Monday, February 11, 2008

mosaic cup cakes!

All in a day's work at OzMosaics mosaic studio.
Shaq isn't amused with the pink bow from the cup cake package but was keen to try and eat them.
Recently, Janis Flanagan, one of my best mates spoilt me. Many years ago,we both found out that we were married on the same day, same time, same year!
So it's good fun as we don't forget our wedding anniversaries!
It's amazing to think we were exchanging vows with our loved ones and one would one day meet and all be such great friends.

Anyway, I had been telling Janis about our upcoming shoe SWAP on mosaic addicts group and she offered to make me some very pretty cup cakes for morning tea at our workshops this year at OzMosaics.
She dropped around with some and yummy!
Here they are being taste tested by me. We placed them on the Iced Vo Vo Mosaic platter and they looked very pretty. We think the ballerina on the mosaic gladly hung up her ballet slippers to partake of cupcakes, wouldn't you?

Look how beautiful Janis wraps things up! The rose on the cake is icing, the one on the pink ballet shoes in icing too, but others are all porcelain for my mosaic shoe SWAP...perhaps.....Janis gave me the porcelain roses too. Lucky, lucky me.

Janis is baking cups nows as I type! I can't wait to see the new Diva colours. I am going ot make cement ones and decorate with china flowers so students can have their cake and eat it too!

This water is not what you think!
Dave installed a pipe of our Queenslander deck and when it rains it fills the pool up! Good one Dave! My hero.

Here is mosaicking mum and Popette (aka Maureen) helping me start mixing some thinset. I don't bake but I can make great thinset cup cakes! I sift my thinset very carefully.
Janis and I might have a bake-off on the dvd I a making on mosaic shoes!
Very funny. I would rather like her icing spoon than my thinset spoon!
Cement is not as tasty as pink diva icing.

Janis adds milk, I add the magical #3000 thinset rapid mix to my sifted grout! See my system to remove any lumps from the mix...

Sam, my favourite foot lady, brought around some very yummy new Tim Tam's called Crush...goodness with the cup cakes and the tim Tams I am getting fat.
She showed us a wonderful book on shoe decorating...the creative juices overflowed. Luckily we treated ourselves to lots of tea, coffee and laughter.
I think I do need to lick the thinset spoon to keep the lips sealed from calories, but what fun would that be? I have a name for my diva morning teas:
ABBsolutely FLABulous!(c) !!!
Sam darling, thanks for a lovely day and I am thinking of you and hoping your spirits pick up soon, lots of pink light and pink icing is coming your way.
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Addict Diva
learn to mosaic and eat cake too.

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mOzaic Bug at Studio OzMosaics
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