Sunday, February 10, 2008

Grout and grout

What a busy day. Mum and I grouted the final panel for the big chair and the mosaic looks beautiful. The mosaic sunflower and Indigenous mosaics by the students looks really colourful and very Gaudi! LOL! Fantastic mix of colours and mosaic vitreous tile mixed with ceramic tile and china. The white china flowers really stand out in the black grout.

We sorted out thousands of mosaic photos and enjoyed a lovely dinner by Dave. Tomorrow, I will set up the workshop, seal the latest floral mosaic tabletop and top of the benchtop in the hutch. The mini tile mosaic by Polly (Shirley) will really shine with the sealer.

I will seal the slate floors, move the mosaic dunny to the pool area and wash all the windows. I have to write all the new fact sheets on my new laptop; this will get me familiar with the new computer. I haven't had much time to explore the new computer and it looks great but I hate flat keyboards.

I have a laser pointer for the new workshop set up and I am looking forward to trying it out. Very handy to point to things in the studio when teaching. Weird and wonderful.

I broke down and enjoyed some very nice Lindt chocolate and every bite was delicious. I don't think I can live without chocolate which is a really sad confession.

Popette if you read this I am sending pink light to your little puppy...hope he is feeling better tonight.

I have found a fabulous new liquid soap that seems to wash grout off very well. It's a non-soap and it's base is aloe vera, very interesting. Oh well, off to bed to dream on the layout for the fish mosaics on the big chair and the entwining mosaic snakes.

I am looking forward to a busy day getting preparations done. We bought the backerboard for the school mosaic sign today from Bunnings and drew up the cut out and worked out the installation points. I will extend the mosaic sign area this week. Hopefully get down to Karalee School Wednesday week for more installation.

Hope everyone had a great weekend.
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist & Mosaic Teacher, Brisbane, Queensland Australia.
workshops, mosaic tools and supplies and of course Tim Tams!
keep on tiling!

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