Saturday, November 3, 2007

Art Show - Weller's Hill State School - Brisbane

Jumped out of bed at 5am and packed the car and trailer (with himself helping of course); collected mosaicking mum and headed off for the school art show.

We took the mosaic dunny and so many people tossed money in the dunny to raise money this time for the Qld Life Savers Assn. Thank you everyone at the school today! We had so much fun! We had a mural being made on fibreglass mesh for the Steve Irwin mural tribute and we completed "Dundee" - a big croc in record time.......named by the kids.

There was some beautiful art on display and I was so pleased to see the young children working on art projects all day and their parents so involved. Well done to the organising committee!

So many people loved Steve and it was so evident from the enthusiasm and the pride going into this mural. People tell me stories all the time and I am always so emotional at these times.

I bought lots of fudge in the name of OxFam and I hope the students raised enough to buy a goat for a community! They certainly deserved it with their zest for this wonderful campaign today!

I took some incredible mosaic art made by Grace from USA and people were gobsmacked by the quality of these beautiful, muted mosaics....polar bear, lemurs, skunks, penguins and more! Lizards and modern mosaics and particularly the Mosaic Bug mosaic.

Many were excited to see the moZcatcha and many tips and tricks and want the DVD, which is ready soon, for beginners and enthusiasts who have a sense of humour. I think I swallowed a tile shard today so please make sure you use the mozCova when working. I had the most fabulous flat white coffee and a bit of tile fell in and I didn't mean to drink it all but did and well, I seem ok and I ate lots of pasta tonight....told Polly from the Trolley on the phone and she kept's a bit weird knowing you may have swallowed some tile...It's dangerous and I am only telling you, no matter how desperate you are for a DECENT fabulous cup of coffee go and buy another one if you drop a tile in it. I am not sure now, but it's a good lesson.....cover your drinks and food!!!! I teach this all the time, but first time I was slack!

Also to all Steve Irwin knockers, get a life! Steve lived his to the full and kids certainly are a good judge of character and they loved him......I enjoy listening to their stories of visits to Australia Zoo and how much they loved Steve and his family and the creatures.

We took wonderful mosaics made in USA by Nancy - polar bear, lemurs, fairy penguins, skunks and more. If you would like to take part in the mural making please email Sandy.

It was a gorgeous day today. Thanks mum for your wonderful assistance and of course your mosaicking skills. Much appreciated.

Tomorrow I am writing about the Steve Irwin Mural to date on the website and I hope everyone will enjoy the story and the photo galleries. Please let me know your comments when it's uploaded by Monday, all being well this no interruptions.

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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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