Monday, December 21, 2009

Nine Ladies Dancing - King George Square - Artist Dozen - Brisbane city council

Monday Morning, alarm goes off at 4.45am! Dave and I leap out of bed and prepare to pack the trailer with the nine ladies dancing - mosaic murals I have created for the King George Square, Artist Dozen, 12 Days of Christmas Carol project - Brisbane City Council - 2009.

Rain and storms were forecast - anxious eyes watched the heavens over Brisbane City Hall and the King George Square. I thought it was a good line " we are thinking outside the mosaic square" at King George Square. I wished to show visitors and residents of Brisbane that mosaics are not all "flat" so my take on the Christmas Carol, was Ladies at BrisVegas, dancing in the Square and outside of the square. No square dancing here...Pole dancers, go-go dancers, can-can, show girl dancer, water ballet (the costume on this dancer was made from a gold kitchen scourer, so it was waterproof!!!!!)....two girls from the Moulin Rouge (legs are the stems of the cocktail glasses)....a belly dancer and a 2 metre tall mosaic dancer.....

Three of the dancers are in the "bird cate" the can-can, go-go and belly dancer!

The tall dancer on the reverse side of the huge polystyrene Number 9 has her dancing arms outstretched to the glittering mirror mosaic disco ball which is epoxied to the top of the number 9!

Lots of people danced around the number 9 and hundreds of photos were being taken. Children with parents were filling the Square on such a beautiful evening. It was good to see the Square being used. The artwork pulled people back to the Square.
Full story coming on OzMosaics website. If you get the chance, visit King George Square, Brisbane Queensland Australia to see the Christmas Carol, Twelve Days of Christmas with a new slant! The Artist Dozen presented by Brisbane City Council. Thanks to Tian for the opportunity to be part of this fun and exciting public art project.


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