Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Mosaic WEEK! September 2013

Looking forward to meeting my students for the Mosaic WEEK - a week of mosaic workshops at OzMosaic Studio.  It's fully booked with 7 eager students; we have four house guests staying for the week and I hope the weather is gorgeous during the workshop.

It will be great fun, lots of tips and tricks, busy, creative mosaic days.

Looking forward to feedback from the students next week with their mosaic designs and aspirations for the workshop.

Bring on Spring!
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist - Australia
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Back to the studio!

Proud parents of the groom!

At Lake Louise Canada!~

Glacier - Alaska


Glacier - Alaskan Cruise - Centenary Century

Relaxing on our verandah on the ship.

Beautiful cold water!

Dave and Sandy Robertson


Gorgeous ocean art
Dave and I have returned from our 3 week vacation.
Attended son's wedding in Winnipeg, Canada, spent a week in the Winnipeg Whitelake region, drove up to Lake Louise, explored Vancouver, spent a week on the Celebrity Century on an Alaskan cruise, a few days in Las Vegas, a day stopover in LA and then back home!

Arrived home with awful head cold which developed into a mean chest infection.
Almost over it, still on medication and just want to be better so I can run the mosaic workshops, which are almost booked out and our mosaic WEEK in September.

Lots of mosaic commission to complete by Christmas.
Mosaic Apartment needed the shower recess mosaic to be completed within 2 weeks.  Can't do this until I feel better.

Weather is gorgeous in Brisbane at the moment, but cooler and windier today, as usual we expect the Westerly winds this time of year for a couple of weeks.

Spring is coming!  I love summer, so lots to look forward to.
Hope everyone out there is busy doing something they enjoy!
Happy mosaics!
Sandy Robertson

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia