Tuesday, February 5, 2008

Well, it's now February 2008 and I still haven't removed the Christmas tree from the home page! LOL! Will do so this weekend, when I work out where to store it......

I am busy sorting out my workshop area for the mosaic workshops and classes coming up and there is nothing like a complete tidy up of the garage, storeroom, laundry, shop, work area, tea area etc to get things moving. What I thought would take 3 days has taken nearly 10 days but it's a good feeling.

Some mosaic mates and mosaicking mum are coming today to help me start more mosaics for the Karalee chair project and that's good! Enlarging the sign, starting the river and fish area and making one last panel for the back of the chair.

Dave is putting up the projector and relocating the computer so it will be wonderful and I have rearranged the mosaic workshop to allow more wip area for mosaic murals.

It's sunny today, but been raining for the last few days, which has been great.

I fell over a box in the studio last night (wearing my new crocs, I slipped on a pearl bead!) and have a sore hand, knee other other spots so am a bit stiff but not too bad considering. Silly accident, but it's making me take more care.

So much to do, so better run and get ready for the day. The mosaic addicts group is having a shoe swap and it's going to be fun. I have a pile of shoes to rigidwrap or do in my own manner and the mosaic addicts here will join me for a day to cover all the shoe and their shoes in the next couple of weeks. We are going to record it all on my new video camera for fun. We might rigidwrap and few other interesting things while we are at it!

Lot more pieces arriving for the Steve Irwin mural and I have written to Oz Zoo and will organise a day to meet to discuss the location now we have most of the mosaics on mesh in the studio. It will be a busy year making this mural.

Must run, have a wonderful day
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Diva, mosaic artist, mosaic addict!
workshops, materials, tools, supplies and tons and tons of tiles!

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