Thursday, May 22, 2008

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Thursday at Karalee State Primary School - mosaic chair

Dave helping to sweep and tidy up.

In the raw - petals and leaves under "thinset" - to be scrubbed and grouted next week.

The snake back is winding around.....

Mum and Maureen.

Coming together.

Had a wonderful day today at Karalee. Maureen, Shirley, Dave and Sandy headed off early and it was a beautiful clear day again.

Mum and Maureen started scrubbing the back of the snake as soon as we arrived to remove the plastic sheeting and sticky tape and excess thinset. Dave kept going applying the gridded back of the snake and Sandy started to organise the layout of the big flowers and leaves, aided by Maureen.

We managed to get the kangaroo, koala and owl (one large petal so far) embedded in thinset and they look great. Weather turned cool and we had been using Rapid thinset in the morning and standard in the afternoon; this caused hassles as the weather changed and the Standard would not set up fast enough for Sandy's liking.

Anyway, we left the big petals covered in thinset (good hard scrub on Monday, next week) but this is better in case it rains over next 3 days and it is likely. We did not want water getting under the mosaic yet.

We worked very hard today and here are some pics in progress - very messy but you can see the progress.

It's fantastic hearing the students rave and remember making the sections in 2005, 2007 and some this year. The favourite question "are you doing the whole floor?"

The students love looking for their art in the chair. Soon they will be able to use the chair for storytelling, relaxation, school work and for the fun of it all.

So with happy hearts, tired hands, backs and feet we headed back to Brisbane. A busy day tomorrow setting up for weekend beginner mosaic workshop, housework, some paperwork and a sleep in on Sunday (hopefully) then back to Karalee on Monday.

I would like to thank Mum and Maureen so much for their help and support as always and especially my husband David. Cheryl, the DP - encourages us the whole time and we could not have a better working relationship - Karalee State Primary School is a happy school in a lovely environment. Thank you Cheryl and all the teachers, parents and students who have taken part in this huge mosaic extravaganza!

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