Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Art for Health's Sake at the Wesley Hospital Brisbane

I am proud to be one of the exhibiting artists at The Wesley Hospital, Brisbane 2001 art show titled "Art for Health's sake".

I will be exhibiting along with very talented Australian artists and if you have the opportunity please take some time to visit the art show.  

I have made some Christmas mosaic trivets to help raise funds for the Palliative Care Unit at The Wesley Hospital featuring place mats or mini cheese boards or table centrepieces for your Christmas season festivities.  Candle holders, trinket bowls to fill with rum balls or Christmas gifts plus some of my fine art pieces will be included in this show. Come and see my "home is where the 'art is" which recently won 2nd prize at the MAANZ mosaic Exhibition at the Red Hill Percolator Gallery in 2011.

There is a great raffle so get some tickets at the opening  18th November (see image above for times and costs) or on Friday 19th November 20001 - which is open free to the public from 9-5pm.

Decorative mosaic art - find a place for it in your home, office, garden or community setting!
Cheers and thanks
Sandy Robertson
mosaic artist, mosaic instructor
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Thursday, October 14, 2010

Smalti in Brisbane Queensland Australia

Smalti available in Australia at OzMosaics!
 Get your Leponitt Mosaic tile cutters ready or your hammer and hardie or tile nippers!

Use Smalti in your mosaic art and watch it come alive!  You will nibble, cut and shape it to form incredible mosaic texture in your mosaic art.

From these delicious chunks you can decorate your mosaics with geometric designs, flambouyant whirls or extremely, delicate, winding detail!

Make mosaic flowers, underwater sea scenes, mosaic portraits of people, or your pets!

When you are in the mosaic mood for more than glass vitreous tile, ceramic, stained glass or rocks and pebbles, mix it up with smalti from OzMosaics!  Shop online at OzMosaics web shop or visit our studio shop by appointment and make up your own bags of smalti mix of colour!

Want to learn how to use smalti in your mosaic art?  Join up for our newsletter which will advise when the new mosaic workshops will be available!  Sandy is preparing the workshops and making samples of the smalti projects.  The info will make your mosaic life much easier and wait till you try all the adhesive options Sandy has been working with in this new smalti range. 

Smalti glass is sublime!  Get yours as soon as you can as it's running out the studio shop door and it's not even uploaded on the web yet!  Well, some colours are and today we are naming the huge range of smalti - it's fun naming them.  Check back tomorrow on the website for the full range in the mosaic web shop.

Tantalizing colours, beautiful quality smalti at incredible prices - we want everyone to experience smalti in their mosaic art.

Be back soon!
Sandy & Dave Robertson
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mosaic mesh, thinset, mosaic grids - check our diverse range at our website, click on mosaic shop in the pink tab menu on the ozmosaics home page.

Need help?  Contact Dave, who is always on hand to give you professional mosaic advice or Sandy will be happy to assist in mosaic tips and tricks in the mosaic arena or the OzMosaics workshops and classes.

Sunday, October 10, 2010

MAANZ Brisbane Exhibition 2010

Check out this link to the Mosaic MAANZ Exhibition Photos of MAANZ exhibition 2010 
Sandy received 2nd prize.
 Yesterday, Dave, Mum, Aunty Lee, Aunty Alison and I ventured out in the pouring rain to visit the MAANZ 2010 InAugural Exhibition, currently showing at Percolator Gallery at Paddington, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.  Afterwards, naturally, we dropped into the OpShop for a few plates, mum is about to make some fabulous sunflowers for my huge studio wall surrounding the garden.  Dave stood patiently on, ready to stash the goodies in the 4WD.

We tried to make the MAANZ Official Opening on Friday night, but unexpected family circumstances prevented us attending. It was good to finally get there and one benefit was room to move around with  less gallery visitors than on the opening night.  It would have been fun though to catch up with many students and friends though on Friday night.

I was thrilled to learn during a mosaic workshop here at OzMosaics Studio on Saturday, that I had been awarded 2nd Prize by the judges in this exhibition.  I was over the mosaic moon!

The mosaic standard was very high and we all enjoyed viewing the beautiful mosaics, interestingly, many were of stained glass mosaic style.  Is this where mosaics are heading?  Fusing, stained glass etc.  I like the many facets of mosaics, so I studied the artworks with interest.  I was pleased to see smalti and mixed media on show.   All in all, the exhibition provides all viewers a good taste of mosaics across the board.

The gallery was a great choice for the exhibition and the organisers did a wonderful job pulling it together.  As you wander through the small rooms in the gallery the mosaics take centre stage and if you visit, allow time to absorb the craftmanship and explore the different mosaic styles.  Not many opportunties come up for an art exhibition soley concentrating on mosaics.

Listed below are some photographs of the exhibition.  I am sure formal photos will be uploaded to the MAANZ site in due course. 

I was also happy to see work in the Exhibition, by many of my students.  It's so satisfying to watch past students grow in their mosaics and explore so many mosaic opportunities.  To have kick-started so many mosaic artists is such pleasure.  I look forward to seeing all their future work.

As most of you know, I am very passionate about texture and exploring the seemingly limitless tesserae options, so if you wish to add more spice to your mosaics, perhaps enrol in our upcoming smalti and 3-D classes soon to be listed.  The mosaic combo - where anything can happen, expect the unexpected....don't be surprised if you mosaic takes on a mind of it's own, leaving you astounded as you watch your fingers connect to your mosaic 'art strings.  In the upcoming workshops, you will be exposed an adhesive I am very passionate about these days;  one that allows more flexibility in your 3-D mosaics and well I am in love with it.  I could not have made my MAANZ "home is where the 'art is" without a mix of adhesives, but the new one was paramount for the amazing properties and extended mosaics.

Mosaic art can be a lifetime adventure - stretch your limits and go beyond the boundaries.  You may end up back where you stARTed but what you gathered on the journey will be evident.

Cheers and happy mosaic days (and nights if you are addicted to mosaics!).  See you on FaceBook and in the Mosaic ARENA.  Photos of the exhibit coming shortly.  Look out for the link soon.

Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist/Mosaic Teacher.
Studio OzMosaics
Brisbane Queensland Australia
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smalti, adhesive, grout, glass tiles, mesh, tools - the list goes on!

Saturday, October 9, 2010

Ipswich Awards of Excellence 2010

Sandy Robertson and members of PANI worked with students, teachers, community and the Ipswich City Council to provide the community of Ipswich with a contemporary mosaic public artwork, installed at Queen's Park Botanical Gardens, Nature Reserve, Ipswich.  The new Bilby enclosure forms a magnificent backdrop to the Arena.

The Numbellie Seat. Two huge curved concrete seats decorated with mosaic application. The panels were created by participating school students across 6 State Schools at Ipswich and selected students from Ipswich State High School. The 7schools worked very hard to learn the art of mosaics and achieve such excellence in mosaics. Sandy worked with teachers and volunteers at her OzMosaics Studio to piece the mosaic on mesh artworks together on cement sheet panels, which were inserted into recesses created in the construction of the seat, to Sandy's instructions.
http://www.ipswich.qld.gov.au/about_ipswich/public_art/karalee/   The Everybody Seat won 2009 Award of Excellence and Gold Award.
The Numbellie Seat installed at Queen's Park Ipswich won the Award of Excellence and Gold Award 2010!!!!! (update to come with photos of the Numbellie Seat).

Congrats to all involved - a great achievement and I was proud to be involved in the making of these magnificent mosaic public artworks.
A huge mosaic ball was donated by Sandy to Queen's Park.  Sandy says "we had mosaic mesh artworks which would not fit on the mosaic seat inserts, so we wove them onto a huge mosaic ball.  A table top covered in mosaics was attached at my studio and it formed the taBall!  It's gorgeous and a lovely installation to offset the incredible huge mosaic seats.

A look back at the 2009 Winner of the Award of Excellence, Ipswich.

Below are a few photos of the 2009 Award of Excellence at the "Everybody Seat" installed at Karalee State School, Karalee, Queensland Australia.  Sandy Robertson worked with students at Karalee State School as Artist in Residence Program.

Together with teachers, students, parents, Indigenous Artist and incredible enthusiasm and support of Cheryl Charlton, Vice Principal Karalee State School, this incredible mosaic sculpture grew.  The students are so talented and worked very hard with their mesh mosaics to help building this beautiful seating arena outside the Community Hall  on the school grounds.  

Proudie, the concretor built this mosaic chair to last!  The chair is decorated with mosaic art inside and out.  The inner circle with a huge contemporary mosaic snake, the river, gum leaves work well with local history, fauna and flora and indigenous art.

