Saturday, September 26, 2009

Come and mosaic with us!


Join us if you can on Sunday afternoon 11th October for a great time working on the mosaic mural - Euphoria, the spirit of Mosaics!

Fun, mosaic making, slide shows and video snippets of the Steve Irwin Mural and lots of laughs! It's free!$10 bbq dinner - proceeds to MANA towards our first online art competition, coming soon!

Contact OzMosaics for more information. Monday 12th October, we are off to Australia Zoo to see the mosaic murals; why not come with us?

Watch a Slideshow of Workshop B at OzMosaics in September 2009

A wonderful wheelbarrow of mosaic flowers 3-D using thinset, the magnificent mosaic adhesive by Laticrete Australia! Laticrete for lasting mosaic artworks!

Monday, September 21, 2009

Wow, had the most wonderful back to back workshops here at the studio over the weekend and reached new “mosaic highs”. Got to love thinset and more!More new tips and tricks emerged yesterday, it just keeps getting better ... Found something to do with sealer that has my mosaic mojo on fire.

The students make the most incredible things with thinset – they are gobsmacked, one girl was so emotional over her work and would not put the lid on the box as she could not stop looking at it. It’s mosaic nirvana when that happens. I know that feeling, when I make a mosaic and can’t go to bed at all, I just have to sit and look at it, welcome it to my mosaic world and lose myself in Zone 4…’s very special.

I have on video, the most freaky thing! When one of the students, Leilani, cut an antique fine china cup, of her grandmothers, a very, very, very special cup, we blessed the cup in the mosaic ritual…, (you have to be here - to know how we bless the cups, we really always want to preserve the main china bits but keep the base for a wheel, the most amazing thing happened; the cup broke in half, the base fell off in a perfect circle and well, 6 students and I were gobsmacked.

I have seen lots of amazing things, when cutting china, but this was extraordinary. When I get time I will put the clip in MANA. The bonsai tree created in one mosaic, in the background is called “Pear in a Partridge Tree”. Dave is uploading the photos now and I will put in MANA tomorrow – hilarious. You will not believe what these students created in one day and the special mosaic effects.

The mosaic pieces are to die for. There was a couple in the advanced class, yesterday from the Sunshine Coast and the fellow was really good for a mosaic ”tease”. Poor fellow. His work was so exquisite and you could not meet a nicer couple who mosaic together…sort of makes your h’art sing.

This is what makes getting up worthwhile:

A student emailed this today; II have been filling the Hordern treasure chest with special mosaic momentos……. It’s very touching -

“What I got out of the Advanced/3D Workshop….I loved the process of breaking Grandma’s precious tea cup and then seeing it as petals of a beautiful flower and the fact that it lives on in a 3D mosaic. I loved that from cut tiles, broken wine bottles, copper wire, beads, shells and slate that I created a mosaic that came to life. The added pleasure is that it was made with my own hands and my imagination, Sandy you give of yourself and in turn give us a very special gift, the ability to believe that we are all artists. Thank you. Leilani

Even though it was non stop weekend and we had a visitor, a “mosaic stARTIST”, my new name for beginners to mosaic stARTIST workshops, staying in the Diva Suite for 3 days, it was incredibly good fun -not to mention the photographs and the music. Dave spoilt us all with great food and we can’t wait to have our house guests over MAANZ and the fun time at Oz Zoo and the smashing and crashing time on the “mosaic menu”. Those coming to the Sunday Mosaic Madness afternoon and evening will certainly be in for a smashing good time!

I had a wonderful chat with Scott Harrower last week, an amazing mosaic artist in New South Wales. A good catch up!

I am sorry I have been AWOL from MANA for a few days, I even had to CLEAN THE HOUSE! Yes, very frightening words but it felt so good when it was done. I am coming into a good mosaic phase now. So many plans to come to fruition finally. One the big seating arena is done and installed in a couple of weeks, it’s all systems go!

Brad has an amazing girlfriend here from Canada for a year and she is perfect in every way. I am so lucky as she helps me “empty” Chardonnay bottles (perfect brand and colour for mosaic foliage) and even loves mosaics and helped set up the studio last week for workshops.

