Wednesday, April 28, 2010

Direct and Mosaic Mesh Mosaic Method on Sandy's Great Wall

Mosaic Overload!

Sandy is starting a never-ending mosaic! The wizard of mOz is putting the mosaics on her huge property wall (think Yellow Brick Wall!) and all students will be able to put pieces on the wall during their workshops and soon in the new MOSAIC ADDICTS SMARTA meetups!
(I will work every morning that I can cope with out on the footpath and I can't wait!) I will upload pics to website as it starts happening!

Keep checking the OzMosaics mosaic website or sign up on the mailing list! It's about to happen.

All CLUB mOz Shoppers - a $20 gift voucher is coming your way on your next order over $100! Great for Mother's Day!

Look out for it in your shop account!

Must run, working on the face!
Everything for mosaics!
commissions, workshops, materials and Inspiration! Great customer service and Sandy has hundreds of tips and tricks coming soon to mosaicSMARTA~!

Smalti Workshops

We are planning new workshops and will be including one for textured mosaics (under glass) and smalti (faces).

Put your name on the mailing list for advance notice of workshops coming soon.
Would you like to know what adhesive Sandy uses for mesh mosaics? How to get more mileage or kms out of your smalti! It's all in the cuts!
Workshop coming soon at Studio OzMosaics and also at MosaicSMARTA online! Won't be long now!

Thursday, April 8, 2010

Busy making mosaics!

How time flies by! The mosaic exhibition has been in full swing at Bribie Arts Centre. We had a workshop re the design and planning of a mosaic mural.

This weekend I have a full mosaic workshop and today I did the design and quote for a mosaic table for a client. I have lots of quotes to do next week and a sample of a mosaic portrait for a church commission pending, so it's busier than ever. Add to that a community art mural and park mural it's mosaics full blast.

I am working on new workshops to add to OzMosaics mosaic school classes and can't wait to release the topics and the dates in May. We will resume Mosaic Addict Days in May and will send a newsletter out to anyone on our mailing list. Join it on the site, if you wish to receive the upcoming newsletter by email.

OzMosaics SMARTAmosaics on line is coming. Working very, very had on this, compiling "tons of info" on line. It's very exciting.

The weather is turning cooler and I have bought bright pink and red tights to brighten up my workshop days in winter at the studio. Looks funny but I find colour inspires me as I work, so why not on my legs too! Plus anything pink seems to send off good vibes in the mosaic world.

Thanks to all those who email me everyday and share such fun things on Facebook. Our facebook pages will be merged with SMARTAmosaics in the near future, keeping everything accessible to my students. We will also incorporate Twitter (I have made my own Twitter logo, coming soon, for a bit of mosaic fun and games).

So much mosaic stuff to share and make - it's for life! A quick good wish and hug to the wonderful Polly from the Trolley, who is spending many days by her daughter's side in hospital. Tons of healing pink light is always being sent your way.

Popette advises that being a NANA for the first time is very busy and very wonderful. She has been away from mosaics for a little while, but once little Lili is throught the first baby stages, we will get Popette back in the studio and teach Lili how to mosaic!

Feel very welcome to join the mosaic addicts yahoo group to share some great mosaic discussions and friendship. So sign up for OzMosaics newsletter.

To all members of CLUB mOz and my students, you are in for some big surprises soon. I am a bit late due to exhibitions and family stuff that sometimes gets in the mosaic way! But it's better for the delay as new programs have been sourced to accommodate my mosaic online demands, which means good stuff for us all! Stay tuned.

I still have about 5 mosaic shoes to complete for members in MAG who made shoes but did not receive one - which is dreadful, I should have done them last year - but what a thrill when they arrive! It's been driving me crazy not sending these MAG members their mosaic shoe which they missed out on the the MAG shoe swap a couple of years ago -

Believe me they are on the workbench and ready for completion. It's my way of saying sorry that your mosaic swap partners did not follow through - these things happen in all groups and swaps and we have learnt from this, that there are better ways to run a mosaic SWAP, so that is a good thing too. Better to try than never do anything! So I need a good mosaic boot on my behind LOL to get them finished. The years seem a whirlwind of mosaics and why do things crop up unexpectedly? Such is life.

Hope all readers of this blog are well and happy or if not, have good supportive friends and family to get you through.

hugs and happy mosaic making,
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic artist / instructor
We teach you to mosaic, you create!~
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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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