The outer side of the winding seating arena was inspired by Gaudi - a mosaic fantasy as the outer snake winds and shows the student mosaic interpretations of colourful, happy flowers, kangaroos, tracks and more. 

Visit and be captivated!  The curves are made from china plates to give the lustrous mosaic finish.

A mix of china, porcelain tiles and circles, ceramic floor and wall tile, vitreous glass mosaic, glass beads, polystyrene balls, mosaic fibreglass mesh, concrete, grout and thinset made the base for the  beautiful mosaic art.  Mosaic seats are popular as a useful community artwork.

 You won't be able to sit for long as you want to keep touching the textures and exploring the student artworks.  A beautiful place for the students and community to relax, imagine and enjoy.

So many have asked me "Sandy, what is Zone 4?"

"What is Zone 4?"

Mosaic Zone 4 originated many, many years ago during one of Sandy's mosaic Workshops at Studio OzMosaics.

We were discussing the amazing buzz mosaics can bring;  the wonderful therapy of closing off your thoughts to all but mosaics;  the feeling of mosaic euphoria when your pieces not only connect with the substrate, but connect to your creative being....

The feeling of timlessness.  One tends to float over the work in progress and not hear the demands of everyday life around....

If you remember "Get Smart" and the Cone of Silence, you are on the right track.  We imagine a huge plastic cone (think of a coke bottle cut in half) encasing us, allowing us to see into the NeverNever but only hear our  mosaic thoughts.  We are as one with the tiles, the glue, the Leps.  We are happy, contented and in the creative zone, our own Zone.

Research at OzMosaics shows that it can be a one on one mosaic love affair in the Zone 4 shield, or a group can connect around a mosaic and feel the Zone 4 bond.

It's all about being creative, being happy and being shielded by Zone 4. Come to Studio OzMosaics and feel the effects of Zone 4.  Whether you are fond of mosaic mutterings, need piped music or the tinkle of tiles is enough, you will know when you are in Zone 4.

My latest whimsical mosaic, Home is Where the 'art is (ie Mosaic Retreat) was made in Zone 4.  It emerged as  my hands flew and each piece just seemed to know what it was going to connect with as I felt that mosaic Zone 4 surge of silliness, sublimity (my new word! Zone 4 priveleges) and more.

The Red London Bus is taking us to Zone 4, where the Land of mOz floats above the Mosaic Studio.  The Cherub on Cloud 9 knows that you may need to rest and where better than to float in the mosaic atmosphere.

The Glasshouse mountains and the Yellow mosaic Brick Road, are mosaic milestones and tourist destinations and the way to mosaic Euphoria.  Serendipity, the mosaic nymph is waiting to show you around and as you arrive fireworks welcome you from Brisbane Story Bridge below.

The Bridge tells it's own story as it reflects in the flowing Brisbane River below.  The pink vat is catching mosaic recycled water droplets to irrigate the mosaic pastures and gardens at Zone 4.

If you get a glass puncture, glue is on hand LOL!

So, get onboard the mosaic bus and take the trip of your mosaic life to wherever your 'art leads you. Drop by Zone 4, at OzMosaics and share your mosaic journey!

Sunday, September 26, 2010

Runway Bride!
This is the start.  Her bridal headpiece is made from a slice of a white china bowl.  Trendsetter Bride.

She will strut the Catwalk in her bridal mosaic hair, veil and confetti, stalked by the paparazzi and showered with confetti.  All in a Catwalk Model's normal day, but the thinset and crystal hair embellishments may be a first but at $100,000 a day, it's not a big problem for this haughty, upmarket fashion Diva!

"I suppose the headpiece will help keep the confetti out of my eyes".  I am quite interested how the artist will attach the veil, made out of mosaic mesh, the finest mesh available.....
Crystals and pearls, confetti and glitter will be tossed at the veil by the artist to give the "just married" special effects.  I have not been married, but this fashion show is fun....

Oh!  The artist is threading the NUtulle under the cap and out through a wider cut in the top of the "headpiece".  Glad she is not stapling it to  my head!
Very clever use of a special glue, I must say!

The front frill will be trimmed back later....and have lots of crystals attached.....

The veil mosaic flower for my hair takes shape.  Sandy is a floral mosaic artist expert!  I love the gold edging, Sandy tells me she has done this for many, many years to achieve a special effect on cut china edges and her students love this technique Sandy invented.

