Tuesday, May 3, 2011

USA and Hong Kong mosaic trip

Finally have found a moment to update my mosaic blog!
I had a wonderful trip to SAMA USA.  I landed in LA, flew to Dallas, had a great time at Barbara Dybala's fabulous home and new studio.

Drove to Austin Texas with Julie, Barbara and ZengFang with great Texan music all the way!  Ate incredible Polish pastries and even joined a band for a hour;  Barbara plays a mean set of drums!!!!
I am writing my SAMA story soon.  The conference was great, met up with some wonderufl people I have been friends with for years on the 'net! The mosaic gallery had some interesting pieces exhibited.  I won a great prize in the famous SAMA raffle, some of Bill Buckingham's lovely rocks.

The Dynasty stand was awesome and very successful, congrats to Barbara and ZengFang, I am proud to stock and supply Dynasty smalti in Australia (I even suggested the name Dynasty! and it stuck!).

After a sad farwell to Barbara and the mosaic gang in Texas, I flew to Colorado to meet up with the famous Amazing GRACE!  She collected me at the airport (will tell the story of the dog on the plane in by blog soon) and Grace looked so beautiful with her new, funky haircut!  We drove to her breathtaking home in the Colorado mountains and words cannot describe how beautiful and unusual her home is and it complements her stunning art.

Kerry drove from Salt Lake City to meet up and play kilns and mosaics in Grace's studio for 2 days and then I sadly left Grace and family, to drive from Colorado to Salt Lake City with Kerry.  Kerry and hubbie were so friendly and I spent much time at a glass studio but also found time with Kerry to explore an amazing salt lake national Park surrounded by snowy mountains.  I was in awe! We also visited the Mormon Temples and I was very fortunate to be taken on a tour and the artworks are beyond description!  Very interesting and something different to absorb.  Thanks everyone!  Kerry showed me lots of good things to do in glass kilns and also demo of the torch!

I hope to order my first kiln next month, I have not had time to even think about it until now as I was given a wonderful opportunity to travel to Hong Kong for an exhibition of my art, covering 11 mosaic Easter eggs!  Thanks to Dianne Sonnenberg who kindly referred me to this project. xxxxx

Dianne was to be the artist in residence in Hong Kong but other commitments made it impossible for her to attend so she passed the opportunity on to me. I am very grateful.  Dianne is very busy working on her mosaics at present, which as usual, are beautiful indeed.

Hong Kong was the mosaic experience of a lifetime.  Story coming soon. Photos are on Sandy Robertson facebook profile and a few video clips.

I spent last weekend teaching at Bribie Island Art Centre - a fun weekend indeed!  Thanks to Liz and all concerned, for your friendship through the arts. I look forward to the art shows this year!

I am busy designing a huge mermaid/dolphin for a client's pool wall and two mosaic tables, plus meeting up next week with a lovely lady to discuss a kitchen mural.

MAANZ Adelaide is coming up soon and I may have a vendor stand at the conference.  I have booked in to the conference and will probably attend if a special school project does not collide with the dates!

So much happening!
My online school is starting to look fabulous - news on launch date will be made available soon.

Martin Cheek, from Britain, will run a workshop at OzMosaics Studio in September 2011.  Contact us for more info, limited places, get your name on the list early!  A great weekend is guaranteed!

Dyansty smalti is selling so well and we have some new glass glitter tiles and beads to be uploaded into the webshop next week, simply haven't had time yet! You will love them.

more soon!  PS I loved teaching at the Hong Kong Primary School, miss you kids!
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