Saturday, July 18, 2009

mosaic madness

have that “berringdoo” feeling again…..fantastic! Just spent an hour in my stash room digging in boxes – half an hour to work out how to get in the stash room and climb over mountains of mosaic hordes….I know where things are it’s just hard reaching them….yelling to himself to come and take something from me whilst pirouetting on a box of bottles…dangerous but necessary in my stash room.

Oooooh it was so good to be in there. I am now putting together two sculptures and two hanging pieces for Grammar art Show coming up.
It’s so creative to be on the loose in SandyLand again….no holds barred, the old old creative juices are boiling over.

Popette is on her way over to work on her 30:30…I am planning mine before she gets here…..the 30x 30 boards Dave just made up look so small!
Hmmmmm hmmmm hmmmmm…….but where there is a will there is a mosaic way. Hard to hold myself back…but I have an idea or two that have been festering for a few months.

I can’t stop thinking of other mosaics to make……the flood gates are open again…..I called a piece Flood Gates last year….memories….

Anyway, I recommend a regular trip to the stash room as a mosaic tonic.

Had a fabulous workshop here yesterday and 5 of them already were mosaic addicts so it felt really really really good to be able to inspire them even more….
Dave just repaired an old mini wheelbarrow for me…’s so beautifully rusted…..guess what it’s going to be????
Have a good Sunday….I am looking forward to watching the Chef show tonight, grande finale~ whilst we mosaic of course…..

Sandy in Cairns…good on you for attending the show with your beautiful mosaics…I knew they day I met you in the workshops here you would be passionate about mosaics and I wish we lived closer to, but it won’t be long till you are here in October for a great time of mosaic nuttiness!...and who said I don’t like mosaic fish? One of my sons is a marine biologist ….. LOL….
Cheers!! And keep warm…

my workbenches are now covered in every type of tesserae imaginable.....chess pieces, glass, china handles, keys, you name it, it's on the studio benches!

Thursday, July 9, 2009

Mosaic Swing and Sling!

Today I invented a new mosaic technique I am calling Sandy's Swing and Sling! It's how to do indirect mosaic technique on sticky plastic. I have hundreds of mosaics on sticky plastic and had to work out to how manage to reverse them all and have them keep intact to place all over the huge chair boards for the Ispwich Chairs. The Sandy Swing and Sling is working so well.

BFB also known and Beautiful Brenda, helped me do the Swing and mum did the Sling...whilst I did the Sticky Stanley knife cutting! Looking great! Shirley aka Polly helped me with the black paper background on Tuesday.

It's working so well! After we place the mosaics on the boards tomorrow with help from Cheryl and Lee we will be well on the way to the overall design, with an overview and artistic guide from Phillip on Saturday.

The workshop desks are piled high with mosaics and it's quite exciting! I am a bit cold and tired and Brad came for dinner with fish and chips and some champagne! Hard to keep going now!

We are very excited about the mosaics for the Ipswich Queen's Park Gardens - the joyous colour and mosaics made by the school students, teachers and parents and mosaic team are going to be spectactular in a stunning setting and the story woven into the mosaic tells of the Indigenous tribes and history of the area. More soon!

Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Queens Park Ipswich - interesting article on the mosaic project
This article gives some good info on the mosaic chair project we are working on at the moment in the studip.

We are working behind the scenes to bring this project together, this week.
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Monday, July 6, 2009

Koala Conventions Brisbane - Mosaic Weekend Workshop Report

It was fun, educational and the food was very scrumptious!

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