Thursday, August 7, 2008

Artist in Residence - Wilston State School

Hi! I have been absent for a while, due to a project - artist in residence at Wilston State School. Making mosaics with Grade 1A and 1B and Grade 6A and 6B.

The school art show is coming up in September, with opening night, The Red Dot Opening night. Visit the school website, under newsletter to read all about the opening night.

The students and I worked on a 20 x 20cm mosaic trivet or wall picture, for each studnet and a collaborative huge mosaic bowl per workshop. The 3 big platters are being auctioned at the opening night and every student put down some tesserae!

The grade one workshop theme was "in the garden" (such cute work) and Grade 6 (under the sea).

It was full on mosaic marathon, with 2-1/2 hours per class, with set up time! Tuesday next week is grouting all of them at the school....should be incredible.

Thanks to mum and Maureen for their assistance and to one my students, who has a son at the school...she came EVERY DAY and her son is in GRade 2 and not part of the program. Thanks!!!!!!!! Thanks to the Grade 1 mums who turned out in force and the dads! It's so good to see you working with your children and the other students.

The teachers could not have been more helpful and a huge thank you to GAVIN, who helped cart things around, opened the gates and was so courteous and smiled even when it was "us" again!!!!!

Thanks to Jenny who organised for OzMosaics to take part and to Fiona who rescheduled so many times to get all the artists organised.

I hope the show is fabulous and I can't wait for grouting day!

Now for some rest! I am looking forward to the opening night of the Olympic games tomorrow night - I have a full workshop here on SAturday, and a Mosaic ADDicts group meeting here Monday and MOnday night.

Thanks again
Sandy Robertson
Artist in REsidence, OzMosaics.
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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