Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anthony Horderns - an amazing part of Australian History

Proud to be a descendent of Anthony Horderns!  One of my sons, Mark, gave me a gift of an old Anthony Hordern's travelling metal trunk!  It's so wonderful.  I also have two Anthony Hordern's store Brass Bells! A large and small one and I treasure them.

I am adding all the links I can find online to Anthony Horderns.

The Anthony Horderns Building - beautiful!

Hordern Dynasty:

If you find one please email me or if you have a story to share please do!

fixing the hole!


photo albums horderns

story of stuck in a Hordern lift:

horderns - serving history:


marble and mosaics

His eldest son, Anthony, was born on 24 July 1842:
 (I have the same birthday date and month and I am a descendent in the family tree!) 24-7-1954!

The Hordern Pavilion:
Anthony Hordern
Hordern building:
Hordern architecture:,_1890-1960/anthony_hordern__and__sons

Wonderful story from Ian:

Hordern gallery:



anthony horderns marble mosaic at entry to horderns store:  mosaic logo Anthony Horderns store Australia

Hard work is in my mosaic blood!

Somewhere in the gene chain, I am a descendent in the Hordern Family Tree.
My grandmother on my mother's side was a Hordern.

One of the Hordern Brothers even shares a birthday with me 24th July!  Amazing.
So perhaps genes do matter as I work night and day and so did they!
I am so proud of my ancestors and their part in Australian history - a family dynasty.

Their motto "While I live I grow"!
My mosaic motto "While I mosaic I grow".

The Happiness Tree is my mosaic treet and I feature it in my "home is where the 'art is".
The tree is an upside down root, and it tickles my mosaic fancy.

But of course it's upside down, it's the land of mOz!  It's pushing the mosaic roots into Zone 4".
Say no more!
Have a happy Sunday wherever you are!
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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