Friday, November 23, 2007

Pollys pets!

Hello….Polly here, (Polly from the Trolley!)

Just a little wildlife report. The pythons and blue tongues have returned to the front bedroom temporarily, as downstairs was recently fumigated. Our own Dr. Harry Cooper hosted a segment on “Better Homes and Gardens” recently, recommending reptiles as pets. The bearded dragon will bond with his or her human parent and is easy to care for, so it’s especially recommended.

Sassafras, the little Darwin python, has been returned to Christophero’s care for a while….he was refusing to eat. He’s the one who’s feisty and probably will remain so. He was given to a lady who fosters injured wildlife and will be returned to her when he is enjoying his dinners again. This may happen quite soon because last night he tucked in. I think he’s now too big for a trip to church in her handbag.

Our gorgeous Pudding, the Coastal python, visited his herpetologist recently and C had to treat a sore mouth. He’s never cranky and accepted being held just below his head and having his ointment applied after being bathed. Recently, I noticed C leaning over his tank and heard a light crackling noise. C was holding on to Pudding as he slithered out of his skin. It came off in one very long piece. It’s an amazing process, and I wish I had the cleverness to slip out of mine to reveal a beeeeeutiful me underneath. Pudding looked amazing. Annie’s shed too.

Still on the subject of Pudding, Christophero summoned me last night to peer into the enclosure saying it was “hilarious”. Pudding, in his smaller days, used to sleep in an empty Banrock Station carton…there’s always a supply on hand here. Pudding now sleeps in a much larger box, but C placed a Banrock box in the enclosure to stabilize the water bowl. At first I couldn't see the darling and thought he’d somehow escaped, but C was laughing and I knew P was still in there. Have a look at the picture. Not only is Pudding rather large, but he’d just eaten a thawed chicken which made him bulge. What a contortionist. His mouth has healed and he must have really appreciated his dinner.

I checked on him this morning and the box was beginning to split. I’ve just had another look and his head and about one foot of his body are on top of the box. Remember to keep up your supply of Banrock because you’ll be donating to save wildlife. Have a red tipple-time each evening and think of Pudding.

The other pythons are well, as are the blueys. They love strawberries and mealworms. Their meals are always well presented (C did spend time in the hospitality industry). An offering this week comprised a helping of cat food topped with green peas. It would have made a great glossy in one of Margaret Fulton’s recipe books.

I hope everyone is enjoying Thanksgiving with all the trimmings. It seems appropriate that our python kids just ate and are probably saying “thank you” too.

That’s all for now…..Polly out.

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