Gold wire, threaded through mesh was Sandy's idea a long time ago....it's been used everywhere. The mesh "implants" make it so easy to embed mesh wire and other fabulous mosaic additions...lace, shoelaces,wires, beads, leather, feathers, if it can be wired in, it's been done!
To be continued....it's time for a photo shoot!

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anthony Horderns - an amazing part of Australian History

Proud to be a descendent of Anthony Horderns!  One of my sons, Mark, gave me a gift of an old Anthony Hordern's travelling metal trunk!  It's so wonderful.  I also have two Anthony Hordern's store Brass Bells! A large and small one and I treasure them.

I am adding all the links I can find online to Anthony Horderns.

The Anthony Horderns Building - beautiful! http://sydneyarchitecture.com/GON/GON01.htm

Hordern Dynasty: http://www.sl.nsw.gov.au/discover_collections/people_places/east/settlers/hordern.html

If you find one please email me sandy@ozmosaics.com or if you have a story to share please do!

fixing the hole! http://www.smh.com.au/news/National/Fixing-the-hole/2005/01/07/1104832305310.html

employees http://fffaif.org.au/2008/07/03/the-mcaulay-brothers/

photo albums horderns 

story of stuck in a Hordern lift: http://www.captainfortune.com/slater.html


horderns - serving history:   http://www.servinghistory.com/topics/Anthony_Horderns

pottery http://mabelweb.lesslie.com.au/arts&crafts.htm

marble and mosaics http://www.virtualtour.com.au/melocco/john_melocco_history-ch1.htm

His eldest son, Anthony, was born on 24 July 1842:
 (I have the same birthday date and month and I am a descendent in the family tree!) 24-7-1954!    http://adbonline.anu.edu.au/biogs/A040477b.htm

The Hordern Pavilion: http://www.centennialparklands.com.au/our_places/hordern_pavilion
Anthony Hordern http://adbonline.anu.edu.au/biogs/A040477b.htm
Hordern building: http://sydneyarchitecture.com/GON/GON01.htm
Hordern architecture:

Wonderful story from Ian: http://www.collectingbooksandmagazines.com/ahIan.html

Hordern gallery: http://www.philipbacongalleries.com.au/artists_and_stockroom?id=452548&m=b







furniture http://www.hht.net.au/discover/highlights/online_exhibitions/sydneys_home_furnishing_stores,_1890-1960/anthony_hordern__and__sons

cheese http://www.collectingbooksandmagazines.com/ah.htmlhttp://www.heritage.nsw.gov.au/docs/A_Lot_In_Store_ch2.pdf


anthony horderns marble mosaic at entry to horderns store: http://acms.sl.nsw.gov.au/search/simpleSearch.aspx?authority=place&ID=38860

http://acms.sl.nsw.gov.au/item/itemLarge.aspx?itemID=11571  mosaic logo Anthony Horderns store Australia

Hard work is in my mosaic blood!

Somewhere in the gene chain, I am a descendent in the Hordern Family Tree.
My grandmother on my mother's side was a Hordern.

One of the Hordern Brothers even shares a birthday with me 24th July!  Amazing.
So perhaps genes do matter as I work night and day and so did they!
I am so proud of my ancestors and their part in Australian history - a family dynasty.

Their motto "While I live I grow"!
My mosaic motto "While I mosaic I grow".

The Happiness Tree is my mosaic treet and I feature it in my "home is where the 'art is".
The tree is an upside down root, and it tickles my mosaic fancy.

But of course it's upside down, it's the land of mOz!  It's pushing the mosaic roots into Zone 4".
Say no more!
Have a happy Sunday wherever you are!
Sandy Robertson
where mosaic art meets imagination.

Friday, September 17, 2010

Mosaic Retreat - real and imagined at OzMosaics Australia

Mosaic Retreat OzMosaics! (c)
Watch this video but it comes with a warning from Sandy
It's a bit wobbly and will be done again soon but don't get seasick!  It may take a few minutes to load via facebook so be patient if you wish to watch it. Also I had my finger over the audio on the camera (LOL) so I will video a clip again on Sunday, but for now suffer through this!
Home is Where the 'art is Video

The mosaic story:
The mosaic retreat where mosaic addicts meet and fantasy meets fiction!
The yellow brick road leads to Zone 4 where mosaics and inspiration meet!  Serendipity, the Spirit of Mosaics floats in Euphoria on Cloud 9 hovering over the mosaic home.

