Thursday, August 26, 2010

Is the Mosaic Art World being subtly divided into Mosaic Masters and Mosaic Makers? Is the Great Divide good? Does it matter? Knowledge is available to everyone today, so a creative spark can ignite anywhere, any time and burst onto the scene!

....and they might not even know what has gone before...........

In some studios, there are those hardi hammering Masters of mosaics with their followers and in the other garages are mosaic makers who thrive on the simple joy of making mosaics....alone and surrounded by the lawn mower their inspiration comes from a different place, but is placed well.Mosaic Masters used to be something almost revered from the past, to visit in a gondola or museums - now they are on the internet and age is not always a play.

Competition is also blurring the line that subtly divided. Now everyone can become a master of their own mosaic destiny. Time has nothing to do with it. Age has nothing to do with it. Popularity is won in many ways. The public opinion is not sought or much romanced - a board of mosaic artists usually decide and often the Public Vote for Most Popular astounds the Masters and the Judges. It's very interesting.

Is it wrong to make what is popular, what the people want? If you go into a competition with the aim of winning and winning over people, does that make you tick? Are you totally honest with your inner artist? Quietly watching but working away on crafting their mosaics into some fine work, are the people who have collectively influenced mosaics over the last 10 years - new on the mosaic block but respectful of mosaic history.

Whilst admiring the undisputed talents of mosaic superstars, they are happy to be referred to as a craftsperson, an artist, whatever..... it is the mosaic outcome that pleases them not the branding or the fame and fortune.

Fame and fortune often emerge when least expected - it can be honed, but sometimes it just happens. Does this turn you on or off mosaics? Does competition get your Leponitt wheels spinning with desire or is it a turn off?Some goals are simple - teach ordinary people with a passion to find their creative self, prepare home-made mosaics from a range of supplies - without lifting the mosaic bar so high that the average beginner won't be terrified of making a bad cut or have a grout space that doesn't meet the supposed standards. (There is no rule for grout spaces by the way, unless you are doing a very tight bathroom wall tiling job and the client is totally obsessed with alignment!).

Tiling a bathroom is not the same as mosaic expressive art! It's sometimes does your mosaic mind good to hose down the big planted picture. Don't always be a contestant, be an explorer of yourself. Some have been in the mosaic business a long time bute haven't moved forward a step, but they are happy with where they are stuck. It's good for them. Is it good for you? Only you can decide that.I don't like seeing anyone manipulated and are should be a joyous thing. Some don't like the competitive thing, some love it.

If you are not published in a book, CD, or magazine - if your opinions aren't blasted over the net, it doesn't mean you are not doing something meaningful, constructive or simply amusing with your own art.Mosaics shouldn't be rushed? That's such an unfair statement. Should a runner slow down? Each works to the beat of their own 'art. It should be enjoyed.

It is not about being better than someone else. You may have a more grouted goal in mind. Some are not part of the competitive scene and never will be and they are so wonderful to discover by accident or fate. My students bowl me over with their creative ideas and it's humbling.

They work and create, mixing up life and smiling as they work and play. It's knowing and respecting where mosaic art comes from, but being excited about not knowing fully where it's headed. Whether preparing mosaics simply or deliciously over the top - it's your own mosaic call. When you look at the real mosaic picture, the vast majority of the mosaic population are at home making a pot, a table or exploring for tiles and plates.

Many work and find their mosaic making a source of relaxation, stimulation and finding like-minded people to share their mosaic joy. Some mosaic mojo's go into overdrive, creative juices boiling and the beginners are the ones to watch. They come to the mosaic table these days, armed with info from the net and more! They absorb mosaic pictures and their mosaic mind's eye beams into action!If you are old enough to hold a hammer you are old enough to mosaic and give everyone a run for their mosaic money. Sure it's important to know the basics, but from lack of initial mosaic expertise, good things have grown.

Mistakes turn into mosaic marvels and the world is constantly hungry for new things to try. Mosaic Fine Art is not in every home, but lots other fabulous mosaic art is! Go and explore some gardens! Check out the decks and verandas! I love the way people make mosaics fit into their lifestyle! Bed heads, tables, pool art, sculpture and more!

You can have your own mosaic museum and it's so beautiful to enjoy.Go find a wall and cover it with mosaics! The people will come! It's up to you if you use rocks and stones and bones....or teacups, smalti and glass. Whether it's flamboyant or quietly questioning, it's yours!

Considering how little variety the mosaic masters of old had on their mosaic palettes, mosaic makers today are seriously challenged with choice - so much!This causes problems too - there are mosaic fads and they are fun. But where are you placed in this mosaic ARENA? Do you stick with smalti or run to the thrift shop. Do you worry about what the art snobs will say? Don't you know a plate can cost more than a kilo of smalti and be so much more precious - but what does it matter? Materials should be seen as the heart of your mosaics.

Fashion and shape them to make them come alive or be seductive secreted into the thinset. The lure of the Leps or the Hardi and Hammer, whatever works - pick it up. The tools fashion what you see in your mind's eye. Romance the tools if you want, but in the end, don't forget they are simply there to shape the way.Many will stand on mosaic soapboxes and encourage people with the intent to sell - books, products, their art - come what may. Just be true to yourself and don't be intimated by other people's art or attitudes.

Back then, it was a land of hammers, marble and it's the land of mosaic plenty. So whether you make plenty of mosaics or simply want plenty of time to relax and enjoy the art - it's your mosaic call.Once people tended to make mosaic pots now it's all about Fine Art...when mosaic pots can be covered in Fine Art fit for a Palace! Stimulate yourself with lots of substrates and keep swimming in your own stream, not just the mainstream.

Find your own mosaic recipe and enjoy the taste testing. Do it with love and it will flow and grow. Don't do it for everyone else's expectations or inspections. You might never have imagined yourself as an artist whilst snipping glass and plates, but be prepared to bloom!You might come to mosaics by accident and it might just be the best thing to let loose!A beautifully made piece of mosaic in the garden may be all you need to satisfy your mosaic or artistic longing.

Who knows?It might be simple but full of delicious tesserae, woven amongst the thinset – telling a story or simply a beautiful mosaic scape.To children you will be absolutely inspiring and remarkable in every mosaic way. Let them help you and become tomorrow's artist today.I want children to know where their creative juices come from and for some it is mosaics.

Have a wonderful relationship with your own mosaics - you can only enjoy other's art and be pleased for their growth when you are happy in your own mosaic arena. So home grown mosaics or studio produced marvels are all part of the mosaic world.

Revel in your part of it. Creativity is important - so listen to what your hands and heart are telling you and get rid of any other noise in your head. Be proud of what you create - it's all a part of you.Now to clean up the studio - which is still attached to my garage!

Remember if you put your ‘art’s in the right place, everything falls into place. Expect the unexpected and explore you!

Saturday, August 21, 2010

Sandy goes Potty for Spring! Mosaic Over the Top Pots!

Spring into Mosaics!
Yesterday, whilst Mum, Dave and I were out casting our vote in the current election, we visited our closest Bunnings store.I bought 5 terracotta garden pot/planters to do samples for making mosaic pots, with some fabulous tiles we are adding to the mosaic shop very soon.I bought a gorgeous lavender plant and paper daisies and they are the inspiration for the mosaic designs on the pots.

When the current mosaic tables are off my workbench table (!) I will video and photograph the steps for my online workshops and for upcoming hands on workshops here.I hope to to start a new wave of mosaic pot madness as I thinkt the mosaic garden pots are awesome. I have some wall pots that will be included in our major wall design here at the STudio, start date Spring!So it will be fun, outrageous and bring back the mosaic pot to the status it deserves!I am going Potty for Spring.

I even have a goZunder to decorate with china blooms.

If you want to be part of Sandys Florist Mosaic Shop, stay tuned!Join CLUB mOz for the fact sheets coming!

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia