Saturday, February 9, 2008

Clean Up! Mosaic workarea

It's been a busy two weeks cleaning the mosaic workroom, studio and shop but it's looking good! Still a few days to go and in between we have finished the last panel for the back of the Karalee mosaic seat and will complete the mosaic sign today for the wall of the community building.

Mum is here today helping plan out the mosaic fish and river mural for the inside of seating arena. We will also piece together lots of the grids the school students made out of the mini mosaic tiles, into a large inside snake or two; the patterns in larger 2cm grid tile theme look great too.

Dave installed the other curtains and we will resurface the studio floor with the slate sealer to bring it up nice and shiny again. We still have to move tons of tiles and sort out down the side of the house, but that will have to wait a couple of days.

It looks a nice day today and we will have a swim in between grouting. I have tons of mosaic pictures and patterns to sort before 10 am today and file. I am writing all new fact sheets for my students workshop this Thursday and am making samples of mosaic shoes for the website and yahoo mosaic addicts group and these should be up soon.

Some great ideas around brainstorming coffee and tea breaks here!

Next week will be spent on the website content and shop uploads. We will be issuing clubDIVA membership numbers soon to customers and students with special offers and the MosaicE-MAG will have it's first issue. The dvd is being fine tuned more and Polly is coming over to check it with me. The new fact sheets match the beginner dvd+. It's taken a long time but it's been a very, very busy time over the last few years. Other ideas are coming to fruition too and the main thing is to be happy and enjoy each day, come what may.

You may know about the upcoming movie Kick the Bucket or something like that, with Jack Nicholson & Morgan Freeman (can't wait to see it!) - it's really good food for thought...if you k new you had 6 months to live, what would you do? Would you write a "before you kick the bucket list" of things to do.

I have been dwelling on this a lot and it's interesting where your thoughts lead you.

Anyway, it makes you think more and value your time more.

Think about it......
Make mosaics that matter to you! Put your 'art and soul into mosaics that speak to you and not to everyone other words make mosaics for yourself when you can to express what you want...whether it be a pot plant or a huge commission, when it all boils down, don't waste your time trying to impress others if your 'art is not in it....

Off to sort out and make room for grouting and thank God for this beautiful day.
hugs to all
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist and Mosaic Teacher
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OzMosaics - Brisbane Queensland Australia
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