Sunday, October 25, 2009

Fun in the mosaic studio

Workshop A on Saturday and Workshop B on Sunday was full and fun! Roberto from Canberra stayed with us in the Diva Room and did so well to do the back to back workshops. She couldn't get on the plane fast enough on Sunday night to start making mosaics with thinset and paint in thinset!

I am sure she is working away now as she was so keen.

Thanks to Cat who ran back to the studio with a bottle of wine as a thank you, it made me quite emotional and very appreciative of her comments on the wonderful day of mosaic making.

Cat makes mosaics in Brisbane and I was proud to have inspired her for her future commissions and artworks, of which she has been very profuse.

It's so good to have a mosaic connection with another professional mosaic artist and a great bond in more ways than one. So Cat, thank you!!!!

The other students had previously done the first mosaic class and were ready to work in thinset and china and lots more interesting materials. We hit the mosaic studio floor running and their artworks are excellent. I wonder how many wheelbarrows full of flowers with incredible cement trees are hanging in gardens.....perhaps it's a "mosaic sign".....and hundreds of gOzundas with the matching gift wine bottles LOL....I must get and make mine for Christmas gifts. It's quite addictive.

I am working on a mosaic Christmas Tree with a mosaic "difference" and will share the process with my CLUB Diva members, my students and members of MANA. We will set up a donation box for the fact sheets for a worthy Christmas Charity. I will advise when the sample and fact sheets are ready, very soon. I am sure everyone will love this mosaic project.

Polystyrene is the current word around here and it was my pleasure to guide so many people down this track for their mosaic sculptures;; I have been using polystyrene since I started making mosaics and just keep find more wonderful things to do do with it.

I am starting on the gigantic ball this week for Queen's Park, Ipswich and a design for a law firm and the mosaic for Australia Zoo Steve Irwin Day auction. All to be done in about 2 weeks.

Life is never dull. I am so grateful I have Dave behind me all the mosaic way. He is a wonderful partner in mosaics and I could never do it without him.

Mum is coming to work on some mosaics soon and I have a trip to Ipswich on Thursday for a mosaic afternoon lecture and hands on mosaic making with school teachers. Lots of prep work for that meeting to be done tomorrow.
It's a little windy here in Brisbane today and I am praying for rain this afteroon. I might have to do the vegemite rain dance again......

Shaq seems to be back on his feet and I am so happy as I was worried about our cat over the last couple of weeks. Everyday is very special with Shaq.

So, off to get busy, just had a lovely cuppa with a mosaic student from 2 years ago at the Grafton Arts Fest mosaic workshops. She and her hubby are wonderful people and it was just to share some fun memories and have a roam about the studio.

I wish I did not have a pile of novels on my bedside table, they are calling out to me....reading is my reward after long days and nights in the studio. I am still trying to work out my weird dream last night - a woman had a pair of shoes that looked like a wax orange and I was trying to wear them, broke the "heel" and was soldering the wax when I woke up; a nightmare repair job. LOL! I was so glad to wake up. I think it has to do with something about epoxy and what I want to do to the epoxy Laticrete adhesive .......Dr Des, you make me laugh so much with your last email....don't worry thinset is still your best option. See you when you are down here this week.

So come on, please rain, but don't flood anyone! Rain, rain, trees need you! My mosaic pelican is back in the studio and perhaps he will step out of the mosaic and bring some rain poolside.

Back to work, take care.

Sandy Robertson
ps I have been getting feedback from "what my mosaic students want next in workshops" and wow it's going to be fun in 2010!

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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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