Thursday, April 17, 2008

Up to our armpits in shards!


We are working hard behind the scenes getting things together for the Brisbane Stitches & Craft Fair (30-4-08 4-5-08).

Spinning bottles of thinset, preparing mesh mosaic bases for more mosaics for the Steve Irwin Mosaic Tribute mural.....packing and planning the stand layout and how to hang the Insects Glimmering Exhibition.

Quest Newspapers sent a photographer today to take pics of the Steve Irwin mural in progress and it was fun.....took ages to repack it all but every time I look at the mosaics I am so emotional. All the love and care and hours of work make these mosaics even more special.

I am having a frustrating time sorting out how to burn some video on making mosaics and nearly no hair left!!! until Dave worked out I have faulty drive. (!).

Workshops lately have been such good events and all the team are helping me put together the flowers and another couple of snakes for the Karalee chair project. We hope to get it all installed by end May. I have been invited to help out in Ingham, near Cairns later in the year, but an intensive workshop here first - for a park mural wall etc.

Another school in Brisbane has invited me to assit with their year 1 Art Show in September, which will involve about 3 days at the school making mosaics. (the year is filling up again!).

We are hoping to have the conference dates ready soon for MAANZ 2009 Symposium! Start saving up for a wonderful time in Sept or Oct 2009 in Brisbane.

It's getting cooler here so I am unhappy! brrrrr.

Check out Foxleigh Gallery on the home page of my website. Then click the yellow highlight link to take a peek at the gallery at Eumundi.

Try these links for some mosaic galleries on smugmug.

If you love smugmug as much as I do, enter either or referrer code Qc0ysvbJlgLSo when you join up. You will receive a $5 discount on your join up payment.
I am still trying to find time to play with smugmug but I love what it does with slideshows and videos....I am working on uploading lots of slide shows very soon.
Anyway, back to work....have a wonderful mosaic day


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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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