Tuesday, February 26, 2008

More mosaics arrive Down Under to OzMosaics!

It's so exciting, we are receiving big boxes and small boxes all containing beautiful mosaic creatures on fibreglass mesh for the Steve Irwin mosaic mural. Today we received 5 parcels! Yesterday 2 and others are dropped in.

Maureen and Shirley are coming tomorrow to assist me in opening them, recording info and taking photographs of all the mosaics received to date, to send another update to Terri Irwin this week; a cd of photos and a small video.

We will share the photoshoot when it's completed - we will need lots of vegemite and chocolate to keep our strength up and also to not get too emotional...it's hard not to when you see the love, time, energy, compassion and the cost people have gone to - to get the mosaics to the studio doorstep!

We bought another Queen size bed today for the Diva Suite Room 2! This weekend we have a workshop coming up making mosaic murals and 2 ladies are staying over so we decided to do up another area - lots to do to get it ready but it should be fun and now I will have another area to display mosaic art on the walls.

I have been editing the dvd today with Polly and it was a good thing to do whilst it was raining gently outside. We will get back to work on the school chair mural next week. I had to take a small break from it for workshops and other mosaic "stuff".

Must get an early night tonight and then I can start very early in the morning.
Happy smashing!
Sandy Robertson
OzMosaics Mosaic Addict Diva.

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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics

mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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