Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tribute to Banjo Paterson, Man from Snowy River Mosaic "high country"

Mosaic for a swap: Palm Grove Australia: Sandy made a modern piece of mosaic art with strips of glass and decorative thinset (cement based adhesive). Streaking the thinset and layering curved wine bottle glass and textured glass, white and grey cement captured the elements of the outback palm grove and paper bark trees, and ghost gums.

Sandy Robertson - "High Country" Italian Orsoni Smalti and Thinset combo. I love all Banjo Paterson poems particularly The Man from Snowy River and this mosaic was inspired by the High Country of Australia. The rocks depict the rough terrain, the white thinset is "snow" as it greets and showers and the rider pushes the horse forward, ploughing through ice and snow. I loved using the Orsoni Italian Smalti - the texture and colours are divine and you can buy the smalti from my studio shop or online mosaic shop!

It's sold by a small piece or a lovely chunk!

The rider's drysabone looks great in smalti chunks and the horse has great beauty and grace with the adamento! I truly enjoyed making this mosaic art.

Sandy Robertson - Angel of the Morning - Pique Assiette "Balladiva"
This beautiful fine porcelain paint was found in an antique shop in CAnberra, Act whilst we were visiting Mark in CAnberra. The exquisite pink roses are porcelain and I broken them down with a hammer and rebuilt them to give a "blown rose" effect in the mosaic. It's delicate and simply deceptive. The mirror arms and legs just fell from my Leponitt mosaic cutters. I glued the pieces down in the mosaic with white thinset (available from OzMosaics STudio shop). Of course I nipped some china cups for the ballerina's tutu. A piece of paua shell (also available in the shop) adds a delicate angel wing. I dedicate this mosaic to Popette (aka Maureen) as she loves it so much and encouraged me to complete it.

Maureen Randolph - Shattered Reflections

The above mosaics were made at Studio OzMosaics and entered in the MAANZ 2008 Sydney Open Exhibition October 2008.

Wallaman Falls Waterfall

Gibbo's Garden and mosaic of Wallaman Falls, Ingham North Queensland Australia.
Merv Wacker Memorial Park
Ingham Lions Park
Ingham State High School Community Mentoring
A beautiful park project! The fabulous waterfall that backs on to the QR Ingham railway station!
The new entry to the park!
What a fabulous new garden and landscaping!
Opening Day.
The team! I hope to catch up with you all soon! hugs Sandy!

Wow! Look at the installed mosaic at Ingham! The girls look great and so does the Wallaman Falls mosaic. I still can't believe we made the mosaic together at my mosaic studio for a workshop in 2 days and it flew home as extra luggage!

I adore the way the girls mosaiced the slate sides as I instructed them (an idea from my mosaic waterfall series at the studio) - it's fantastic! Imagine water running over this mural and tumbling to the rocks below. The whole park looks so beautiful, so Susan you and your community team are to be congratulated, I know the hard work involved in community art mosaic projects...I am so proud of you all!
Dave and I will have to travel to Ingham now to look at the park and the mosaic. The mosaic walk looks so good too! .... and the sign for the Park, "Gibbo's Garden" looks perfect on the new wall in the park.

The mosaic pavers must be so colourful. Tell the students I think they are very artistic and did an excellent job. I will never forget our weekend workshop of mosaic madness and the willingness of the three of you to throw yourself into mosaics, smashing wine bottles to make the water flow in mosaics, the mirror and the smalti...the cutting of the tiles and the excitement as we worked all night to complete the mosaic. The best thing is the friendships that are formed. Dave hurry up and get me to Ingham!

Australia Zoo Mural Tribute Panel Two

Panel #2 Australia Zoo Steve Irwin Tribute Mural

Donate to the Mural! If you wish to help sponsor the mural making materials, please visit this link: Donations for Mural Making/Materials

All donations go toward the cost of the substrates and materials for the bases of the mosaics and will be acknowledged on the website.

Panel no 2: Fandango! Featuring flamingoes, pelicans, doves, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, a swan and more! Mosaics Rule!
We are now starting on the 4 mural panels featuring Steve Irwin, a huge elephant, lots of little elephants, crocs, kangaroos, emus, giant camel, lots of wildlife creatures...... and Australia Wildflowers. stay tuned.
It's mosaics 24-7 to be sure!
Thanks to all the amazing team of helpers who have come often and happily to grout, make coffee and share the joy of this mosaic tribute for Australia Zoo.

To the hundreds of people who have made a mosaic for the mural and/or donated to help pay for the mural (it grew to such a big mural) thanks a million times over.

Stay tuned for lots of slide shows, as soon as I have time to put it all together.
Sandy Robertson
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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