Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Learning Seat aka "the everybody chair" Mosaic Art

Hi from Sandy!
Visit this link for view a slideshow on the making of the mosaic seat at Karalee. It's finally completed and it's incredible. An amazing mix of Gaudi inspired mosaics, Aboriginal art design, traditional and whimsical mosaic tesserae, methods - but mainly the fun making the mosaic, the lessons learned by all and the frienship is what I will remember.

The opening of the Community Hall is this Saturday and we will be there with "bells on!". It's so exciting and no photos do justice to the wonderful art produced by the students. I am so proud to be the artist in residence on this massive project, aided by mosaic addict volunteers, parents, teachers and Jannette Evans, a very talented Aboriginal Artist. The project was a wonderful collaboration and David Robertson, (my husband), Shirley Hinkley (my mosaicking mum), Maureen Randolph (aka the Popette) and Polly from the Trolley (aka Shirley Whitton) and many others put many long hours behind the scenes at my OzMosaics Mosaic Studio and helped keep me on track.

Cheryl Charlton, the deputy head at Karalee State Primary School, is an amazing person and I can't say enough about her enthusiasm for the arts, the school and all things mosaic. Thank you so much Cheryl for inviting me to be part of this huge adventure. The teachers were all so helpful, the staff were simply perfect and of course, the students have touched my heart forever. Thanks students for all the laughs, the friendship and making me think outside the square constantly. I hope most of you take the skills and the memories into your future lives and remember the people who introduced you to smashing and breaking, nipping and tiling and most of all enjoying mosaic art.

I cannot wait till Saturday, two more sleeps!
Cheers and wonderful work everyone!
Sandy Robertson
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Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mosaic Artist visits Canberra

I am currently visiting Canberra, ACT for a few days R & R. Visiting the War Memorial, Parliament House, ARt Galleries, Museum, and lots of markets and funky whatnot shops. Enjoying the place but not the cold weather and wind. Went to the football yesterday to be miserable and watch the Broncos lose to the Raiders. Bad.

However, Broncos were not full strength team after SOO - so not a bad effort actually.

Bought a wonderful old artist easel yesterday, over 75 years old (at least) and I love it. Wish I knew it's history will do some research when I get back to OzMosaics.

Found some beautiful mosaics in Canberra to share photos soon.
Off to visit more fabulous places today - back home soon. Miss the cat and the fish.
and big waves to Shirley, Popette, Polly and my mosaic mates.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Karalee Mosaic Chair Project - 11 June 2008
Please visit the link above and click on Karalee Seat gallery - Learning Seat. There are lots of fabulous photos in a slide show to view of the chair progress. The painting started today by an indigenous artist and it looks great.

The mosaics on the chair are completed, cleaned and sealed and once the paintwork is done to surround the mosaics all is well! The opening of the Community Hall at Karalee State Primary school, Karalee, Ipswich Queensland is on SAt 20 June 2008 2pm with a Fete. If you are able, please visit and have fun, chat and view the chair and the wonderful huge community hall.

Congratulations to all who have been involved. Karalee is a lovely school and students, teachers and community should be so proud of their achievements and their school. Thanks to the faculty who went out of their way to make us so welcome during the artist in residence program and the installation of the mosaics.

We will miss you very much but can't wait for the opening.
Cheryl you are an amazing lady!
Sandy Robertson
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Monday, June 9, 2008

Mosaic Artist Sandy Robertson - Mosaic Chair Project - Karalee Australia

Almost finished the seating chair project! Here are some pics of the mosaic chair before final cleaning and scrubbing, applying some more beads and fill, more tiles around the tree skirt....then comes the sealer and afterwards all non-mosaic covered areas will be painted!

This chair was dubbed the "everybody chair" as just about everybody in the school has put down a piece of tile or tesserae. The project was a wonderful collaboration - mosaic artist, cement man who built the fantastic chair, landscape architect, indigenous artist, teachers, faculty, family and the STUDENTS, plus community helpers and mosaic addicts and a special thanks to Dave, Shirley, Shirley, Popette, Brenda, Jan, , Cheryl and so many others!

We will be back at school, unless it's raining cats and dogs, which it is now (!)...I have to go to hairdressers at 6am! ....and then to school to finish the project. The opening is Saturday week and before then I have a trip to Canberra as well! So much to do, so little time! We will take a video tomorrow as it's impossible for me to photograph the chair in one go, it's so big and so many curves and corners. Oh dear, the paperwork is piling up but it will have to wait until next week!

ps - here are a few pics of waterfall mosaic made at a workshop recently for a park project at Ingham NQ.

Now for some sleep!
Sandy Robertson
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Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Mosaic Shop upgrade

Re the mosaic shop at OzMosaics website. We are currently upgrading it and the product photos are being reentered due to an upgrade problem.

Please be patient while we upload all the photos of the products.

If you wish any product info please contact or phone 07 38474873.
Thank you.
Kind regards
Sandy Robertson

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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