Monday, April 7, 2008

koalas and mosaic art

One of the fish watches the mosaic madness! I am sure this fish could use the Leponnit mosaic cutters! This fish would surely know how to use Sandy's famous moZcatcha! Cut safely, efficiently and easily using the moZcatcha! The moZcover is also a mosaic must!
A cheery section of the studio.

Mosaic Diva Report! Mozzie Maud dropped over a week or so ago with chocolates, champagne (pink of course!) and this adorable Diva Bootie! I am so spoilt!
Thank you Wendy! xxxx This lovely mosaic was made for me by my son's girlfriend! Thank you Maddie! (aka Shelley).

I love this mosic in the soft morning light in the studio.

The start of the petal sections containing "land" and "creature" elements to balance the other side of the chair featuring the "rivers" and "water life". Primary school children made the koala and lots of the flowers to be added to the mural. Sandy was artist in residence at Karalee State Primary School and working with the teachers and students was a wonderful experience and very inspiring.

Designing Des watched on and Millie was on lift duty, looking as gorgeous as ever. Septica always is sneaking around trying to get into the Secret Tower Room.

Here are the mesh petals and leaves for the first flower for the chair mural.

These are the tiles for the flower petal border to blend with Aboriginal artwork later on, painted directly to the chair. I ran a very busy beginner mosaic workshop on Saturday and on Sunday started working on one of the flower mosaic panels for the chair project. Mum and Popette helped all day and we really enjoyed working on this mosaics.

I applied the koala mosaics made by the students at Karalee State Primary School with cement based adhesive, (thinset) to the mosaic fibreglass mesh (we stock this at OzMosaics) and this gives a good "attachment" and is waterproof. Popette took a video of me applying the thinset to the mesh which will be uploaded in the "how to section" of the website, in the near future.

This green leaf has been sectioned off for shading. Popette is doing a great job!

These mosaic flowers always brighten me up! If you would like to learn to make them, book a workshop at OzMosaics, after you have completed your beginner workshop at OzMosaics studio.
Today, Polly and Popette are coming over to continue working on the large flower mosaic segmnents with me.
I love it when they work with me, it makes it all so much more enjoyable and we certainly have lots of SEcret Women's business to discuss!!!
Check in again soon! I hope everyone who attended SAMA in Miami USA had a blast! I am in the middle of planning the MAANZ conference in Brisbane Australia 2009....join MAANZ and come to the Symposium! Visit MAANZ website for updates and newsletters. Membership is $115 for Life!!!!
Cheers and have a happy mosaic moment today!
Sandy Robertson
Mosaic Artist, Mosaic Addict, Mosaic Diva, Mosaic Instructor, Mosaic Teacher......Mosaics are Me! LOL!
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