Sunday, February 24, 2008

Red Hat Ladies Visit to OzMosaics Mosaic Studio Brisbane

It's a tradition started by Marcia Hines that all visitors to OzMosaics studio sign the dunny wall. We have totally covered the inner sanctum of the studio Loo so now it's spreading out to the studio! The Red Hat Ladies all signed their red hat and manged to put a teeny weeny hat in Big Red Roo!

The Red Hat Ladies all made mosaic flowers and leaves to adorn the two kangaroos...not a bad effort for beginners to mosaic and they sure could wield those Leps! They learnt about adhesives, mesh method and health and safety tips. It's great making murals as a group for a very special mosaic project.
"Satine and Big Red" will be completed by the mosaic addict team and be weaved into the Steve Irwin Mosaic Mural tribute. Vickie, in Tenessee USA sent the fabulous eyes for the kangaroos and some very special red tile. You can see that "Satine" is expecting a little Joey! Her pouch is bulging!

8 more baby crocs were also made for the mural border. This Red Hatter became very proficient with the border tiles! Well done!
Here is one lady cutting a red tile and signing it for Vickie's mum from the heart.

Of course we ate Janis's coconut ice (yummy) and enjoyed lots of cups of tea and coffee outside by the pool.
Mosaic art is addictive and look at the gorgeous smile!

This is my mum, who looks so cute!
One of these ladies owns a fairy shop and it's so pretty and gorgeous; just up the road from my Studio at Coorparoo....must ask her if she knows about the pink light and fairy dust.

visit this to see the red hat lives saying hello to Gayle!

The above link is a message to Vickie's mum, from the Red Hat ladies Brisbane Southside, wishing Gayle well and saying hi to another Red Hat Lady in USA from DownUnder!

We had a wonderful day putting together two mosaic kangaroos for the Steve Irwin Mosaic Mural Tribute. We used some tesserae, tiles and mosaic eyes that Vickie in Tenessee sent to us last year (Polly was thrilled to bits). Thanks Vickie! The eyes look so good.

My mother Shirley, is the one in the purple hat! The Red hat ladies like to declare they are sassy and sexy on Sundays LOL! The ladies are great fun and were very good at making
mosaics. They even managed to make some more little mosaic crocodiles for the mural. The Kangaroos were named Big Red and Satine. The kangas were filled with mirror, purple and red flowers (the colours of the Red Hat Ladies) and twinkles of mosaic mirror.
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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