Tuesday, May 6, 2008

Craft Fair update

Thanks to everyone who added a piece of mosaic tile to the Steve Irwin Mosaic Mural Tribute at the Stitches and Craft Fair. It's really growing and cute mosaic koala, kangaroos, magpies, wombats and more were added to the collection of mosaics for the huge mural.

We displayed some of the mosaic art from overseas and these pieces were loved by everyone. The little wombat has a cute nose!

We demonstrated "spin the mosaic bottle" Sandy Style downunder at the Craft Fair to educate and amuse! Sandy's mini dvd "STB by DUD Productions" will be available next week from OzMosaics Studio and is full of fun and instructions on how to spin the bottle to make wonderful curved tesserae for your mosaic art. At the Craft Fair Sandy had fact sheets and info on what to use and when to use the mosaic bottle mask. For more info contact sandy on the email at http://www.ozmosaics.com/ website.

Shirley, aka as Mosaicking Mum again won the hearts of the fair visitors encouraging them to put some coins "down the mosaic dunny" to help raise money for the Starlight children - Shirley is a mosaic addict and is Sandy's mum.

We all love her so much and without her enthusiasm and fabulous attitude, thing would not be the same. Thanks so much for all you do for us Shirley and for the Starlight kids!!!!!

Shirley is a keen mosaic artist and has a garden and home full of beautiful mosaic creations.

Brenda and Maureen "man" the dunny! Brenda is the BFB and is a true blue mosaic addict. Maureen aka as Popette is truly a champion - always popping up at a moment's notice and Sandy appreciates all the help Maureen and Brenda give to MAANZ every year at every function. Both Maureen and Brenda create incredible mosaics and are keen to share their mosaic passion with members of MAANZ. You will find both of them at OzMosaics studio working with Sandy on so many community art projects. Thanks girls!!!!

This is the original Money in the Dunny! Again visitors to the Stitches & Craft Fair were kind and generous and tossed coins and notes down the dunny to help raise money towards granting a Starlight wish, to brighten the life of a sick child and families involved. This is the MAANZ Insect 30 x 30 Vision exhibition. The quality of the mosaics was outstanding. Visitors to the MAANZ stand enjoyed the versality of the 16 pieces of fine mosaic art on display.
Here is a wonderful person tossing the first coin in the Mosaic Dunny to help raise money for the MAANZ Art from the Heart "Money down the Dunny" fundraiser at the Reed Brisbane and Stitches Craft Fair 2008. It's a real wishing well for sick kids to help grant a Starlight wish.

Thanks to Judi, Brenda, Shirley W, Shirley H, David, Janis F, Maureen and all the MAANZ committee members who supported us by sending the mosaics for the insect exhibition, the paper work, Starlight products and encouragement. Thanks to Reed for a great stand and a huge thanks to all the hundreds of people who asked about mosaic art! You were great fun and we had a wonderful opportunity to promote the mosaic conference in 2009 in Brisbane and mosaic art both in the community and as a professional body.
Cheers and thanks again! See you next year!
Sandy Robertson
visit the MAANZ website for all the information on how to join MAANZ and great links to mosaic art in Australia and New Zealand.

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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