Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Direct and Mosaic Mesh Mosaic Method on Sandy's Great Wall

Mosaic Overload!

Sandy is starting a never-ending mosaic! The wizard of mOz is putting the mosaics on her huge property wall (think Yellow Brick Wall!) and all students will be able to put pieces on the wall during their workshops and soon in the new MOSAIC ADDICTS SMARTA meetups!
(I will work every morning that I can cope with out on the footpath and I can't wait!) I will upload pics to website as it starts happening!

Keep checking the OzMosaics mosaic website or sign up on the mailing list! It's about to happen.

All CLUB mOz Shoppers - a $20 gift voucher is coming your way on your next order over $100! Great for Mother's Day!

Look out for it in your shop account!

Must run, working on the face!
Everything for mosaics!
commissions, workshops, materials and Inspiration! Great customer service and Sandy has hundreds of tips and tricks coming soon to mosaicSMARTA~!

Smalti Workshops

We are planning new workshops and will be including one for textured mosaics (under glass) and smalti (faces).

Put your name on the mailing list for advance notice of workshops coming soon.
Would you like to know what adhesive Sandy uses for mesh mosaics? How to get more mileage or kms out of your smalti! It's all in the cuts!
Workshop coming soon at Studio OzMosaics and also at MosaicSMARTA online! Won't be long now!

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia