Friday, May 10, 2013

Friday Evening 5.00 - 6.30 pm  10th May 2013:
BCC Brisbane Town Square Library

Brisbane City Council 2013 Tip Shop Art Competition - Official Opening Night
Thanks to the organisers and BCC for a wonderful opening of the 2013 Tip Shop Competition.  A beautiful venue (I love the Town Square Library), delicious catering and excellent presentations re opening/welcome speeches.  A good crowd and fun to meet other artists, chat to people about our artworks and a very enjoyable evening all round.

Brisbane city is so beautiful day and night and a walk afterwards across the bridge, makes me so proud of our city.
Thanks to Dave and my wonderful mosaic mates for attending the opening tonight with me. Jodie and all the BCC and Library staff are so friendly, helpful and it was so exciting to be part of this project.  Congratulations to all the other artists, your work is wonderful!  All the artworks are do different but all have the same message, think about things before you send them to the tip - share, recycle, reuse, reinvent, think outside the square.

I love the idea of zero waste!  The speeches were inspiring and remind us of how our parents used to recycle before it was "fashionable" and the thing to do.  Remember our parents keeping all leftovers, string, brown paper bags, foils neatly folded in the kitchen drawers?  Nothing was wasted and they knew the meaning of reuse, recycle and waste not - want not, instinctively.

It was nice to relax in such a lovely venue.  I love the windows and the planning of the Town Square library - every angled window gives a wonderful "snap" of Brisbane city and surrounding river and hills.  It was interesting how many people were using the library on a Friday afternoon/evening - all the high tech computers and facilities make the library a good meeting place and of course incredible resources at our fingertips.

Brad and Lauren attended the opening!  Lauren loved the built-in perfume atomiser in the gigantic glass bowl "flower" - Laticrete Australia - awesome products - made it possible to attach such a huge flower easily, to a glass mirror!

I was telling Nick Colette - Laticrete Australia (who returns my emails and phone calls so promptly, pleasantly and always has spot on helpful info) how it's easy to  "feel when the epoxy adhesive is set" when using the Rapid Set epoxy paste.... Oh how I love that product!!!!!!!
Warmth!  I can tell when I can remove my hand from holding up the heavy pieces to the mirror by the epoxy (Rapid) heating up!
mosaic cupcakes stand

Vote/slideshow online: visit this link: Brisbane City Council website
10 prizes of $50 each will be randomly drawn at the close of voting - so vote today - good luck!

-or vote when you visit
the exhibition at the Brisbane City Council - Town Square Library during May-June 2013.
 The winner of the competition is by public choice.

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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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