast and about to get going down to No 2 sons place to continue the tiling of the kitchen! Talk about tired. I was so tired last night, I fell into bed covered in white thinset! I just touched my neck and a blob of thinset fell off!

At least this time I look like a snowman instead of the usual black fingernail routine.

Energy, all I need is energy today. Dave and I will get the tiling and grouting complete (gotta love that match the grout and thinset routine) and then if I can still stand up I will give their kitchen and lounge room the Diva flick....and make it lovely for their return tonight (LOL my own place is a disaster re cleaning)....

The girls from Moreton Bay College just picked up some MORE tiles and grout. We loaned them our nippers recenlty. I am mentoring them in the HAA school awards. These grade 10 girls live gone all out setting up a mini mosaic business for their goal. They are making the gifts for the senior school; what a great idea and making mosaic picture frames. So proud of them. Wynnum school did this a couple of years ago and I mentored them too.

Ok, time to shower and get back into the white thinset.

worn out!

...been at son's tiling his kitchen which has been renovated....what a job! Trying to find a straight plumb line was nearly impossible but we did it! Decided on all white vit tiles (2.5 x 2.5 cm) and a double row of plain black...very plain, very stark, white grout (believe it or not) and it looks sensational. I just about went crazy trying to work out where to start. Took about 3 hours just measuring and then had to seal the concrete walls, do a render and scratch coat and then start tiling.
We are going back very early in the morning to get it finished before they come back from the coast (!!!!).
Had f ish and chips for tea, Polly will be jealous but need chocolate badly. Too tired to even wash off the thinset......

Friday, October 26, 2007

little bit of video

a bit of fun - are you game to watch?

Endeavour Visit

Yesterday I have a lovely visit to the studio - my mosaic addict mates from Endeavour came over in the bus and put some more tiles down on some bits for the Steve Irwin Tribute mosaic mural. I gave them some spare leps for their workshop, mesh and tons of tile to get them going on a very special mosaic project (it's a secret) and also for future projects.

They also bought some of the gorgeous new tiles in stock - I haven't even had time to use them yet.

"Cybil" Polly's daughter came for a special visit yesterday afternoon and we did some great colour layout on the new grid boards. I will take these boards to the Karalee School next week for the students there to make some great basic patchwork squares for the gigantic chair project!

The cement is being poured on Monday and I am so excited that this project is starting (after a 2 year wait for the community hall to be completed). The chair will be next to the hall. It's going to be a busy couple of months!

I watched "so you think you can dance" one of my favourite tv shows (gosh those Americans can dance!!!) and the other night was wonderful - some fabulous dancing. I can't believe how they do it so effortlessly and briliantly.

I am working on the website at the moment but in an hour will be going to my son's unit, to mosaic the backsplash! NOT interesting at all. I have strict instructions to make it all white vit tile, all white grout (perhaps with a black and white border....sigh) and definitely no 3-D! So funny - I told son that he would have to beg me now for an artwork. So, Dave and I will prep the wall, use white thinset and white grout (everything I don't normally do) but it will be fine in a small, modern kitchen. I just have to work fast as I don't really have time but how could I say no?

My mother is making mosaics in a mad mosaic moment for Christmas Presents...I would buy them all off her if she let me, to me they are priceless!

It's hot today and I am happy to be warm and storms are threatening. We had a little rain the other night - it was such a relief and the plants are just about dead again.

I think I need to add some pink to Brad's kitchen - what do you calling card - one pink tile set in...I have some gorgeous new ones....LOL. Where there is a will there is a way.

have a great weekend!

Cheers and don't have too much pink bubbles!
Sandy MD

Wednesday, October 24, 2007

Mosaic Exchange from MFA

A huge surprise from New Zealand yesterday. My exchange mosaic from MFA group!
Will take pics tomorrow and upload - fantastic mosaic! Really made my day.
Oooh, better run...time is ticking by - studio will soon be full of people!
run, run run..
Sandy MD

Steve Irwin Mural update

Wow - more mosaics on their way DownUnder...cougars in the makings, tigers in the mail, the spare studio room is filling up fast!!!!!!!! Photo albums coming soon.

Studio Visit - Endeavour

A busy morning ahead - wonderful friends and mosaic addicts from Endeavour Foundation are coming to the studio for a visit to get some supplies. I have a pile of tiles for them to use in their next project. I gave them some Leponitt cutters recently and they are all excited to get nipping.

I will show a slide show presentation of the mural they helped to make which is installed at Queensland Railways.

It's time for some vegemite toast and a cuppa. It's always fun and busy!
Sandy MD

Monday, October 22, 2007

Website updates

So much work to do! So much content to add to OzMosaics site. Galleries, mosaics in the making, workshop dates, events, student workshops, trips and the fabulous diva towers update.

This is such a steep learning curve for me but I am determined to work it out so I am able to understand the linking which is rather complex at first. So please be patient as I work and test and learn!

The webshop is coming soon and with it a fabulous clubDIVA members card to pass on great benefits to members who wish to shop at the Shop 24-7 Online shop.

It's all going to be fun and Sandy has patterns, dvd's (almost completed!) and heaps of fact sheets to share with clubDiva members.

Keep checking in. A mosaic mag and newsletter is being drafted as well as a calendar for fun raising and some exciting merchandise for mosaic addicts and OzMosaics students!

Mosaic Diva

Sept - Oct busy mosaic months!

Sandy attended the MAANZ conference in Hobart Tasmania with husband Dave and Maureen (aka Popette) and Jessica (both mosaic addicts). A photo gallery will soon be added to the OzMosaics galleries level.

After arriving home from Hobart, Sandy, Dave Maureen took off to Grafton to run a 6 day mosaic marathon workshop at Grafton ArtsFest. A photo gallery will soon be uploaded and a full report in the Community art level of the website.

Sandy is working very hard to create the online shop and update the whole OzMosaics Website over the next few weeks.

The Steve Irwin Mural project is in full swing with hundreds of mosaics waiting in the wings for 2008 mural making. Full update soon.

Sandy is also about to visit Karalee School at Ipswich to complete the huge "Gaudi" chair started 2 years ago - the building is finally complete and the huge cement chair is underway!

Sandy attended her niece Julie's wedding this past weekend and it was so beautiful.
Anyway, more soon and finally a diary is running again.

Mosaic Diva

Welcome to the Mosaic Diva Blog!

Sandy has set up a Mosaic Addict Diva Club Blog. Please add your comments and I hope you enjoy the blog....a diary of Sandy's mosaic madness.

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia