Thursday, May 29, 2008

Karalee Mosaic Seat update - WIP OzMosaics Mosaic Studio

Here are a few more photos from the work in progress on the mosaic seat at Karalee State Primary School, Ipswich Queensland Australia.
Sandy is very proud of the mosaic art on this chair, made by the students at the school and a collaboration with parents, teachers and mosaic addicts, helping to piece together the artwork to fit onto the huge concrete chair.

Pieces are still being added to the chair using thinset (cement adhesives). Approx one more week to put down all the mosaic, grout, fill in a few gaps, polish and seal. After this another artist will work with some of the students to paint indigenous artworks on any areas not adorned with magical mosaic artworks. It will be quite stunning. The vinegar will be working overtime to bring up the lustre of the mosaic tile and mirror......the final seal will enhance the black grout and bring the chair to "life". We are sure Gaudi is looking down and smiling.....the grid work done by students looks really exciting and forms "cushions" on the seat. The big gum leaves will be polished and grouted.

More mosaic koalas, kangaroos, magpies, hearts, greenery and general mosaic artworks by the students will be applied next week. We had to down tools today due to rain (I always bring rain on a big outdoor mosaic installation!!!) we hope it fines up after raining all weekend, to allow us to keep on schedule. Thanks again to Dave, Shirley and Maureen for their incredible support and assistance working on this mural installation.

Hi to all the students and teachers who have been so encouraging and such fun! We are looking forward to the opening day! Gosh, it's really pouring down hard now on our Queenslander tin roof - what a beautiful sound. I am looking forward welcoming the ladies from Ingham tomorrow for our project development workshop at the studio this weekend. I can't wait to assist in the design of the incredible waterfall mural, tabletop and pavers for the park renovation.....!!
till next update....note in your calendars the mosaic MAANZ conference for October 2009, Brisbane is the venue!
Mosaic Artist and Mosaic teacher, Sandy Robertson
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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