The pink light is produced in huge vats and we bath in recycled grout water!  The shards fertilize the Tree of Happiness and raindrops form crystals and are emptied into the water tank!  The playful creatures tease Polly and Mosaicking Mum!  EEEEk! Is that a mosaic mouse?

You are always welcome at the Hard Rock Mosaic House!
Stay tuned for the next in the series, soon to be a Childrens picture story book.....down the tracks.

Zone 4 - Sandy's Students know what this is!
Sandy takes mosaic students to a place they have never been before.....

Fluff the pillows!  Relax and read a mosaic book!
Turn on the lamp.  Hug the mosaic rag doll!  Take time out to smell the yellow roses, which grow along the Yellow Brick Road (of course!).

STay in our Diva Suite and soak up the mosaic atmosphere.

See the skylight over the door!  STudents are bathed in mosaic light!
Mosaic your cares away!
Book into a workshop with Sandy.
Week workshop coming up!
Make your own mosaic retreat!
What house design do you have in mind!

Sandy will turn you into a mosaic architect!  You will have the time of your mosaic life making your mosaic masterpiece mural.  It will go inside our outside!  Be prepared to be gobsmacked by your mosaic handiwork!

Monday, September 13, 2010

Pool Mosaics Brisbane Queensland Australia Mosaic ARt

Wall mural garden. Mosaic beauty.
Mosaic mural for bedroom, garden, feature wall, holiday or home!Spice up your decor with these floral funBathroom or anywhere - spectacular mosaics!Courtyard or inside - water murals are a cool addition to your home or landscape.
From airports to business - a mural tells your story, Signs, murals, logos!Care is taken with every cut!
Buy our tiles~! Your installer will love them!
We can advise on adhesives, grout, sealers and tools!

Glass mosaic tiles are perfect and popular for swimming pools, spas and water features. OzMosaics offer an incredible range of colours, come and see them or samples are available.  We stock tiles that are vibrant, pearl effects and gold highlights.  20cm x 20cm, or 1.5 x 1.5cm these tiles are extremely beautiful and suit all homes, traditional to contemporary.

Spring is here, summer is rolling on.
Are you building or renovating a pool this year or in 2001?
Consult with OzMosaics for a mosaic for your pool or garden - especially for the fountain or wall decor.

OzMosaics fabrice the glass mosaic suitable for pools of all types and spas!  The glass mosaic is supplied on mesh.  Pool tilers love the mosaics supplied on mesh.  The mosaics are hand crafted at our Brisbane studio - a mosaic artistan creates your own special original mosaic!

We have the most brilliant range of mosaic tiles- from subtle aquas and blues to dynamic, brilliant reds and yellows.

Dolphins, whales, flowers, turtles - we will design and make the mosaic to your complete satisfaction.
Come to the experts where you are special and your art will be special forever.

We can order and supply the tiles on mesh or paper backed for your pool surround in the water line.
Check out our prices - ring Dave & Sandy.

Bring your ideas to our mosaic table and let us work mosaic magic.
Imagine a huge flower floating down the side of your pool and replicated on a wall, spotlight or with water pouring down - glittering in the sun and moonlight.

Exotic, fun, playful, crazy, whimsical, historial, contemporary, we can do it all!

The finest attention to detail from start to finish.
We are mosaic experts and we can work with you and your pool builder.

Queensland deserves mosaics made by Queenslanders!  We know Queensland, we know Australia - we would like to get to know you and your pool or garden/home mural - your friends will be wowed, you will add value to your home and property. Entertaining will be exciting.

We can co-ordinate mosaic wall murals, tables, pool mosaics, bedheads, kitchen inserts and bathroom panels and friezes.

What are you waiting for - it's time to get into mosaics - long-lasting beauty and investment.

Contact us today to discuss your designs and we will prepare a quotation.
Sandy & Dave Robertson
Studio OzMosaics
Professional products and services.
For personal satisfaction, learn to make your own mural with Sandy!
Private lessons available or workshops are fun and educational.

Want to learn to cut and make mosaics using smalti?  Summer workshops will have you cracking in no time at all~!
Mesh makes alterations and installation a professional procedure.
Call us today, the mosaic specialists~!

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia