Saturday, September 18, 2010

Anthony Horderns - an amazing part of Australian History

Proud to be a descendent of Anthony Horderns!  One of my sons, Mark, gave me a gift of an old Anthony Hordern's travelling metal trunk!  It's so wonderful.  I also have two Anthony Hordern's store Brass Bells! A large and small one and I treasure them.

I am adding all the links I can find online to Anthony Horderns.

The Anthony Horderns Building - beautiful!

Hordern Dynasty:

If you find one please email me or if you have a story to share please do!

fixing the hole!


photo albums horderns

story of stuck in a Hordern lift:

horderns - serving history:


marble and mosaics

His eldest son, Anthony, was born on 24 July 1842:
 (I have the same birthday date and month and I am a descendent in the family tree!) 24-7-1954!

The Hordern Pavilion:
Anthony Hordern
Hordern building:
Hordern architecture:,_1890-1960/anthony_hordern__and__sons

Wonderful story from Ian:

Hordern gallery:



anthony horderns marble mosaic at entry to horderns store:  mosaic logo Anthony Horderns store Australia

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