Thursday, December 10, 2009

Artists Dozen - Brisbane City Council - King George Square

Fabulous Tree! Solar Powered! Have you posted your letter to Santa yet, Brisbane has this gorgeous mail box in King George Square - I love it!

Even has a big slot for large letters to Santa. I have some very special wishes for Santa - for some very special people who deserve some extra happiness in their lives! I know they have been nice and not naughty! Please Santa deliver something to you know who!!!
Exciting news!

I have been selected as one of the Artist Dozen - 12 artists will work on a 2 metre high number - the Twelve Days of Christmas Carol -
is being depicted in artwork (but think outside the square!). King George Square?

Each day, 12 days before Christmas (December 24th) an artist will be in KGS from 7am till afternoon, painting or in my case, covering the tall number in mosaic art.

My theme "9 ladies dancing". I am working on the design in OzMosaics Studio and I will share the making of it on the OzMosaics website.

It's very interesting and I am in mosaic madness mode, but mosaic magic will prevail! Lots of mosaic addicts are keen to take part.

So if you get the opportunity, visit Brisbane City and check out King George Square and give the artists a cheer on.
Join MANA to follow the making of the "9 ladies dancing"

Much of the mosaic will be fabricated at my studio and glued to the main number on the day, with fill in. It's a true mosaic marathon!
Keep checking in, sign up for the free newsletter on the home page and for MANA!
More soon, flat out - happy mosaic making.

Cheers for Christmas and the Holiday Season,

Sandy Robertson
Studio OzMosaics
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Last Minute Mosaic Christmas Gift - Offer from Sandy

Create your own wine bottle gifts and personalized labels!

Want to know how?
What glue to use? (This is HOT INFORMATION!!!!!!)

What can you do with it afterwards (this is fantastic!!!!!) - You will not have heard of this idea before! You have to come and find out! You know you can trust me when I say, you won't be disappointed~!

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Workshop -come for the day or evening to suit you, between now and Christmas (ring and discuss it with Sandy!)

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Buy and bring your wine bottles (get clean skins!) (as many as you like, it's addictive). Adorn in Christmas or other floral mosaics.

So the idea is $55 for as long as you are here one day or evening!
Instruction and use of Studio! Bring a friend!

Listen to music as you make your Christmas gifts.
Sandy is working on big mural for King George Square so you can watch while you work!

Buy the tiles and glue/materials as you go. It works out quite inexpensive! You pick out your own tiles and just pay for what you use.

Eg bring your full, clean skin wine bottles, as many as you want.
Make fabulous personalized gifts.
Tools supplied.
More info, contact Sandy! I guarantee you will love making these, once you know the tips and tricks you are on your way!!!!!! Lots of fabulous ideas are waiting for you!

You will not have made these in this MANA of mosaics before! It's a special technique and it's so good!

The glue is amazing, I am not telling any more until MANA is launched! So if you want amazing Chrismas gifts at incredibly low cost - it's you talent that make them marvellous, come and join us! (c) OzMosaics

copyright (OzMosaics Sandy Robertson) 2000-2009

This is another original mosaic project from OzMosaics!
Updated from earlier wine bottle making fact sheets!

Constantly thinking outside the mosaic square.
Wait till you try this glue!
TRUST ME - THIS IS A PERFECT GIFT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

bird in our garden
Listen to the bird call No1 on list (the sound file)
This gorgeous thing comes every year at this time and keeps us all awake, but it is amazing.
I have photos of the female - only time I have seen it "live" from a few years ago.
Awesome bird, can be noisy!
mosaic artist, Brisbane.
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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