Saturday, October 11, 2008

Australia Zoo Mural Tribute Panel Two

Panel #2 Australia Zoo Steve Irwin Tribute Mural

Donate to the Mural! If you wish to help sponsor the mural making materials, please visit this link: Donations for Mural Making/Materials

All donations go toward the cost of the substrates and materials for the bases of the mosaics and will be acknowledged on the website.

Panel no 2: Fandango! Featuring flamingoes, pelicans, doves, butterflies, flowers, dragonflies, a swan and more! Mosaics Rule!
We are now starting on the 4 mural panels featuring Steve Irwin, a huge elephant, lots of little elephants, crocs, kangaroos, emus, giant camel, lots of wildlife creatures...... and Australia Wildflowers. stay tuned.
It's mosaics 24-7 to be sure!
Thanks to all the amazing team of helpers who have come often and happily to grout, make coffee and share the joy of this mosaic tribute for Australia Zoo.

To the hundreds of people who have made a mosaic for the mural and/or donated to help pay for the mural (it grew to such a big mural) thanks a million times over.

Stay tuned for lots of slide shows, as soon as I have time to put it all together.
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic artist/tutor\
mosaics to go!
workshops, materials, commissions and fun!
President MAANZ
Mosaic Assn of Australia & NZ

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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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