Sunday, September 26, 2010

Runway Bride!
This is the start.  Her bridal headpiece is made from a slice of a white china bowl.  Trendsetter Bride.

She will strut the Catwalk in her bridal mosaic hair, veil and confetti, stalked by the paparazzi and showered with confetti.  All in a Catwalk Model's normal day, but the thinset and crystal hair embellishments may be a first but at $100,000 a day, it's not a big problem for this haughty, upmarket fashion Diva!

"I suppose the headpiece will help keep the confetti out of my eyes".  I am quite interested how the artist will attach the veil, made out of mosaic mesh, the finest mesh available.....
Crystals and pearls, confetti and glitter will be tossed at the veil by the artist to give the "just married" special effects.  I have not been married, but this fashion show is fun....

Oh!  The artist is threading the NUtulle under the cap and out through a wider cut in the top of the "headpiece".  Glad she is not stapling it to  my head!
Very clever use of a special glue, I must say!

The front frill will be trimmed back later....and have lots of crystals attached.....

The veil mosaic flower for my hair takes shape.  Sandy is a floral mosaic artist expert!  I love the gold edging, Sandy tells me she has done this for many, many years to achieve a special effect on cut china edges and her students love this technique Sandy invented.

Gold wire, threaded through mesh was Sandy's idea a long time's been used everywhere. The mesh "implants" make it so easy to embed mesh wire and other fabulous mosaic additions...lace, shoelaces,wires, beads, leather, feathers, if it can be wired in, it's been done!
To be's time for a photo shoot!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anthony Horderns - an amazing part of Australian History

Proud to be a descendent of Anthony Horderns!  One of my sons, Mark, gave me a gift of an old Anthony Hordern's travelling metal trunk!  It's so wonderful.  I also have two Anthony Hordern's store Brass Bells! A large and small one and I treasure them.

I am adding all the links I can find online to Anthony Horderns.

The Anthony Horderns Building - beautiful!

Hordern Dynasty:

If you find one please email me or if you have a story to share please do!

fixing the hole!


photo albums horderns

story of stuck in a Hordern lift:

horderns - serving history:


marble and mosaics

His eldest son, Anthony, was born on 24 July 1842:
 (I have the same birthday date and month and I am a descendent in the family tree!) 24-7-1954!

The Hordern Pavilion:
Anthony Hordern
Hordern building:
Hordern architecture:,_1890-1960/anthony_hordern__and__sons

Wonderful story from Ian:

Hordern gallery:



anthony horderns marble mosaic at entry to horderns store:  mosaic logo Anthony Horderns store Australia

Hard work is in my mosaic blood!

Somewhere in the gene chain, I am a descendent in the Hordern Family Tree.
My grandmother on my mother's side was a Hordern.

One of the Hordern Brothers even shares a birthday with me 24th July!  Amazing.
So perhaps genes do matter as I work night and day and so did they!
I am so proud of my ancestors and their part in Australian history - a family dynasty.

Their motto "While I live I grow"!
My mosaic motto "While I mosaic I grow".

The Happiness Tree is my mosaic treet and I feature it in my "home is where the 'art is".
The tree is an upside down root, and it tickles my mosaic fancy.

But of course it's upside down, it's the land of mOz!  It's pushing the mosaic roots into Zone 4".
Say no more!
Have a happy Sunday wherever you are!
Sandy Robertson
where mosaic art meets imagination.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mosaic Retreat - real and imagined at OzMosaics Australia

Mosaic Retreat OzMosaics! (c)
Watch this video but it comes with a warning from Sandy
It's a bit wobbly and will be done again soon but don't get seasick!  It may take a few minutes to load via facebook so be patient if you wish to watch it. Also I had my finger over the audio on the camera (LOL) so I will video a clip again on Sunday, but for now suffer through this!
Home is Where the 'art is Video

The mosaic story:
The mosaic retreat where mosaic addicts meet and fantasy meets fiction!
The yellow brick road leads to Zone 4 where mosaics and inspiration meet!  Serendipity, the Spirit of Mosaics floats in Euphoria on Cloud 9 hovering over the mosaic home.

The pink light is produced in huge vats and we bath in recycled grout water!  The shards fertilize the Tree of Happiness and raindrops form crystals and are emptied into the water tank!  The playful creatures tease Polly and Mosaicking Mum!  EEEEk! Is that a mosaic mouse?

You are always welcome at the Hard Rock Mosaic House!
Stay tuned for the next in the series, soon to be a Childrens picture story book.....down the tracks.

Zone 4 - Sandy's Students know what this is!
Sandy takes mosaic students to a place they have never been before.....

Fluff the pillows!  Relax and read a mosaic book!
Turn on the lamp.  Hug the mosaic rag doll!  Take time out to smell the yellow roses, which grow along the Yellow Brick Road (of course!).

STay in our Diva Suite and soak up the mosaic atmosphere.

See the skylight over the door!  STudents are bathed in mosaic light!
Mosaic your cares away!
Book into a workshop with Sandy.
Week workshop coming up!
Make your own mosaic retreat!
What house design do you have in mind!

Sandy will turn you into a mosaic architect!  You will have the time of your mosaic life making your mosaic masterpiece mural.  It will go inside our outside!  Be prepared to be gobsmacked by your mosaic handiwork!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pool Mosaics Brisbane Queensland Australia Mosaic ARt

Wall mural garden. Mosaic beauty.
Mosaic mural for bedroom, garden, feature wall, holiday or home!Spice up your decor with these floral funBathroom or anywhere - spectacular mosaics!Courtyard or inside - water murals are a cool addition to your home or landscape.
From airports to business - a mural tells your story, Signs, murals, logos!Care is taken with every cut!
Buy our tiles~! Your installer will love them!
We can advise on adhesives, grout, sealers and tools!

Glass mosaic tiles are perfect and popular for swimming pools, spas and water features. OzMosaics offer an incredible range of colours, come and see them or samples are available.  We stock tiles that are vibrant, pearl effects and gold highlights.  20cm x 20cm, or 1.5 x 1.5cm these tiles are extremely beautiful and suit all homes, traditional to contemporary.

Spring is here, summer is rolling on.
Are you building or renovating a pool this year or in 2001?
Consult with OzMosaics for a mosaic for your pool or garden - especially for the fountain or wall decor.

OzMosaics fabrice the glass mosaic suitable for pools of all types and spas!  The glass mosaic is supplied on mesh.  Pool tilers love the mosaics supplied on mesh.  The mosaics are hand crafted at our Brisbane studio - a mosaic artistan creates your own special original mosaic!

We have the most brilliant range of mosaic tiles- from subtle aquas and blues to dynamic, brilliant reds and yellows.

Dolphins, whales, flowers, turtles - we will design and make the mosaic to your complete satisfaction.
Come to the experts where you are special and your art will be special forever.

We can order and supply the tiles on mesh or paper backed for your pool surround in the water line.
Check out our prices - ring Dave & Sandy.

Bring your ideas to our mosaic table and let us work mosaic magic.
Imagine a huge flower floating down the side of your pool and replicated on a wall, spotlight or with water pouring down - glittering in the sun and moonlight.

Exotic, fun, playful, crazy, whimsical, historial, contemporary, we can do it all!

The finest attention to detail from start to finish.
We are mosaic experts and we can work with you and your pool builder.

Queensland deserves mosaics made by Queenslanders!  We know Queensland, we know Australia - we would like to get to know you and your pool or garden/home mural - your friends will be wowed, you will add value to your home and property. Entertaining will be exciting.

We can co-ordinate mosaic wall murals, tables, pool mosaics, bedheads, kitchen inserts and bathroom panels and friezes.

What are you waiting for - it's time to get into mosaics - long-lasting beauty and investment.

Contact us today to discuss your designs and we will prepare a quotation.
Sandy & Dave Robertson
Studio OzMosaics
Professional products and services.
For personal satisfaction, learn to make your own mural with Sandy!
Private lessons available or workshops are fun and educational.

Want to learn to cut and make mosaics using smalti?  Summer workshops will have you cracking in no time at all~!
Mesh makes alterations and installation a professional procedure.
Call us today, the mosaic specialists~!

It snowed in Brisbane last night! Mosaic snow

It snowed in OzMosaics Studio Last night - Global Warming~~~~~
I am working on a mosaic of a Queensland Colonial - I will do a series over the next year.

It's very unusual and interesting. I can't say more as it's for an art show entry and I hope it makes the cut LOL!

If not, it's going to be lovely on the walls of perhaps Vanellis Restaurant. Have you dined at Vanellis at Alexandra Hills yet.

Well hurry and do so. The food is DELICIOUS and the chef is a master at pizzas and desserts that will have you licking your fingers~!

Also, ask to sit at one of my mosaic tables! Yes you can eat at the table and then buy the table! Looking for a gorgeous mosaic table for your poolside, deck or garden! Check them out! 80cm x 80cm and smaller.

Sandy's mosaic guitar and 3-D murals are on the walls, but they are not for sale. They will be replaced with new murals soon for your viewing pleasure and perhaps one might reside in your home or business one day.

Visit Craig and Leanne and the friendly staff for the best pizzas in Queensland if not the world! Their entrees are unusual and well, we can't wait to get back there - the gelatis are mmmmmmmmmmmmmm and the coffee is perfect.
Now summer is here sit outside and dine on the mosaic tables, they are gorgeous!

Hugs and happy eating

Sandy Robertson
mosaic artist/tutor

where tiles meet their destiny.

up to 30% off huge Spring Sale!!!!!! hurry now.
See you at OzMosaics or phone Dave for help in the online store.

We are the mosaic specialists in Australia and want to help you create your mosaics or make your mosaics!
Orders are our speciality...

Wall murals are perfect to decorate your fence, garden, home, bathroom or business.
Discuss your mural or your mural workshop with Sandy and Dave soon!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Mysterious things go pop in the night

I was given a wonderful windscreen from a station wagon to use as crackle glass in some upcoming mosaic art.
Today we awoke to find the screen has toppled itself over and produced the glass babies!

I wanted to video the process but the glass was obviously dying to get into the mosaic mural I am making today, so shattered itself.

This is really wonderful, the glass knows ahead how to perform!
A mosaic miracle!

Saturday, September 11, 2010

Fabulous Special on Mosaic Tiles in Australia


Mosaic Glass Vitreous Tiles 20% off 2cm x 2cm!
30% off for CLUB mOz members.


New colours have arrived, the yellow is bright yellow again!

Grab a pot!  Preseal it with our wonderful waterproof membrane!
When you waterproof the pot the mosaic lasts a long time!
The WB stops the terracotts sucking the moisture out of your soil or potting mix!
A bit green as well as beautiful.
Once you have waterproofed inside and out, get your tiles on sale and get cracking!
We have wonderful workshops if you need to learn how to make a mosaic!
Join our mosaic ARENA on our website for helpline!

Soon we will be on EBAY!

Left over tile lots, special finds, bargain box and just for the fun of it!  You will love OzMosaics on Ebay!
We will let you know when the auctions are on!  Keep an eye out!

You will love the tile mixes of unusual tiles Sandy has sorted for you to fight over!
We have a fabulous range of Moroccan tiles and the blends we will auction in glass tiles are matched so you will have the perfect pile of tiles for a mosaic pot, mirror, birdbath or whatever takes your fancy!

So keep tuned, sign up for our newsletter and keep in touch on FaceBook, the mosaic community ARENA and Twitter.

Nothing like the fun of an auction!
As soon as the smalti and the new Supremo range is in the webshop the quirky times begin!

The big wall will start soon, the weather has warmed up and Sandy has finally decided on what will adorn the biggest mosaic wall in Brisbane - and it's a fabulous feeling to know I have complete control over it - it's my own wall!

It will be there for a long time so it's got to be great! Great it will be! 

I am so excited, I hug myself with glee.  Everyone can help but there is a very clever theme and for my mosaic mates, I might be able to help them sell their art off the wall!

There is so much going on here and something so special I can't tell you about it, but it's rather incredible.
Very incredible and you will be the first to know, sign up for the newsletter.  The green eyes on the left are my precious pussy cat's eyes, the famous mosaicking cat, called Shaq!  He is nearly 18 years old and is the most amazing cat in the mosaic world.

That glue I have been telling you I have tested and am delighted with, the new way I apply glue, and lots of things will be available soon in CLUB mOz and mosaic SMARTA!   Stick with me, everyone in CLUB mOz will get a huge time extension and will be so pleased they are in CLUB mOz!

I have a program to implement so that some sections are private and are resources only for mosaic SMARTA!  More about this  very soon.

If you want to see that tip, stick your nose on the screen and have an "ahh haaa" moment, that's what you will get - long distance learning - aka online learning.

The future looks bright for mosaics, always has been and it keeps evolving.  Go with the flow, who knows where it might lead you.  As long as it leads to a happy place it's all good!

If you need help with a design, join the ARENA, I have a new tool that I can edit your photos, if you need help with your colours or design!  Yes, I can edit your work online to perhaps help you advance on a project.

It's fun, informative and together we grow!

Marmox Light Weight Board for Mosaic Art in Australia

Smalti and Marmox board makes for a perfect mosaic artwork!
OzMosaics stocks and shapes Marmox Light weight Board in Brisbane.  We have a fabulous range of smalti in Australia and we are the best place to browse for smalti in Brisbane.

Check out our Web Mosaic Shop for prices and hanging wire and hardware!  Register on our site to receive updates on special events and products.  Join CLUB mOz for 10% off your shop purchases on top of our exciting specials that pop up!

We have two thicknesses, contact Dave Robertson for a quote on special templates.

Our hanging wire is heavy duty professional wire and included with your order.

So order your board and your hardware.  It's easy to configure and Dave is an expert and happy to talk to you.  Sandy can advise on mosaic coverings.

Sandy Robertson is happy to discuss your mosaic patterns and substrates, with years of experience using mOzboard and now the lighweight Marmox Board.

Workshops on making mOzboard will commence in Summer, for those extra special projects requiring large size light weight boards and speciality bases.

We have the materials to make whatever you want or learn to do it yourself.

We know how to make strong bases, sturdy for more than lighweight mosaic murals.
Come to the mosaic professionals - we care about your projects, big and small.

What goes under your mosaic gives it longevity.
Experience the difference with OzMosaics service and professional mosaic products!
visit out online store .  Visit our product information mosaic booth!

Professional mosaic products and service in Australia - OzMosaics leads the way!

Friday, September 10, 2010

Mouth watering mosaic tiles Australia OzMosaics shop

Perhaps this tile should be called "plucka-duck"!
Your mosaic suppliers DownUnder are excited!

Sandy Robertson is proud to introduce a new line of fabulous mosaic glass tiles to Australia.  As a professional mosaic artisan, Sandy is constantly sourcing mosaic materials and supplies for her commissions, public art and most importantly, her clients and students!
....Just to give you a taste of the new SUPREMO RANGE about to be available in OzMosaics Web Shop and Mosaic Studio store! These photos are the SUPREMO range, not the DYNASTY, that's coming to the blog soon, still naming it far Samauri, Power, Kung Foo and Grapefruit and now christened.

Inspiring colours, incredible quality, take your mosaics to another level!  Cut like butter, brilliant shades, pure and gorgeous.  1.5cm x 1.5cm.  Look out for prices as we upload the tiles to our website and shop this weekend!  We have incredible new stock here, from the Dynasty Smalti, the new Everyday Tesserae - surprises are in store!
Shimmering gold, reflecting reds...
mouth watering mosaic tiles at OzMosaics
Sandy is busy naming and unpacking all the stock with Dave.  It's a little taste of mosaic heaven on earth.

Thursday, September 9, 2010

Stir up a good serve of Sandy’s Smalti please!

 P1060833Let your imagination run with with this beautiful smalti.  Full colour range will be in our online store SAP.  If you can’t wait drop over for a cuppa and dig your own out!
The Dynsty Smalti runs out the tudio door! A happy customer. First customer!  we didn’t even have the bags open! What fun!
We ordered the DYNASTY smalti in lovely chunky blocks, all wonderfully irregular but with a coarser backside to grip better but the smalti can be nibbled with your tile nippers, Leponitts or tile scorer….(hammer for awesome shapes).  Now you can cut flowers in a bigger format than the smaller traditional brick. A simple nip to cut it down or perhaps shape a flower.    Mix it up…mosaics are about emotion, not cutting technique.  Once you have mastered the nipping and shaping, the hardest thing is resisting all the beautiful colours.

Dynasty Mosaic Smalti - gorgeous glass!

Sandy does Smalti!  Combining Orsoni Smalti and the Chinese Dynasty Smalti  - OzMosaics brings beautiful options for mosaic artists to the mosaic workbench. 

A luscious range of glass mosaic tile makes your mouth water.  Will you have a serve of Italian glass pizza or Dynasty stir fry to add to your mosaic base?

Whether you mix your thinset with chopsticks or Italian remo it all enhances your mosaic murals.

DownUnder we can have a love affair with Italy and China and add our own special ingredients, the freedom to dare to be different.

Mix it up and add our smalti to your workshop stash!

Sandy is busy photographing the new smalti for the online store; it's been selling off the workshop floor!

Lovely photos coming, video clips and it's guaranteed to please.  Register at our home page, to receive updates!

Fall in love with mosaics all over again.

Friday, September 3, 2010

Mosaic for Father's Day Australia

Don't know what to get dad for Father's day?  Give me a gift voucher to come and learn to make mosaics. Hammer and tile a lovely mosaic for the garden or a paver might be in the picture.

We have tools for Dads who like to mosaic!  Miles of mosaic tiles!
Files, hammers, nippers, glue, grout, adhesive, mesh.
Get Dad hammering and tiling to make some great art.
Grandads, Father can work together with their familes, children or grandchildren to create beautiful mosaics for the family home or mosaics to treasure.

Mosaic Book Review - A lovely gift for a mosaic artist or a Child's Birthday gift!

Check out the lovely mosaic books in our online mosaic shop!
Mosaic Alphabet and Nursery Rhymes are sure to thrill.

When your child has a birthday party to attend or a teacher's gift is on your list - these books are perfectly priced and beautifully presented. A teacher would love the book in their collection.

An artist will drool over the colours, designs and layouts! It's a visual and learning mosaic experience!

So buy now for Christmas - perfect mosaic stocking fillers.  A perfect thank you.
Actually you should have one if you are a mosaic artist or mosaic addict as it will enhance your collection of mosaic books!

Go on, take a look at a book!  book link.

MAANZ 30:30 substrate

Make mosaics this Spring!
Contact Dave to order your substrate in MDF or light weight mosaic Marmox or mOzboard.
Dave can cut the board, waterproof it and inset the hanging hardware or we can supply the hardware separately.

Our wire is the strongest hanging wire and our d-rings are not flimsy rubbish but quality that your mosaic deserves!

When you need mosaic substrates and bases, come to the mosaic professionals.
We know what you want - we make mosaics almost every day, we are out there in the community and teaching mosaic technqiues - your mosaics are important - don't use the incorrect waterproofing  - let us help you make your mosaics to last, as well as look beautiful!

We are as passionate about what is under your mosaic are you are with the mosaic itself!

Waterproof membranes, wire, d-rings, boards, hanging hardware - we have it all!
Place your order today in the mosaic webshop or contact us for special orders.

OzMosaics - when only the best will do - quality products but great prices so you can make more mosaics!

Make sure you use the correct adhesive for wet areas and remember your grout colour can make or break your mosaic. Sandy can help you make the right decision about your grout before you start making your mosaic!

Fibreglass mesh & Weldbond stockist

Mosaic mural - made by artist Sandy Robertson - Italian Orsoni Smalti
Quick note!
OzMosaics has mosaic fibreglass mesh in stock and great supplies of Weldbond.
Contact our mosaic shop online or email us to arrange for your delivery.

Select from our huge range of glass mosaic tiles and tools!

Have you covered a mosaic dunny!?  How about a mosaic table.
We have great wrought iron mosaic table tops and bases as well as modern black coated aluminium table bases.  Our light weight mosaic board (Marmox) is suitable for many mosaic bases and applications or learn to make Sandy's mOzboard in a workshop at OzMosaics this summer!

Check out our polls on our website!  Sign up for our free mosaic newsletter or join CLUB mOz for discounts in our mosaic studio shop and store!

We are the mosaic professionals here to help you with your amazing mosaic projects!
If  you haven't used the mosaic mesh method, you are missing out on one of the easiest, most simple methods to construct your mosaic art!

Australia Smalti Supplies - OzMosaics Brisbane - We have smalti and mesh

Mosaic art can be addictive - it's good for you!

Have you used smalti in your mosaic art?  OzMosaics have Orsoni Italian Smalti and Dynasty Smalti arriving next week.  PLus beautiful mosaic stones, mini cubes and another tile we aren't telling about until it arrives!

We are the mosaic Professionals and care about your mosaics.
Need a mosaic made to order for your pool, floor, wall or a special work of art?  Contact us for a quote and a chat!

Visit our mosaic studio by appointment.
We have mosaic tools, Leponitt Mosaic Wheeled Tile Nippers, Cutters, grout, adhesive, thinset and mosaic fibreglass mesh.

Book into a beginner or advanced workshop and learn Sandy's famous tips and tricks for mosaic art!

Keep all your broken china, wine bottles, milk containers and mirror - combine these bits and pieces to recycle and resuse as mosaic tesserae.  When you blend these objects using Mosaic Opus and Andamento techniques, with mosaic glass tile, smalti, ceramic, porcelain or found objects - you create an original work of art!

See you soon in the studio (visits by appointment please) or jump into the mosaic community ARENA online... we give you a helping mosaic hand and have fun - together we share the joy of mosaics.

It's mosaic magic!  It's creative!  It's passionART! 
We have the materials you provide the magic ingredients :  fun, imagination and excitement!

Mosaic Tile Sale on Glass Mosaic Vitreous Tiles Australia

Mosaic at Bribie Island Community Arts Centre - a lovely mosaic mural!  Materials were supplied from OzMosaics Tile shop Brisbane Queensland Australia.
Spring into Mosaics in Australia! Start decorating those Christmas presents and gifts.
Would you like to know an easy way to make Christmas Gifts this year? - give a lasting, beautiful mosaic cheeseplatter, cake stand, decorated wine bottle, mosaic cupcakes, birdbath, garden pot or a mosaic portrait - even a pet!

OzMosaics has everything you need in our mosaic shop and store to make mosaic art.
Visit us by appointment or call Dave or Sandy to discuss your mosaic materials and supplies!
Gift vouchers are a great gift too.

A workshop gets the creative juices going and is hands on! Sandy knows what to do to teach you mosaics that will last for a long time and have a very creative touch.

Be creative and decorate your garden, home or business surroundings.  Contemporary Mosaic Art or Traditional designs - we can help you create the mosaic of your dreams!

So it's beautiful weather to make mosaics and enjoy the beautiful Queensland weather.
See you soon!
Visit our website and join the free Mosaic ARENA to make friends and communicate with other mosaic enthusiasts and mosaic addicts around the world!
Cheers and have a fabulous weekend.

We are decorating a mosaic dunny tomorrow and learning the direct and mosaic mesh method in our first Spring Beginner's Class 2010!

Our new smalti arrives this week so keep checking back to see the colours!
Hammer, Hardie, Leponitts, Tile Cutter, Tile Nipper, Glass Scorer, whatever you use, break it and create it!

Sandy Robertson
OzMosaics Studio
Mosaic Artist & Mosaic Instructor

Everyone is creative - you just need some time out to tile and grout to your 'arts content.
Mosaic art is great therapy.  Get in the mosaic mood!

Wear Sunscreen when making mosaics!

Migaloo in very first mosaic stage - little white mosaic whale.
It's important to keep yourself safe from glass and grout but its VERY IMPORTANT to wear sunscreen when working on mosaics or installing them outdoors!

Wear 30+ sunscreen, a very shady hat, long sleeve cool cotton tops, loose pants to prevent burning your legs and sunglasses!  Drink water regularly and don't get overheated.

It's important that you last as long as your mosaics!  Or as long as possible.  Take care in the harsh Australian Sun this summer!

Put up a sunshade, work in the cooler mornings and late afternoon.  Avoid heatstroke and enjoy your mosaics.

That's a mosaic order!
Remember!  Mosaic glass tiles are on sale in our Mosaic Web Shop in September 2010!
Fabulous colour range, Professional Advice and Service!
Sandy Robertson

Thursday, September 2, 2010

Join us to discuss mosaics in the Mosaic Community ARENA

Visit the home page of OzMosaics and register. 
Click on the Menu Tab Community ARENA and add your photo, update your profile!

Enjoy sharing photos, blogs, comments and tips and tricks for mosaics.  Join all the GROUPS for mosaic discussions and make friends with mosaic enthusiasts worldwide.

What are you waiting for?  It's free, fun and informative.

Mosaic table for sale at Vanellis Italian Restaurant, Alexandra Hills Brisbane Queensland Australia.
Need help in the ARENA?  Post a comment on your wall or contact Sandy.

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia