Saturday, September 11, 2010

Soon we will be on EBAY!

Left over tile lots, special finds, bargain box and just for the fun of it!  You will love OzMosaics on Ebay!
We will let you know when the auctions are on!  Keep an eye out!

You will love the tile mixes of unusual tiles Sandy has sorted for you to fight over!
We have a fabulous range of Moroccan tiles and the blends we will auction in glass tiles are matched so you will have the perfect pile of tiles for a mosaic pot, mirror, birdbath or whatever takes your fancy!

So keep tuned, sign up for our newsletter and keep in touch on FaceBook, the mosaic community ARENA and Twitter.

Nothing like the fun of an auction!
As soon as the smalti and the new Supremo range is in the webshop the quirky times begin!

The big wall will start soon, the weather has warmed up and Sandy has finally decided on what will adorn the biggest mosaic wall in Brisbane - and it's a fabulous feeling to know I have complete control over it - it's my own wall!

It will be there for a long time so it's got to be great! Great it will be! 

I am so excited, I hug myself with glee.  Everyone can help but there is a very clever theme and for my mosaic mates, I might be able to help them sell their art off the wall!

There is so much going on here and something so special I can't tell you about it, but it's rather incredible.
Very incredible and you will be the first to know, sign up for the newsletter.  The green eyes on the left are my precious pussy cat's eyes, the famous mosaicking cat, called Shaq!  He is nearly 18 years old and is the most amazing cat in the mosaic world.

That glue I have been telling you I have tested and am delighted with, the new way I apply glue, and lots of things will be available soon in CLUB mOz and mosaic SMARTA!   Stick with me, everyone in CLUB mOz will get a huge time extension and will be so pleased they are in CLUB mOz!

I have a program to implement so that some sections are private and are resources only for mosaic SMARTA!  More about this  very soon.

If you want to see that tip, stick your nose on the screen and have an "ahh haaa" moment, that's what you will get - long distance learning - aka online learning.

The future looks bright for mosaics, always has been and it keeps evolving.  Go with the flow, who knows where it might lead you.  As long as it leads to a happy place it's all good!

If you need help with a design, join the ARENA, I have a new tool that I can edit your photos, if you need help with your colours or design!  Yes, I can edit your work online to perhaps help you advance on a project.

It's fun, informative and together we grow!

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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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