Friday, November 23, 2007

Latest in headgear - Lizards Alive!

This photo and text courtesy of Vicki USA!
Hey Sandy,

just thought I would share an addition to the reptile folder with Polly's snakes if you'd like LOL

This is last weekend in our kitchen. Flash in on daughter #1's head. I've got a great photo of him tangled in daughter #2's hair, but the Mac computer is holding it hostage at the moment.
Dear Vickie, I love lizards and have lots of geckos who are really into iced vovos and "stuff". I love them. WE have bluetongues (love them as long as they don't run over my feet) and bearded dragons are in the front garden wilderness. I am going to put a Frilled Neck Lizard in the school mural and a gigantic Dreamtime Serpent.
Polly, I dont' think I will ever have one of your big boys wrapped around me....eeek!!!!!!
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