Sunday, October 28, 2007

Finished the kitchen

Talk about a mosaic marathon! Dave and I tiled my sons' kitchen over the weekend, I reckon 31 hours of full on tiling! So difficult! Had to render the old walls, sand everything, level and work in awkward areas and not ruin new appliances and new floor and I am such a messer!

Sneaked in a bit of mosaics - a simple black and white diamond border...hope the kids like it.
The black and white kitchen looks great. Will put some pics soon.
Hope to work on website for 3 days, then to Karalee and then Son No1 is coming home for a week! Yipeeeee! I really miss him.

No to remove a ton of white thinset from my body. I sure haven't got tuck-shop arms! I think I stretched my arms this weekend. I am going to have some great aches and pains tomorrow I am sure!
It's raining in Brisbane! Wow...YabaaDabbadoo! I love the rain on our metal roof.

Whilst I did the mosaics today, I started planning the Steve Irwin mural in my head. I can't wait to start it - once we have visited Oz Zoo in the next month and work out final plans we are on a roll, from Feb 2008. If you would like to take part and make a piece of mosaic on mesh for the mural contact OzMosaics please. Pieces are being accepted until end Jan 2008.

Kettles just boiled, a quick cuppa, and off to bed.

ps We had a studio visit yesterday by a lovely lady and her husband. She brought along a mosaic she was nervous to grout - I sorted her out - she left with Leps, mesh, thinset, weldbond, my class CD notes (my gift to her) and her grouting woes sorted out! I so enjoyed meeting these people and having a cuppa before we left to do the mosaic marathon. Her husband was so proud of her mosaic art and very supportive. He gave me some hints on Project Management! The joy of mosaics is the people you meet whilst you are making them....

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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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