Saturday, November 24, 2007

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd encourages the nation to take a break with a cuppa and iced Vo Vo's!

Playing a hand in the health, wealth and happiness of the nation! Sandy supports the Iced Vo Vo's been part of Sandy's mosaic regime for a long time and now our new PM has come out and shown his true colours...he is a Vo Vo fan! Amazing! OzMosaics puts Iced Vo Vo gifts on the pillows for guests in the Diva Towers!

The Prime Minister Kevin Rudd eats Iced Vo Vos too! Sandy calls to the Nation to get behind the National Iced Vo Vo Mosaic Marathon!
Click the following link to see a real Iced Vo Vo mosaic platter and biscuit wrapper! A collector's item now for sure!

National Iced Vo-Vo Day Down Under! Project for the nation!
Iced Vo-Vo mosaic key ring or paper-weight
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Kevin Rudd PM recommends Iced Vo Vos & a Cuppa as a great work ethic!
(refer PM Victory Speech).
Is Mr Rudd really a mosaic addict?
Has he walked past Sandy's mosaic studio and seen the secret through the mosaic fence?

Sandy wishes to soothe the excited and the shredded. The PM says he is hitting the ground running - his staff are to partake of iced Vo Vos and a cuppa to keep up their energy! For over 7 years, Sandy has shared The Secret of the power of the iced Vo Vo (Arnotts started in Oz and now is made in the USA).

A delicacy shared around the world. OzMosaics has had a tea ceremony ritual in mosaic workshops, based on iced Vo Vo's and a cuppa. Of course we smash the cups for white coconut decor.OzMosaics studio has a staff member, Polly from the Trolley. Polly ministers soothing brews to mosaic addicts and Prime Minister she is happy to run a tea lady course for you in the fine art of the jiggle. The new PM has put the vovo secret out to the universe - I know what will happen! The PM obviously knows about Zone 4 - the energy boost the combo of iced vo vos and Bushell’s Tea has on the mind and soul.

People are able to concentrate 24-7 and are much happier and productive. This must have been his game plan with all the promises he has made to every Australian. Forget weapons of mass destruction – the Vo Vo is a peace maker. In earlier years ,PM John Howard mentioned the powers of the Vo Vo. You can’t fight it – it has such power. The Vo Vo also reduces unemployment (new souvenir program can be launched) and how can you be unhappy with the lovely pink bikki. Mosaic art is so good for you, there will be more room in hospital wards but you may have to build more recreational centres to house the masses who will come out and mosaic. People will be less lonely and very caring and sharing. The Vo Vo inspired paper weight and key ring could become a national icon, - easy to transport -- every woman will want a mosaic VoVo pendant- just hang the key chain on your neck! It will be a symbol of creativity and harmony.

I am happy to share a mosaic VoVo fact sheet with the nation and support happiness and well being in the workforce. A mosaic VoVo (we could adorn a Volvo too) workshop can be part of a skilled workforce must! I am sure Arnotts will be thrilled as the original recipe started in Oz.

I contacted Arnotts years ago - they told me the history of the V o-Vo. They researched - it was hard to find the original records and they suggested the name came from “grandmother” but I won’t say any more – it’s fun to research – email me your findings and I will publish them. I am sure parents would support a project for kids on school holidays!
Holiday Project:
Write the story on the history of Vo Vos and send to me to pass on to the Prime Minister - an Iced vovo National poster competition. The elderly can make a vovo memento too – I have fabulous methods to teach babes to grey nomads. It’s safe and simple.

Sandy will release commemorative merchandise, inspired by her own iced Vo Vo addiction and the Prime Ministers encouragement.Visit and register in clubDIVA (it’s free). You will be notified in the mosaicMAG via email, when the t-shirts, tote-bag, coffee mugs, mouse pad, calendar, stickers, grouting shirts, aprons, stationery etc will be released in the online shop. Fun and fabulous. We will donate some of the money raised to Breast Cancer Research.The perfect present for someone who has everything (hint PM!)…great Christmas stocking stuffer. Imagine a mug for issue in Parliament house – overseas Heads of State will adore their VoVo gifts and we can make to order the famous Diva Tower Server, which rotates

Please email for information. This will become an international incident as all the world wants one- world peace will become a reality as everyone is so addicted to making mosaics that they forget what time it is – they will be busy looking for china and tiles and swapping ideas. Prime Minister - may I suggest we put up posters in bus-stops and transport depots? A beginner mosaic kit will be released soon and the wonderful grid system will allow all school children to make mosaic iced vovo replicas over the school holidays. The Prime Minister, is really committed to education so I am helping to promote the arts with the young. The new Health Minister can issue sensible eating standards for iced vovos – we all need a treat.

Warning: mosaic art is as addictive as iced vo-vos. I am contacting Arnotts to submit a new biscuit wrapper design based on my original Diva mosaic biscuit stand – I will release the copyright on this platter design, if a token amount is donated to charity. It’s time for a change. I am sure Kevin will listen to my plea for pink wheelie bins in his electorate (I live in Coorparoo!) - perhaps I can offer him a cuppa on his early jogging rounds (?) to enable the reuse and recycling of wine bottles, china and more for school mosaic projects around Australia.

We would like a bus to mosaic please PM to promote the project - people could jiggle tea bags on the way to work – the new Transport Minister please take note – install video players on buses and the buses will be packed. We could run educational mosaic videos – no more bored passengers and full transport! For the busy Poli and Polly - mosaics are a wonderful way to relax.

Dear PM, please consider Government hosted mosaic workshops around the nation to help relax and bring harmony to all Australians. We have huge mosaic addicts group on hand to help this project grow into an international educational showcase.

I would like to speak to John Travolta and ask him to pilot an “in the air” fundraiser telethon….we could make iced vovo mosaics in major and country towns and get the community together for a cuppa. The telethon could be run from his wonderful jet! What fun. We could fund-raise for the kids. – viewers on the ground could sponsor tile cutting competitions in the air. Any takers...?

Suggestions for iced vo vo mosaic gifts for Christmas. A gift voucher from OzMosaics – to get them tooled up or for the really keen an Iced VoVo workshop in 2008 with Sandy at OzMosaics Studio, Coorparoo, Brisbane Queensland.

Australian Hand made Souvenir Ideas by Sandy Robertsonvovo inspired-key ring & Paper weight.-The glass dome! Mounted on a vovo mosaic biscuit as the base, with Skippy and a pouch of iced vovos - coconut shards instead of snow!) – limitless options in place of Skippy! Email to discuss options available with Sandy.Sandy Choice Tile Picks for Iced Vo Vo inspired mosaics:
-available at OzMosaics studio by appointment or phone order.

-Orsoni Italian glass Smalti for the base - for those with astute taste in the finer things in life....
-Pink mosaic tiles for the coconut and jam (one tile is actually called ICED VOVO & JAMMY
-White fMOSAIC TILE OR CHINA for marshmallow and/or coconut
-Red for the jam
- smalti, vit tile or china
Dave will be on hand to take your call. Be prepared for a long wait or leave a message as already we have been inundated with enquiries…we will get to you…that’s a promise.

Sandy and her mosaic addicts group plan to adorn these items with Vo Vo mosaic:
-Mobile phone- decorated as a vovo this would keep tea break chats in the zone.
-business card - no-one would throw it away!-house

a teapot – a given!
-hanging mobile great for Queenslander decks – dangling mosaic teabags and biscuits.
-teapot stand
-pet rock
-Car number plates VOVO 001 ETC AND A LOGO.
-Mosaic Dunnies -Garden Pavers
Mosaic Shoes - wowFrypansbed head
-Feature Walls
-The whole car
The “Polly” rotating diva Tower – the silent servant – the ultimate (contact Sandy for info)
Have a smashingly good time
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Addict & Artist
07 3847 4873
all rights reserved. Errors and omissions accepted (LOL)

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia