Saturday, October 11, 2008

Tribute to Banjo Paterson, Man from Snowy River Mosaic "high country"

Mosaic for a swap: Palm Grove Australia: Sandy made a modern piece of mosaic art with strips of glass and decorative thinset (cement based adhesive). Streaking the thinset and layering curved wine bottle glass and textured glass, white and grey cement captured the elements of the outback palm grove and paper bark trees, and ghost gums.

Sandy Robertson - "High Country" Italian Orsoni Smalti and Thinset combo. I love all Banjo Paterson poems particularly The Man from Snowy River and this mosaic was inspired by the High Country of Australia. The rocks depict the rough terrain, the white thinset is "snow" as it greets and showers and the rider pushes the horse forward, ploughing through ice and snow. I loved using the Orsoni Italian Smalti - the texture and colours are divine and you can buy the smalti from my studio shop or online mosaic shop!

It's sold by a small piece or a lovely chunk!

The rider's drysabone looks great in smalti chunks and the horse has great beauty and grace with the adamento! I truly enjoyed making this mosaic art.

Sandy Robertson - Angel of the Morning - Pique Assiette "Balladiva"
This beautiful fine porcelain paint was found in an antique shop in CAnberra, Act whilst we were visiting Mark in CAnberra. The exquisite pink roses are porcelain and I broken them down with a hammer and rebuilt them to give a "blown rose" effect in the mosaic. It's delicate and simply deceptive. The mirror arms and legs just fell from my Leponitt mosaic cutters. I glued the pieces down in the mosaic with white thinset (available from OzMosaics STudio shop). Of course I nipped some china cups for the ballerina's tutu. A piece of paua shell (also available in the shop) adds a delicate angel wing. I dedicate this mosaic to Popette (aka Maureen) as she loves it so much and encouraged me to complete it.

Maureen Randolph - Shattered Reflections

The above mosaics were made at Studio OzMosaics and entered in the MAANZ 2008 Sydney Open Exhibition October 2008.

Wallaman Falls Waterfall

Gibbo's Garden and mosaic of Wallaman Falls, Ingham North Queensland Australia.
Merv Wacker Memorial Park
Ingham Lions Park
Ingham State High School Community Mentoring
A beautiful park project! The fabulous waterfall that backs on to the QR Ingham railway station!
The new entry to the park!
What a fabulous new garden and landscaping!
Opening Day.
The team! I hope to catch up with you all soon! hugs Sandy!

Wow! Look at the installed mosaic at Ingham! The girls look great and so does the Wallaman Falls mosaic. I still can't believe we made the mosaic together at my mosaic studio for a workshop in 2 days and it flew home as extra luggage!

I adore the way the girls mosaiced the slate sides as I instructed them (an idea from my mosaic waterfall series at the studio) - it's fantastic! Imagine water running over this mural and tumbling to the rocks below. The whole park looks so beautiful, so Susan you and your community team are to be congratulated, I know the hard work involved in community art mosaic projects...I am so proud of you all!
Dave and I will have to travel to Ingham now to look at the park and the mosaic. The mosaic walk looks so good too! .... and the sign for the Park, "Gibbo's Garden" looks perfect on the new wall in the park.

The mosaic pavers must be so colourful. Tell the students I think they are very artistic and did an excellent job. I will never forget our weekend workshop of mosaic madness and the willingness of the three of you to throw yourself into mosaics, smashing wine bottles to make the water flow in mosaics, the mirror and the smalti...the cutting of the tiles and the excitement as we worked all night to complete the mosaic. The best thing is the friendships that are formed. Dave hurry up and get me to Ingham!

Australia Zoo Mural Tribute Panel Two

Panel #2 Australia Zoo Steve Irwin Tribute Mural

Donate to the Mural! If you wish to help sponsor the mural making materials, please visit this link: Donations for Mural Making/Materials

All donations go toward the cost of the substrates and materials for the bases of the mosaics and will be acknowledged on the website.