We have found a new tile distributor (2!!!) and will introduce these very gorgeous tiles so the students can make more interesting mosaics. We have a gigantic sample box and yesterday we road tested some of them. They are yummy.

It’s now always about what you make in mosaics but about what mosaics make out of you.

Now to get ready for huge day working on panels tomorrow, with Polly, Rebecca, Mosaicking Mum …..and planning out the Big Ball…..The weather is wonderful, the smell of
Spring is soooooooooooo good. I had a break today, went out with a girlfriend for an hour’s lunch for her birthday and arrived home for dinner!

A newsletter will be going out to all MANA members very soon with some fun things in it…..Thanks to all who have signed in on MANA and the discussion groups are being compiled. Thanks Edna for your input. We will test the CHAT room soon.

So much to do and oh how wonderful, it’s raining!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Now off for a tipple.

Oh, more more thing, whilst I was at lunch, I was waiting for my third megachino ( can’t resist) - I was lucky enough to view an incredible Italian fashion catwalk extravaganza on tv...

I am now planning new workshops based on something awesome for next year. I cannot wait…to get going on it. Everything “fell into place”…’s been brewing in my sub-conscious for a long time and it was a “mosaic moment”.

People wondered what I was doing, standing in the middle of a huge room, holding two huge mugs of coffee and not moving….I was “in another place”. Don’t you love those “light bulb” moments.

.....Sending great mosaic vibes to everyone~ Happy Smashing - especially my students: I would not be who I am without you.

Sandra Robertson - Mosaic Artist/Teacher Studio OzMosaics -
Everything for mosaic art. Workshops, classes, lessons, mosaic supplies - break something, it's so good for you.
Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
Warning - mosaic art is addictive! It's fantastic!

Friday, September 18, 2009

Busy Mosaic Workshop coming up!

Beginner workshop/class Mosaics - fully booked!
Advanced 3-D/china and more workshop - fully booked!

What fun! The weather is glorious, the studio is ready and we have a student staying in the Diva Suite - perfect weekend coming up!

Spring really suits mosaic making! Garden pedestals, pots, frypans, garden signs, birdbaths, you name it - you can mosaic it!

Start thinking about Christmas too! Lots coming up at OzMosaics - next week we will issue some fact sheets in CLUB mOzOz for ideas for Christmas gifts, mosaic adorned, of course!

Keep those green and blue wine bottles as Sandy will show CLUB mOzOz members how to make mosaic Christmas trees, Sandy Style! Glitter and mosaic baubles go so well. Also, let's make some Christmas mosaic puddings!

The big seating project for Queen's Park Numbellie Seat is really looking great and we will also apply the remaining mosaics to the "Big Mosaic Ball". We will literally have a ball making this wonderful public artwork!

Well, I am off to get the glue bags ready, prepare some wine bottles for Sunday's wheelbarrow foliage, stack the china for breaking up - so much fun!

I will have to get the smashing wall set up again this Sunday, hmmmm....those were the days, when the tv programs showed up using the smashing arch! I must get those video snippets ready to show over the Event Weekend here at OzMosaics Studio in October. Join us if you can on the Sunday and the Monday to go to Australia Zoo!

Well, I am off to green goo!

Have a wonderful weekend! Have a smashing good time!
PS Don't forget to join MANA! Mosaic Art Network Arena.
It's ramping up and a newsletter is going out to members next week! It's free for members until January 2009 and then it's only AU$10 per year. The membership subscriptions next week will be ploughed back into MANA in very exciting ways! Say tuned!

Go and register at the home page of OzMosaics site and check out the MANA social arena. You can write your own blog there and link it any of your emails, set up your own photo albums, live CHAT, email and set up a friends within MANA group, join some fun and informative mosaic groups within MANA and discussion groups.

Write on your wall! Join all the groups - just selected the group and hit the button that says, JOIN this group. Open your own group!

Need help, please email me.
We are starting the online competition in October, inviting members to be in the Mosaic Arena Spotlight and running a competition for a new Logo for MANA!

MANA is going to be the place to be for online mosaic addicts, worldwide.
Together we share the joy of mosaics and grow!
Welcome aboard!

Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist, Mosaic Teacher.
Everything for mosaics! Supplies, tiles, tools, smalti, glue, grids!

Thursday, September 10, 2009

Bless the Mosaic Tools!

Watch this fun "bless the tools video" by Down Under Productions! DUD!
More fun videos about mosaics in CLUB DIVA. Join today and don't forget to register and check out MANA Mosaic Art Network Arena!

A community social group - join in - all welcome!

Beenleigh Library visit

We had a fabulous day at Beenleigh Library this week! Maureen and Sandy enjoyed inspiring new mosaic addicts to the art of mosaics!

Thanks for the lovely box of chocolates!

This photo shows the lucky winner of the raffle, a mosaic book of course!

Thanks Jan for organising this fun event!

Trip to Australia Zoo

Join us at Australia Zoo on Monday 12th October 2009.

A group of mosaic addicts and mates are going to Australia Zoo to see the Mosaic Murals, Tribute to Steve Irwin and take lots of photographs and enjoy all the zoo has to offer.
We may also do a tour of the animal hospital.

If you would like to come with us - many are in Brisbane for the MAANZ Symposium and it's a great opportunity to visit the zoo and have a lovely day out!

Also, on Sunday 10th, at OzMosaics Studio we will have an afternoon of videos and slide shows and mural making! Contact Sandy to find our more info!

The afternoon is free, enjoy a cuppa or glass of wine and smash a few things! Join us for a bbq dinner ($10 per head) - profits going to the Australia Zoo Animal Hospital.

Come along and meet some mosaic addicts - all welcome, but bookings essential.
Sandy Robertson
OzMosaics Mosaic Studio Brisbane!
Make Mosaics Forever!
Everything for mosaics!

Friday, September 4, 2009

Happy Fathers Day

Happy Fathers Day to all the dads in Australia or anywhere in the world that you are celebrating Father's Day!

It's a special time filled with memories and make this one count! Hug a dad on Sunday!
Relax and enjoy some quality time with your family and friends.

Did you make a mosaic for someone special?
If you didn't get time, make a moZcova! Learn more about how to make one in CLUB mOzoZ and join MANA!



OzMosaics Australia

Wednesday, September 2, 2009

Positive mosaic vibes and thoughts

I don't know what it is, but so many people find one themselves in a mosaic quandary of "can't started"...

Life seems to be throwing some huge curve balls! All over theglobe it's one ;thing after another, I often wonder we can handle all thenews..Tweeting, Face Book, Internet, TV - we know of every good and badthing almost immediately. I tend to turn it all off and find it makes sensefor a while.Do you find yourself all fired up one minute and then suddenly caughtbetween "life" and "art? In a dream mosaic world, one could rise, slinkinto the studio and work on mosaics in a trance-like mosaic nirvana, but theoutside world seeps in and we are all affected in some manner by what isgoing on around us - from joyous moments to tragedies and in between.

I often find I only work and get things completed with absolute deadlinesand when the pressure comes off a bit, instead of getting on with other jobsto complete, I tend to do nothing and then stress out when deadlines loomagain. I think we need to take time out to smell the roses or just mullover things as we move through our days and nights.No matter how great the work area, it's easy to be diverted. I find I amtruly blessed with amazing mosaic mates and we all prop each other up andinspire each other.

If you have a caring nature, you will feel the vibesand the media constantly feeds us down the line. Be pleased with whatever progress you make, I think it's fantastic to have lots of mosaics on the go .believe me they get completed when "it's their turn".

I would find it hard to work on one project continually - havingother work in progress projects keeps the imagination fired. I have somethat have been waiting for completion for 8 years and I still love them asthey are! I call them my "education pieces" LOL!So cheer up and wallow in whatever you feel like, from a big tub of thinsetto a bucket of ice-cream.

