Monday, December 31, 2007

Well, it's 2008 DownUnder and it's great! Janis & Ron arrived armed with cheesecake (the best I have EVER tasted!) and the lobster mornay....our prawn cocktail, potato bake and salads etc were yummy and we watched dvd's and shared much laughter reminiscing the long span of our friendship. We watched the fireworks in the distance from our deck as the wind and rain blew steadily all around us.
The fireworks were televised over Sydney Harbour and they were spectactular (as always) - even though a lot of money went up in smoke, for once I didn't let my mind go there whilst we watched them and enjoyed them! The 4 of us counted our blessings and yelled out Happy New Year across the neighbourhood and did a little New Year's Eve dance. It made me think of all the parties we had attended over the years, dancing all night as the clocked ticked down and I hope someone gets my message over Times Square tonight (thanks for the link Rosemary!). I am trying not to think of today as just another day and reflecting on what 2007 meant to me and what potential 2008 holds for so many people....come what may, a good attitude always helps!
We are expecting another mosaic artist, her hubby and little boy today so I am off to rid the rooms of the remains of last night's paaartaaay.
Have a wonderful New Year Everyone.
Sandy Robertson

New Year - suddenly it's at our place! Talk about rush..... I have been cleaning and tidying all day...and it looks good. Nice feeling....I have set the table beautifully----- but love my new place mats! Gigantic brown floor tiles! The coasters are very elegent Italian floor tiles, curvy weird things I was given once for mosaics and the table setting looksfantastic! Then final trim....spinkled Orsoni gold smalti all over the tableand it looks lovely awating candlelight. I managed to get the deck looking great too, candles everywhere and big drum roll, cleaned the inside of the oven door (you have to be here....)! Janis is bringing lobster and I am making old fashioned prawn and avocado cocktails. We will watch the fireworks on our big wall thing and chatter; watch some dvd's and perhaps play something. Last year we had a great deck dancing party, but this year most of our friends are taking it low key. The "tile" coasters look great with the black and gold dinner set - sort of modern simplistic! Dave rolled his eyes at first (nothing unusual).....I polished up the crystal goblets and I am rather looking forward to the evening, which wasn't planned till this morning....also Janis is a world class cook! Say no more! LOL. I always send Dave on a mission in the garden to find SOMETHING for the table decor and I love what he comes up with....LOL.....I have lovely twisted black candles and it's fun to set the table up with a twist. So it is a simple night and it made me clean the floors, spruce the place up, so it will be a good start to New Year. Wed is back to work on the big seating mosaic project and I am relishing the thought. Hope you all have a wonderful evening, whether partying or just being with someone special and or course you know you are all special here in this group. So blow the whistles or bang some saucepans (that's what dad always did at midnight and yelled yabba dabba doo....memories.......memories....).So let's bring in the New Year with hope and good will and lots of mosaic fun.cheers Mosaic Diva!

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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