Panel no 2: Fandango! Featuring flamingoes, pelicans, doves, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, a swan and more! Mosaics Rule!
We are now starting on the 4 mural panels featuring Steve Irwin, a huge elephant, lots of little elephants, crocs, kangaroos, emus, giant camel, lots of wildlife creatures...... and Australia Wildflowers. stay tuned.
It's mosaics 24-7 to be sure!
Thanks to all the amazing team of helpers who have come often and happily to grout, make coffee and share the joy of this mosaic tribute for Australia Zoo.

To the hundreds of people who have made a mosaic for the mural and/or donated to help pay for the mural (it grew to such a big mural) thanks a million times over.

Stay tuned for lots of slide shows, as soon as I have time to put it all together.
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic artist/tutor\
mosaics to go!
workshops, materials, commissions and fun!
President MAANZ
Mosaic Assn of Australia & NZ

Saturday, September 20, 2008

Steve Irwin Mural Project - 2008 in progress

Make a donation towards the construction costs: Visit this link and follow to the paypal donation page! More details on how you can participate in this wonderful mosaic tribute to the great Steve Irwin and Australia Zoo.

The first panel is completed and curing for sealing.
The project team with to thank Laticrete Australia for sponsoring all the cement, grout, waterproof membrane, thinset, sealers and more. Truly magnificent and we are so grateful for all the support, advice and donation. Photos coming soon and a mural in progress report! We are so busy making the mural, we have to find time to upload photos!

Will be available in a day or so.
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist
Design Team
putting together mosaic mural - art from the heart.

Ipswich Awards of Excellence - OzMosaics - Mosaic Artist in Residence

Visit this link for an excellent write up and pictures of the recent Awards of Excellence night at Ipswich. The "Learning Seat - the Everybody chair" won the Gold Award and the overall Gold Award in it's Student Section.
Click on Student awards and scroll down for info on the mosaic seat and also click on the Overall Awards category for more photos.
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist, Mosaic teacher.
workshops, commissions, fine art, art in the community, supplies
Everything you need to mosaic!
Making mosaics today for the future!

Be in Brisbane for the MAANZ Symposium 2009 - visit and join the Mosaic Assn of Australia & NZ. Contact Sandy Robertson - President for information on the Symposium October 2009!

Wednesday, September 10, 2008

Mosaic Diva! Apron and all!

Karalee State School - congrats - Winners of the Gold Award at the Ipswich City Council Awards of Excellence evening recently....Incredible and well deserved!

Australia Zoo Mural Tribute to Steve Irwin has begun!

Lots of things happening, check out the website, will catch up soon, enjoy Spring!
Brisbane Symposium MAANZ 2009! Be there!
Sandy Robertson
President MAANZ
Mosaic Artist/Teacher
shop,commissions, workshops, fine art, supplies
mosaic tile, Italian Orsoni Smalti Distributor, all mosaic products.

Thursday, August 7, 2008

Artist in Residence - Wilston State School

Hi! I have been absent for a while, due to a project - artist in residence at Wilston State School. Making mosaics with Grade 1A and 1B and Grade 6A and 6B.

The school art show is coming up in September, with opening night, The Red Dot Opening night. Visit the school website, under newsletter to read all about the opening night.

The students and I worked on a 20 x 20cm mosaic trivet or wall picture, for each studnet and a collaborative huge mosaic bowl per workshop. The 3 big platters are being auctioned at the opening night and every student put down some tesserae!

The grade one workshop theme was "in the garden" (such cute work) and Grade 6 (under the sea).

It was full on mosaic marathon, with 2-1/2 hours per class, with set up time! Tuesday next week is grouting all of them at the school....should be incredible.

Thanks to mum and Maureen for their assistance and to one my students, who has a son at the school...she came EVERY DAY and her son is in GRade 2 and not part of the program. Thanks!!!!!!!! Thanks to the Grade 1 mums who turned out in force and the dads! It's so good to see you working with your children and the other students.

The teachers could not have been more helpful and a huge thank you to GAVIN, who helped cart things around, opened the gates and was so courteous and smiled even when it was "us" again!!!!!

Thanks to Jenny who organised for OzMosaics to take part and to Fiona who rescheduled so many times to get all the artists organised.

I hope the show is fabulous and I can't wait for grouting day!

Now for some rest! I am looking forward to the opening night of the Olympic games tomorrow night - I have a full workshop here on SAturday, and a Mosaic ADDicts group meeting here Monday and MOnday night.

Thanks again
Sandy Robertson
Artist in REsidence, OzMosaics.
workshops/supplies/inspiration/mosaics outside of the square
Kids @ 'art Mosaic Club (c)

Friday, July 18, 2008

Mosaic Addicts Group 24-7

Hi everyone!
Join this group Mosaic Addicts Group 24-7 - I set it up for mosaic enthusiastics, beginner to advanced/professional to enjoy networking. It's great to share photos, blogs, links, etc etc and very friendly.

It's been a busy time. Visit the Eumundi markets in the Market Square. OzMosaics now have a shop there and have stock and mosaic art for sale. Rachel is OzMosaics Agent/Rep and runs the store, Wed, Sat and Sunday, 7am to 1pm. We have stocked it with vitreous mosaic tile, mosaic gifts, fine art and it's beautiful. Foxleigh Gallery, 2 minutes away is stacked with fabulous art. Make an appointment. Visit Ozmosaics website and check out the link to the details and small video clip.

We made some great cheeseboards, goZunda's and more! Under the OzMosaics Art Umbrella, we will grow a wonderful stable of mosaic artists. Gifts, souvenirs and more! It's all happening.

Workshops here at the studio tomorrow and then more work on the dvd next week, finally. Things are in the planning for a few large commissions and it is so busy. Artist in REsidence at Wilston State Primary School in a couple of weeks.

There is still room to book into the Sept Mosaic Marathon week here at the studio. On the plans for the week of mosaic making, is lots of building up of 3-D bases and thinset. Check out OzMosaics website for more info or email Dave.

Must run, hope to see you on the new group!
Sandy Robertson
Studio OzMosaics
art, supplies, inspiration....
Be creative!

Wednesday, July 16, 2008

News! Eumundi Markets - OzMosaics

Visit the Eumundi markets in the Market Square and chat to Rachel, Sandy's OzMosaics art agent! Lots of beautiful Lebanese mosaic art is on display and for sale but the big news is that Workshops will be available by Sandy in Eumundi in September!

OzMosaics has invited artists to put work in the OzMosaics shop at Eumundi (open Wed, Sat and Sundays) and soon the shop will be brimming with original mosaic art made by Sandy's students and other mosaic artists! Plus, materials, supplies and tiles!

More soon,
email sandy if you would like any more info!
Fabulous gift range will be available - this weekend mOZboards for special occasions and art from Gail Spendelove!

See you there!

Wednesday, July 9, 2008

"pb" Mosaic Mirror made by Sandy & Maureen

Maureen and I made a mosaic mirror adorned with a coated lady, for a gift for a 21st birthday.

Check it out at my smugmug gallery "mosaic mirror". It took all evening and into the small hours of the morning but it was worth the effort. Much time weas taken trying to wrap the cream coat made out of a fluted vase ...the boots were out of my stash room.

Anyway, we loved it!



Tuesday, July 8, 2008

Koala Conventions! 2009 Mosaic Workshops with Sandy Robertson!

Visit OzMosaics website link in the Events Dept to read all about what's coming up at Koala
Conventions in 2009! If you would like a break away from the norm and attend some great mosaic workshops in Brisbane July 2009, this is for you!

Mix it up with some courses in embroidery, beading and other arty crafty workshops with international tutors and enjoy Brisbane, Queensland Australia.

I hope to see you there!
Cheers Sandy Robertson
Mosaic artist/tutor
Everything you need for mosaics under the one Queenslander roof!
Studio/workshops/supplies, inpsiration
Commissions, gifts, come visit OzMosaics studio, by appointment!
We now have Paua shell in stock and it looks great mixed with Italian Venetian Smalti!

Mirror Mosaic - the perfect pieces

OzMosaics always encourages students to add mirror to mosaics whenever they can and Sandy has lots of tips and tricks on how to make it "different" to the norm. Mirror Curtains (3-d) for a start! The tools are important for different effects and the back-scratching is amazing too.

Here is a video link to show some fabulous mirror in a mosaic,which was shared by a member on the mosaic addicts group, it's really interesting and the cars look great reflecting in the mirror...I always add mirror to public projects, but you should get approval as it can be a safety concern in some instances, re reflecting train signals, too much sunlight, distracting traffic etc. ..... Anyway here is the link that was shared on the mosaic addicts group: Enjoy!
cheers Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Mirror Magic!

Sandy Robertson now has new workshops uploaded!

It's been busier than ever the past few weeks! Since completing the Karalee State Primary School Mosaic Learning Seat, attending the opening day (fabulous!) I have been to Canberra, been out caravanning for a few days at Caboolture and then non-stop workshops at OzMosaics studio!

Wow, last weekend was wonderful - 5 ladies making mosaic murals over two days and the results were breathtaking. I never tired of the collective "sigh" as they cut their first cup and make beautiful mosaic flower blooms, or daisies and gerberas out of saucer edges!

The uplift is so perfect and this time we added a gorgeous window setting, with a striped wallpaper at the back and vases of flowers of course! The mirror curtains were simply waiting to be scored and cut out of mirror panes and the women certainly did a great job using the thinset, of various shades.

Thank you so much for a jam-packed, happy weekend at my studio.

On the website of OzMosaics, there is now an online enrolment/information form for easy communication with us! Try it out! I certainly learnt a lot with google forms and google docs!

I am now the President of MAANZ (Mosaic Assn of Australia & New Zealand) and have a great team of people around Australia and NZ on the State Committees. A Mosaic Symposium is planned for October 2009 and info will be available soon on the MAANZ website. Join MAANZ and become a life-member for $115.00! Hurry up and you can join in mosaic functions, mosaic exhibitions, read the on-line newsletters and join the mosaic MAANZ community.....all coming soon!

The Australia Zoo mosaic mural is under way re the design, I am working on it at the moment and will send it to Australia Zoo when I am happy with it, for their perusal. Once this is done, it's a case of fabricating it in the Studio. This should be an amazing piece of art!

Last night, I was guest speaker at the Brisbane Girls Grammar School, as Koala Conventions has a workshop there for 10 days and next year I will be running workshops in July (2009). Maureen and I had fun to a very "off the cuff" presentation and raised a few more dollars for Starlight kids Grant a Wish.

As usual, my 3-D picture of a vase of mosaic flowers, captured everyone's imagination.

I will be updating this blog more regularly now so please drop by soon!

Sandy Robertson
OzMosaics Mosaic Studio
Brisbane Queensland Australia
Everything you need under the one roof! Queenslander style!
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Thursday, June 19, 2008

The Learning Seat aka "the everybody chair" Mosaic Art

Hi from Sandy!
Visit this link for view a slideshow on the making of the mosaic seat at Karalee. It's finally completed and it's incredible. An amazing mix of Gaudi inspired mosaics, Aboriginal art design, traditional and whimsical mosaic tesserae, methods - but mainly the fun making the mosaic, the lessons learned by all and the frienship is what I will remember.

The opening of the Community Hall is this Saturday and we will be there with "bells on!". It's so exciting and no photos do justice to the wonderful art produced by the students. I am so proud to be the artist in residence on this massive project, aided by mosaic addict volunteers, parents, teachers and Jannette Evans, a very talented Aboriginal Artist. The project was a wonderful collaboration and David Robertson, (my husband), Shirley Hinkley (my mosaicking mum), Maureen Randolph (aka the Popette) and Polly from the Trolley (aka Shirley Whitton) and many others put many long hours behind the scenes at my OzMosaics Mosaic Studio and helped keep me on track.

Cheryl Charlton, the deputy head at Karalee State Primary School, is an amazing person and I can't say enough about her enthusiasm for the arts, the school and all things mosaic. Thank you so much Cheryl for inviting me to be part of this huge adventure. The teachers were all so helpful, the staff were simply perfect and of course, the students have touched my heart forever. Thanks students for all the laughs, the friendship and making me think outside the square constantly. I hope most of you take the skills and the memories into your future lives and remember the people who introduced you to smashing and breaking, nipping and tiling and most of all enjoying mosaic art.

I cannot wait till Saturday, two more sleeps!
Cheers and wonderful work everyone!
Sandy Robertson
Studio OzMosaics
Brisbane, Queensland, Australia
Learn to mosaic
Mosaic supplies and shop
and more!

Sunday, June 15, 2008

Mosaic Artist visits Canberra

I am currently visiting Canberra, ACT for a few days R & R. Visiting the War Memorial, Parliament House, ARt Galleries, Museum, and lots of markets and funky whatnot shops. Enjoying the place but not the cold weather and wind. Went to the football yesterday to be miserable and watch the Broncos lose to the Raiders. Bad.

However, Broncos were not full strength team after SOO - so not a bad effort actually.

Bought a wonderful old artist easel yesterday, over 75 years old (at least) and I love it. Wish I knew it's history will do some research when I get back to OzMosaics.

Found some beautiful mosaics in Canberra to share photos soon.
Off to visit more fabulous places today - back home soon. Miss the cat and the fish.
and big waves to Shirley, Popette, Polly and my mosaic mates.

Wednesday, June 11, 2008

Karalee Mosaic Chair Project - 11 June 2008
Please visit the link above and click on Karalee Seat gallery - Learning Seat. There are lots of fabulous photos in a slide show to view of the chair progress. The painting started today by an indigenous artist and it looks great.

The mosaics on the chair are completed, cleaned and sealed and once the paintwork is done to surround the mosaics all is well! The opening of the Community Hall at Karalee State Primary school, Karalee, Ipswich Queensland is on SAt 20 June 2008 2pm with a Fete. If you are able, please visit and have fun, chat and view the chair and the wonderful huge community hall.

Congratulations to all who have been involved. Karalee is a lovely school and students, teachers and community should be so proud of their achievements and their school. Thanks to the faculty who went out of their way to make us so welcome during the artist in residence program and the installation of the mosaics.

We will miss you very much but can't wait for the opening.
Cheryl you are an amazing lady!
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Arist/teacher OzMosaics Studio, Brisbane Qld Australia.
shop for everything you need to make mosaics at OzMosaics studio shop by appointment.
workshops/classes and commissions.

Monday, June 9, 2008

Mosaic Artist Sandy Robertson - Mosaic Chair Project - Karalee Australia

Almost finished the seating chair project! Here are some pics of the mosaic chair before final cleaning and scrubbing, applying some more beads and fill, more tiles around the tree skirt....then comes the sealer and afterwards all non-mosaic covered areas will be painted!

This chair was dubbed the "everybody chair" as just about everybody in the school has put down a piece of tile or tesserae. The project was a wonderful collaboration - mosaic artist, cement man who built the fantastic chair, landscape architect, indigenous artist, teachers, faculty, family and the STUDENTS, plus community helpers and mosaic addicts and a special thanks to Dave, Shirley, Shirley, Popette, Brenda, Jan, , Cheryl and so many others!

We will be back at school, unless it's raining cats and dogs, which it is now (!)...I have to go to hairdressers at 6am! ....and then to school to finish the project. The opening is Saturday week and before then I have a trip to Canberra as well! So much to do, so little time! We will take a video tomorrow as it's impossible for me to photograph the chair in one go, it's so big and so many curves and corners. Oh dear, the paperwork is piling up but it will have to wait until next week!

ps - here are a few pics of waterfall mosaic made at a workshop recently for a park project at Ingham NQ.

Now for some sleep!
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist, Mosaic teacher
Mosaic Workshops, mosaic shop, mosaic addicts group....
Brisbane Queensland Australia

Mosaic your 'art out!

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
Beware - mosaic art is addictive! Workshops Australia