Monday, October 22, 2007

Website updates

So much work to do! So much content to add to OzMosaics site. Galleries, mosaics in the making, workshop dates, events, student workshops, trips and the fabulous diva towers update.

This is such a steep learning curve for me but I am determined to work it out so I am able to understand the linking which is rather complex at first. So please be patient as I work and test and learn!

The webshop is coming soon and with it a fabulous clubDIVA members card to pass on great benefits to members who wish to shop at the Shop 24-7 Online shop.

It's all going to be fun and Sandy has patterns, dvd's (almost completed!) and heaps of fact sheets to share with clubDiva members.

Keep checking in. A mosaic mag and newsletter is being drafted as well as a calendar for fun raising and some exciting merchandise for mosaic addicts and OzMosaics students!

Mosaic Diva

Sept - Oct busy mosaic months!

Sandy attended the MAANZ conference in Hobart Tasmania with husband Dave and Maureen (aka Popette) and Jessica (both mosaic addicts). A photo gallery will soon be added to the OzMosaics galleries level.

After arriving home from Hobart, Sandy, Dave Maureen took off to Grafton to run a 6 day mosaic marathon workshop at Grafton ArtsFest. A photo gallery will soon be uploaded and a full report in the Community art level of the website.

Sandy is working very hard to create the online shop and update the whole OzMosaics Website over the next few weeks.

The Steve Irwin Mural project is in full swing with hundreds of mosaics waiting in the wings for 2008 mural making. Full update soon.

Sandy is also about to visit Karalee School at Ipswich to complete the huge "Gaudi" chair started 2 years ago - the building is finally complete and the huge cement chair is underway!

Sandy attended her niece Julie's wedding this past weekend and it was so beautiful.
Anyway, more soon and finally a diary is running again.

Mosaic Diva

Welcome to the Mosaic Diva Blog!

Sandy has set up a Mosaic Addict Diva Club Blog. Please add your comments and I hope you enjoy the blog....a diary of Sandy's mosaic madness.

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia