Tuesday, February 26, 2008

Beautiful video - women in art

allow time for the video to load - it's worth it.

This link has been shared often on many mosaic art groups. The link is worth visiting, if you have not viewed the wonderful video of women in art. The video is a work of art itself. I never tire of watching it. Watch it in full screen mode for fabulous viewing.
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It's a beautiful day Downunder...just listen to the birds....

Karalee State Primary School - mosaic seating chair in progress

Let's be seated! Karalee State Primary School.

The mosaic "chair" is coming along as a community seat and a school learning and resting place. The chair has been built into the slope and landscaped to suit the new Community Hall and the school grounds. It is a fantastic building - huge, light and looks inviting!

We are making a mosaic to go around the tree base - bright and cheerful is required! The seat is coming along and we painted with black goo, to get a bit of an idea where to place the huge flowers which will be filled with the children's mosaic artwork - kangaroos, koalas, owls etc. This will encompass the Land feature of the chair project. The River element is weaving it's way up the other side of the enclosure. Between all the large flowers and huge gum leaves will be Indigenous artwork painted on the cement and two snakes weaving their way and perhaps a large goanna. It will be very colourful and we will use all the student's mosaic art.

We traced patterns on fibreglass mesh as a guide to working in the studio. The base of the chair inside will be a mix of mosaic and painted murals flowing down from the chair.

The back of the chair is covered in a mosaic fantasy - Indigenous artwork by the students, Gaudi-style floral mosaics and fantasy art. Polly from the trolley made some nice cup cakes the other day!

Shaq my darling cat, always supervises and the other night insisted on a cuddle as I grouted at 2am! I made some 3-D gum nuts on the mural for some texture in the sign...looked good when it was grouted and sealed.

We know it's straight on the wall - I found a great method to work out where the studs went, using sticky tape as usual, one of my "favourite things!" Yes, that's a vegemite jar but it has milk in it - Dave uses the jars for so many things, including "stuff" for our cups of tea. I look like farmer Brown's wife! Needed a shady hat as it was sooo hot!!!! We think the sign looks so good on the blue walls of the building. Note the wording is all UP and Down intentionally. We used my mini-grids to assist in the letter making. Very convenient with sticky tape method.

We are piecing the fish for the mural made by the little kids, onto a large piece of mesh and black thinset is our glue of choice (as usual).

The simple edging and background will set off the student's fish and their opus which I love! Great andamento happening here. The blue and green tiles are so gorgeous and flash different colours in changing light moods.

A good trick.

Just work in progress at the studio.

Jan A visited and was a great help to cut some border tiles and background. Thanks Jan!
As usual, Mum, Maureen and Shirley W were my back-up team and Dave is my mosaic hero!!

I am looking forward to installing the next areas in a month, when it's cooler and doing the "final" decor of gems and patching to make it so beautiful. We still and considering Gaudi spheres on the chair.
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More mosaics arrive Down Under to OzMosaics!

It's so exciting, we are receiving big boxes and small boxes all containing beautiful mosaic creatures on fibreglass mesh for the Steve Irwin mosaic mural. Today we received 5 parcels! Yesterday 2 and others are dropped in.

Maureen and Shirley are coming tomorrow to assist me in opening them, recording info and taking photographs of all the mosaics received to date, to send another update to Terri Irwin this week; a cd of photos and a small video.

We will share the photoshoot when it's completed - we will need lots of vegemite and chocolate to keep our strength up and also to not get too emotional...it's hard not to when you see the love, time, energy, compassion and the cost people have gone to - to get the mosaics to the studio doorstep!

We bought another Queen size bed today for the Diva Suite Room 2! This weekend we have a workshop coming up making mosaic murals and 2 ladies are staying over so we decided to do up another area - lots to do to get it ready but it should be fun and now I will have another area to display mosaic art on the walls.

I have been editing the dvd today with Polly and it was a good thing to do whilst it was raining gently outside. We will get back to work on the school chair mural next week. I had to take a small break from it for workshops and other mosaic "stuff".

Must get an early night tonight and then I can start very early in the morning.
Happy smashing!
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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