There is nothing I like better than roam thegarden, but I get upset as I don't get time to work in my garden any moreand I really WANT to, but something has to give to allow that and I am toobusy finishing off a big mosaic project. I have to discipline myself everymorning or I could easily be on the couch watching movies all day or rushingout to buy new pots and plants for the garden.

What I try to do, is set"me times" - reward times to do what I feel like doing and that does work.A day off to read, sleep, be with Dave or whatever and feel absolutely noguilt. I look forward to those me dates!

Saying that, I am absolutelyhappy in my studio working on mosaics 24-7, that's when I am in the zone. I think reading and seeing other's accomplishments can also be daunting as well as inspiring. I find that by rejoicing in other's mosaic accomplishments and being happy for them makes me feel good.

Every piece of mosaic art made on this planet is a good thing. Sharing the joy of mosaicsin the community really keeps you grounded and surrounded by positive vibes.Mosaics for money, mosaics for home, mosaics for the pure bliss of it - itall has its place. Many of my mosaic mates who are the happiest souls,have no intention of seeking out commissions but make mosaics for theirhomes, gardens and special friends. They are always SO happy.

I suppose they are mosaic stress free LOL!

Major stress events are awful and sometimes it's harder to bounce back and also some things happen in life with friends, family, illness, finances,work, acquaintances that are hard to figure out, we can't see the biggerpicture, but hold close and dear the people you love and care for and goodmates and strive to encourage others.

Anger, resentment, frustration,guilt are soul destroying and make it hard to go out and "slay dragons".When you are on an emotional high it's such a good feeling - try and pictureyourself making mosaics and running with it...go and write down youremotions on a plate, put it in a plastic bag and smash it with a hammer or chuck it on the ground.

It's a fabulous feeling and then eat somethingdelicious and run into the studio and glue some of the bits down. Put on fabulous music in the studio. Email a mosaic mate and tell them what youare doing. . Start a mosaic pot or a garden wall, and put the brokenpieces on it, leave the felt pen messages on the smashed plate. When yougrout they will wash away.

Let them wash away in more ways than one.Ok, now I am rambling but when you need to connect with positive mosaicvibes email me and we can prop each other up. I am experimenting withLaticrete epoxy at the moment and should be doing the "big project".

I am always doing that and need now to go and WORK!...but the epoxy and what I amdoing to it is very, very, exciting.Thanks for the PS - I am blushing. Next year I will have more time (???)and will whip something special up for you.

I don't usually sell my ownart, I find it hard to part with. I am weird. I teach and do commissionsetc but when it comes to my own art, I like to keep it - but next year I am thinking of making pieces for my own exhibition or part of an invitedartists Exhibition in Brisbane in MANA, and if that happens one will haveit's name on it for you!

I already have an idea in mind, but this year it's Year of getting the big projects done! Talk about positive thinking, Laticrete's factory burned down a week ago in Brisbane and they are like Phoenix rising! Talk about positive thoughts, action and vibes. It's contagious! They are bouncing back and everyone is applauding!

Get out of bed and say ACTION STATIONS- It's my mosaic day! I suppose I always search for the middle ground, onehas to find a balance in life to achieve your goals whilst caring andsharing the good and bad times around us. I think we need appreciate the good times in our own lives and to use thetime wisely, as we never know what's around the don't be scaredto be happy, to feel well, to have things to do, don't feel you don't havethe right to get out there and do your thing..make the most of what you haveand shine.

Turn off the depressing thoughts and turn on the mental bright know the feeling, when you are around positive people it makesyou feel good, be a beacon and be kind in the process.

It can be kind oftiring being happy..someone once told me it's easier to be down's easier to procrastinate than's easier to wallow than work..I know this..LOL...I know it takes quite a bit of effort to change my attitude on any given day, but WOW, what a feeling when I's a hugetonic and suddenly you are Slaying Dragons again, and guess what? it's contagious and others around you reflect your mood or if they don't it's agood idea to separate yourself in your own little mosaic world for a selfish little while. Enough of my weirdness!

It's all meant with good intention, but I have to go and GLUE down now! Get excited about something is my advice and radiate positive stuff.

Hugs Sandy
Mosaic Artist, Mosaic Teacher
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia